GTA 5: How To Do The Car Duplication Glitch?

Duplicating your vehicles in GTA 5 can land you some amazing benefits. Here is the detailed guide for GTA 5 car duplication.

How to do the car duplication glitch in GTA 5
Guide: How to do the Car Duplication Glitch in GTA 5

Duplicating cars to sell them is a fun way to get some easy cash in the game. I will explain how to duplicate cars in GTA 5 in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Developers patch these glitches with new updates. 
  • Before starting the glitch, arrange these things:
    1. A bunker
    2. A Mobiles Operation Center
    3. A Custom bike shop (If duplicating a bike)
    4. An Auto Shop (If duplicating a car)
    5. Two vehicles: an expensive one and a cheap one.
  • The method of duplicating bikes is different than duplicating cars.
  • Duplicating vehicles is a fun and quick way of earning easy money as well as expanding your collection of cars with unique cars.

Duplication glitch replicates your favorite cars in the game. There could be multiple reasons for a player to duplicate their car. However, the ultimate results leave the players with a replica of their desired car.

Selling the car after doing the duplication glitch in GTA 5
Selling an expensive, duplicated car.

As developers patched these duplication glitches regularly, we cannot ensure this guide will benefit you in the future. The current glitch works like a charm, and I recommend you get the full out of it before it gets patched.

There are different ways to access the glitch to duplicate motorcycles and cars. Players must fulfill some requirements before getting into the whole process:

  • Get a bunker/ A Garage / Facility property
  • A Mobiles Operation Center
  • A Custom bike shop (If duplicating a bike)
  • An Auto Shop (If duplicating a car)
  • Two vehicles: an expensive one to duplicate, and the other one should be any random cheap vehicle.
    choose a free car to replace with expensive car after car duplication glitch in GTA 5
    Choose a free car to replace with an expensive car after duplication

How To Duplicate Motorcycle?

Cars are not the only vehicles that players can duplicate in GTA 5. Motorcycles are also essential vehicles; there are many expensive ones. Players can use the duplication glitch to replicate motorbikes and any car to earn easy money.

Follow my steps below to duplicate your bike:

Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5
Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5
  1. Enter the bunker and the Mobiles Operation Center inside it. If you don’t own an MOC, I recommend buying the cheapest one for $1,225,000 from the Warstock Cache and Carry store. An additional $195,000 will be needed to buy your vehicle’s storage space.
  2.  From there, select the motorbike that you want to duplicate.
  3. I suggest you use the most expensive motorcycle (e.g., Kawasaki Ninja).
  4. The next step is using the CEO Buzzard to enter the Motorcycle Clubhouse.
  5. Select a motorcycle you don’t mind losing, i.e., a bike with no significant monetary worth.
  6. Do some little customization to that cheap bike, like some shoddy paint job, and then return to the bunker.
  7. Once again, use the CEO Buzzard to get back to the bunker.
  8. Now select the expensive motorbike and try to place it into the Mobiles Operation Center.
  9. A prompt will appear telling you that the Personal Vehicle Storage is Full.
  10. The glitch is successful, and you can return to the MOC to find your favorite duped bike.
    Choose an expensive motorcycle to duplicate
    Choose an expensive motorcycle to duplicate in GTA 5

How To Duplicate Cars 

Some extra things you will need are:

  • Log in to a session to access one of your Auto shops.
  • Bring in both the vehicles, the expensive one and the cheap one.
  • Ensure you have a friend logged in to the same session and is also in the Auto shop.
  • Keep the Mobiles Operation Center close to the auto shop or the property where you have the auto shop.
    Log into a session with your friend
    Log into a session with a friend.

Here is my step-by-step guidance on how to use this glitch:

  1. Go to your garage and drive out the cheap vehicle you wish to replace with the expensive one.
  2. The next step is to go into Options and return the car to its storage location.

    Return the vehicle to personal storage bay

      Return the vehicle to the personal Storage.
  3. Dial the Mechanic and ask him to deliver the desired customized expensive vehicle.
  4. Enter the custom vehicle when it is delivered to you.

    car duplication glitch in GTA 5

      Dialing the Mechanic to deliver you a car
  5. Drive it to your auto shop, where your friend is already waiting.
  6. Exit the car immediately after you enter the shop. This will change the license plate on the cheap car with the expensive one.
  7. Players can now go to their MOC in GTA 5 and, from there, go inside their Vehicle storage.
  8. Congratulations! The duplication glitch is booming, and now you have an exact copy of your favorite expensive car in GTA 5.

    custom number plates on a duplicated car

      Custom number plates on a duplicated car

  • Players can make copies of even the most expensive cars.
  • Players can sell these cars for easy money.
  • Players can duplicate their friends’ favorite cars for themselves.

  • The glitch gets patched quite often.

My Thoughts On Duplicating Cars

These glitches are the substitute for the cheat codes in GTA San Andreas and Vice City, and I feel very nostalgic while using them. Even though the developers patch these glitches regularly, players always find some loopholes. These glitches are a fun way to have an immersive experience if not abused to annoy others.

Again, I suggest you get the best out of this glitch before the developers patch it. You can also read about other such glitches in our other guides:

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