GTA 5: Grotti Turismo R [Definitive Guide]

Now you can add the Grotti Turismo R hypercar to your car collection and drive in style around Los Santos of GTA V.

gta 5 super car grotti turismo
Grotti Turismo R in GTA 5

GTA 5 features numerous Sports Hypercars. One of these hypercars is the fan favorite and sleek Grotti Turismo R. This guide will help you customize, locate, and add the Grotti Turismo R to your collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Grotti Turismo R is a supercar featured in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.
  • This car dates back to previous games in the franchise.
  • Grotti Turismo is also a legacy vehicle. The car was also featured in GTA San Andreas and GTA 4.
  • This vehicle is also inspired by real-life supercars such as Ferrari and McLaren.
  • Another variant of this car in GTA 5 Online is the Turismo Classic.
  • You can buy this vehicle from Legendary Motorworks using your phone for $500,000.
  • The vehicle can also be found at several locations in the story mode. However, the spawn rate depends from game to game.
  • You can also customize the Grotti Turismo R to cater to your vision. You can show off your unique designs to other players.

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online have one of the best Supercar collections. These are the million-dollar ultra-modern vehicles. You can easily tell this vehicle apart from other cars just based on the looks.

Moreover, these supercars are insanely fast and great at handling. These cars have one of the best designs of any vehicle in the game. As a result, just the sight of any of these hypercars will make head turns and impress other players. Grotti Turismo R’s design makes it look very aggressive and completely stands out amongst other vehicles.

Grotti Turismo R In GTA 5

Turismo R is one of the most elegant-looking vehicles in GTA 5. Even in the extreme world of GTA 5, this vehicle feels grounded as it takes inspiration from real-life vehicles. Moreover, this vehicle was later added to GTA 5 online as part of the business update.

This half-a-million-dollar vehicle shares the universe with another variant, Turismo Classic. Moreover, this vehicle’s insane top speed puts it in the top 3 list of the fastest sports car in GTA V.

Grotti is a long-time vehicle manufacturer existing inside the fictional world of Grand Theft Auto. This is an Italian car manufacturer that specializes in sports cars. Moreover, this fictional manufacturer has appeared in GTA San Andreas and even the previous game, GTA 4.

Turismo from GTA San Andreas Supercar
Turismo – GTA San Andreas

This Ferrari-inspired vehicle also had previous renditions in the franchise. The hypercar appeared in GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 and was just called Turismo. Even in those titles, this car was given the sports car status and a more incredible top speed. Meanwhile, inside GTA 5, we have another variant of this car.

The Turismo Classic was added as part of an update to GTA 5 Online alongside other classic variants, such as the Sultan-RS Classic. Moreover, this was keeping up with GTA 5’s tradition of introducing classic designs in the game.

This introduced a classic Turismo design in the game and became an instant retro-car favorite. Moreover, the creation of this car is heavily influenced by the classic 1980s Ferrari.

Design And Influences

Grotti Turismo R is an amalgamation of a few real-life supercars. Ferrari’s supercars heavily inspire Grotti’s car designs in-game. As a result, Turismo R takes influences from Ferrari’s one of the most famous supercars, LaFerrari.

This becomes instantly apparent in the overall look of the car. Both of these vehicles look fairly identical in their shape, and even the air vents on the car look similar.

LeFarri Supercar Grotti Turismo R GTA 5
LaFerrari – GTA 5

However, LaFerrari is not the only supercar influencing this vehicle. McLaren P1 also greatly inspires the look and feel of the vehicle. The vehicle’s smooth curves and body shape are similar in both of these cars. Like most supercars, this vehicle has several exhaust vents around the car and a very aerodynamic shape.

Features Of Grotti Turismo R

It goes without saying that this supercar has an intense top speed. Grotti Turismo R has a top speed of 210 Miles Per Hour. Consequently, this makes it one of the few cars in GTA 5 that can break the 200 mph speed barrier. This is even better with the car’s quick acceleration. Turismo R can reach 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

However, the Turismo in the GTA 4 had only a top speed of 99 mph. This is less than half the top speed of Turismo R, which shows how much of an upgrade the Turismo received in GTA 5.

Similarly, the Turismo Classic featured in GTA 5 Online has a 120 miles per hour top speed when the car receives full upgrades. Even the classic variant has nothing in terms of top speed compared to the Turismo R.

Furthermore, this car has some of the best handling stats on top of the speed. The car is super low and close to the ground, making it impossible to flip, but also great for taking sharp turns. Moreover, this is a hybrid supercar, which is partially an electric vehicle. First, this is impressive, keeping the top speed in mind, but this also makes this car incredibly quiet. So if you want a fast car that makes less noise, this is your top choice.

However, this powerful vehicle also has some weaknesses. The car achieves this greater top speed by keeping the car very lightweight. This is achieved by using lighter materials for the build of the body.

As a result, this car is very much more prone to damage; even the slightest bumps can hurt this vehicle. The car is so close to the ground also does not help, as even the tiniest curbs or sidewalks can damage the car’s body.

How To Acquire This Car

There are several methods of getting your very own Grotti Turismo R. In Online mode and story mode; you can acquire this vehicle in different ways. You can buy this vehicle or acquire it through missions.

Grotti Turismo R In GTA 5 Online

Legendary Motorworks in gta 5 online
Legendary Motorworks – GTA 5 Online

You can get this supercar easily delivered to you in GTA 5 Online. The Online in-game stores are very helpful in acquiring this vehicle.

