GTA 5: Benny’s Garage Location Guide

This guide entails everything you need to know about Benny's Garage and its location in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Benny's Garage Location
GTA 5 Benny's Garage Location

Players can keep their vehicles in one of GTA 5’s many garages. GTA 5 Benny’s garage location is a custom store where users can modify their cars with specialty parts and extras in GTA Online.

The garage is available to Grand Theft Auto Online players and is known as Benny’s Original Motor Works. Players can customize their cars here by adding exhausts, spoilers, and other variety of upgrades. Benny’s Original Motor Works was released as a part of a Lowrider update in 2015. Since then, players seeking to customize their rides have increasingly frequented this location.

Key Takeaways

  • Benny’s Garage is located in Strawberry near Olympic Freeway.
  • Players can bring their cars to this garage for quick modifications as per their desires.
  •  The garage offers a variety of vehicle upgrades, including engine, spoilers, suspension, and many more.

GTA 5 Benny’s Garage Location

GTA5 Benny's garage location on map
Map location for Benny’s motor work

The well-known GTA 5 Benny’s Garage location is in Strawberry, close to the Olympic Freeway. This Garage focuses on lowrider culture and vehicle customization, emphasizing modifying cars to fit the player’s desired aesthetic.

Players can quickly reach Benny’s Garage using their in-game mobile and purchase vehicle improvements. It is on a famous Street near Elgin Avenue’s intersection. You can also enter the Garage through the entrance on the building’s side or from the street.

Getting Into GTA 5 Benny’s Garage Location

Emblem of GTA5 Benny's garage location
GTA5 Benny’s garage location’s indoor

Players must first “Play GTA Online” from the main menu to visit the garage. Once within the game, users can use the map to move about Los Santos’ Strawberry neighborhood.

The emblem for Benny’s Original Motor Works, which appears on the map as a wrench and a paintbrush, can be found easily in the area. Then, players can either drive or teleport to the Garage using the player’s fast travel feature.

What Can Players Do At Benny’s Garage In GTA 5?

Players can modify their cars utilizing a variety of upgrade options after they go to Benny’s Garage. Each automobile model in The Garage has a variety of stunning aesthetics, as well as hydraulics that gamers can operate remotely and nitrous injection systems that will give their cars an extra boost during races.

For instance, Sultan RS has undergone substantial fan modification and is a well-liked customizable vehicle at Benny’s Garage. To read about Sultan RS, you can check out our Sultan RS guide in GTA 5.

The Garage offers the following changes, among others:

  • Engine Upgrades: Players can upgrade their car’s engine to improve performance and speed.
  • Suspension Upgrades: Players can improve their car’s suspension to enhance handling and control.
  • Spoilers: The addition of a spoiler can boost downforce and reduce the drag of your vehicle
  • Exhausts: Players can customize their car’s exhaust to enhance its sound and performance.
  • Wheels: Players can change their car’s wheels and tires to improve traction and performance.
  • Paint: Players can customize their car’s paint job with various colors and patterns.
  • Interior: Players can customize their car’s interior with new seats, a dashboard, and other components.

Neon lights, window tinting, and vanity license plates are just a few of the aesthetic improvements that Benny’s Garage provides. Players can customize their automobiles with these improvements to make them unique on the streets of Los Santos.

Benny’s Garage is a fun spot where players may customize cars they already own or seek out as the game progresses while having fun, giving their ride some individuality.

Players can easily customize their automobiles and make them unique by choosing from various suspension, engine, exhaust, and cosmetic improvements. Benny’s Original Motor Works is the ideal location for GTA 5 Online players, whether they wish to improve handling, increase performance, or add a personal touch to their vehicle.

Remember that different customization possibilities exist based on whether your automobile has standard or improved variants. Because of this, be careful while choosing your car’s parts and modifications before visiting Benney’s Garage to customize it.

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