Take the following steps to buy your very own Turismo R:

  • First up, bring up your in-game phone.
  •  Now head on to the app menu and click on the Internet Application. This is the blue icon on your phone.
  • The web page will now be visible on your phone.
  • Here find the Legendary MotorSports website. It will be either visible on your webpage or in Travel and Transport tab.
  • Now search for Grotti Turismo R on the website and click on the vehicle.
  • You can select colors for your vehicle and select the property you want this vehicle to be delivered to.
  • This supercar will set you back half a million dollars, $500,000. However, the car is sometimes free in the store if you have the Criminal Enterprise starter pack.

This car may be roaming the streets of Los Santos, but the occurrence is very rare. Most of these will be owned by your fellow players. So if you have the money, you can get this car delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Grotti Turismo R In GTA 5 Story mode

Grotti Turismo R is a scarce vehicle to find in  GTA 5. However, it is not an impossible vehicle to find in the game. There are several locations in the game where the spawning rate of this vehicle is higher. However, it is still important to remember there is still just a higher chance, not complete surety.

If you are lucky enough, you might find it roaming the streets. However, you have a better chance of finding this car in rich and expensive neighborhoods. This usually includes areas such as West Vinewood or Richman. Moreover, this vehicle’s location and spawn rate can vary from game to game.

These are the few locations you can try to find the vehicle:

  • Head out to this Parking lot in Pillbox Hill. You can easily identify this red-colored parking plaza when you arrive at the location.  There is a good chance you will find the car in this parking lot.
Pillbox Hill Location of Grotti Turismo R in gta 5 story mode
Pillbox Hill Location of Grotti Turismo R
  • If you are unlucky at the first location, check out the second location. Head out to this big mansion located in West Vinwood. The supercar is often parked in the parking lot of this place.
West Vinewood Location of Turismo R in gta 5 online
West Vinewood Location of Turismo R
  • If you cannot find the Grotti Turismo R at both locations, try this third. Head out to the Los Santos Customs in Burton. You will find the car parked in front of the customs.
Burton Location of Turismo R in gta 5 story mode
Burton Location of Turismo R

Custom Built Recommendations

Now that you have acquired or have this supercar already in your collection. Moreover, you want to add some custom touch to this vehicle to make this unique. Therefore, here are some custombuilt recommendations that you can use for your Turismo R.

You can use these recommendations as it is or add your unique touches. To make these customizations, head to the nearest auto workshop and start customizing.

Red Ferrari

Grotti Turismo R custom build in gta 5
Red Ferrari Custom Build

This vehicle customization turns your supercar into the iconic Ferrari. Therefore, it fits a vehicle that Ferrari inspired to look more like Ferrari, and this is possible in the game. This custom job paints your Turismo R in the iconic red of Ferrari and does other cosmetic modifications to the car.

However, you cannot do much to the car’s internals. The car is already packed with features and almost maxed out.

Here is what you need to complete this build:

  • 100% Armor Upgrade – $30,000
  • EMS Upgrade Level 4 – $31825
  • Bullet Proof Tires – $23750
  • Race Brakes – $7000
  • Street Splitter Front Bumper – $14700
  • Carbon Oval Exhaust – $9550
  • White Accents Livery – $22800
  • Custom Number Plate
  • Torino Red Primary Color – $9260
  • Torino Red Secondary Color- $2800
  • Painted Roof – $700
  • Primary Roof Fin – $1100
  • Street Side Skirts – $14500
  • Inset Ducktail Spoilet – $18500
  • Competition suspension – $4400
  • Mercie Concave Wheel Rims – $33000
  • Wheel Rim Color Black – $490
  • Limo Windows – $5000

These customizations will complete your look. So you can now take your almost LaFerrari out to cruise the street of Los Santos. Moreover, people will be able to spot this red vehicle from a mile away, so you can always announce your entrance.

Flamingo Turismo

Grotti R Turismo Custom Build in gta 5
Flamingo Custom Build

This is one of the more creative custom builds. This build features a unique custom paint job and other cosmetic enhancements. The car has an insane amount of small details in this build. Moreover, the car removes the rear hood of the car to expose the twin-turbo 799 horsepower engine.

You would be able to turn heads with this build, as this car transforms this supercar into something entirely unique.

Here is what you will need to complete this build:

  • 100% Armor Upgrade – $30,000
  • Race Brakes – $7000
  • EMS Upgrade Level 4 – $31825
  • Turbo Tuning – $47500
  • Bullet Proof Tires – $23750
  • Race Exhaust – $2850
  • Painted Roof – $665
  • GT wing – $9500
  • Competition Suspension – $4180
  • Limo Windows – $5000
  • Deep Flake Street Rims – $34010
  • Red Tire Smoke – $19000
  • Primary Colors Salmon Pink – $12350
  • Secondary Colors Salmon Pink – $6175
  • Race Yellow Wheel Color – $1805

This completes your custom build for this vehicle. However, there is one more step that is not necessary, but definitely adds to the overall look and makes this customization unique. You can remove the rear engine hood of the car to expose the engine.

You can do this by heading to the Interaction Menu and then going to the vehicle option. Here you can open the hood of your car. Now you just need to drive and hit a small bump, and hopefully, the hood will fall off itself.

Final Words

The Grotti Turismo R is an incredible supercar existing in the world of GTA 5. Moreover, this car takes influences from a few real-life supercars. As a result, Turismo R has a very ultra-modern look that will definitely make people stop and stare.

The car packs speed and gives the player behind the wheels significant confidence. Therefore, if you have money to spend or are lucky enough to find one in the open world. Make sure to keep this vehicle and save it in your garage.

If you have always wanted to own a supercar but can not afford it, GTA 5 has you covered. You can show off the supercar to your friends and drive around the streets of Los Santos feeling like a millionaire.

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