GTA 5: How To Do The Car Duplication Glitch?

Duplicating your vehicles in GTA 5 can land you some amazing benefits. Here is the detailed guide for GTA 5 car duplication.

How to do the car duplication glitch in GTA 5
Guide: How to do the Car Duplication Glitch in GTA 5

GTA 5 has many entertaining and lavish features. However, availing of these features does not come free of cost. Players need to earn lots of money in-game to enjoy these luxury features. Selling cars is the easiest and quickest way of making money. Moreover, players can use the duplication glitch to replicate and sell one car repeatedly in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways

  • There are multiple benefits of duplicating your vehicles in GTA 5. Earning quick money is the foremost of all.
  • A few prerequisites are needed to be fulfilled before players can use the duplication glitch in GTA 5.
  • Developers patch duplication glitch with new updates. Therefore, after every update, the method of duplication glitches changes. One way may work now and maybe not later.
  • Motorbikes are equally expensive in GTA 5 and can reward players hundreds of thousands of dollars when selling them.
  • The car duplication glitch can earn players millions of dollars in-game within minutes. It is the easiest and quickest way of making money in GTA 5.

Buying modern and super fast cars is a luxury feeling in GTA 5. Stealing these advanced cars is another kind of sensational adventure. However, selling cars is somewhat of a confusing situation. Who would want to sell a vehicle at 60% of its original value?

In such a case, the ideal way is to duplicate the car for free and then sell it on the market. Over the years, there have been multiple glitches in GTA 5 for car duplication. However, Rockstar North developers ensure the glitch is fixed with subsequent updates.

To solve that, our guide brings you the car duplication glitch in GTA 5. Before we get into it, you must check our guide on How to sell cars in GTA 5 to make the most out of this guide. Now that you have read the previous guide, let’s move on to discuss the vehicle duplicating glitch in GTA 5:

Car Duplication Glitch In GTA 5

As the term suggests, duplication replicates your favorite cars in GTA 5 using any glitch. There could be multiple reasons for a player to duplicate their car. However, the ultimate results leave the players with a replica of their desired car.

Selling the car after doing the duplication glitch in GTA 5
Selling an expensive, duplicated car.

As these duplication glitches are patched regularly by GTA 5 developers, we cannot ensure our guide will benefit you in the future. However, the current glitch works like a charm, and we recommend you get the full out of it until the developers patch it.


There are different ways to access the glitch to duplicate motorcycles and cars in GTA 5. However, players must fulfill some requirements before getting into the whole process. Players need to have the following things ready before using the duplication glitch in GTA 5:

  • A bunker/ A Garage / Facility property
  • A Mobiles Operation Center
  • A Custom bike shop (If duplicating a bike)
  • An Auto Shop (If duplicating a car)
  • Two vehicles: an expensive one to duplicate, and the other one should be any random cheap vehicle.

    choose a free car to replace with expensive car after car duplication glitch in GTA 5
    Choose a free car to replace with an expensive car after duplication

These are the bare minimum requirements for performing the duplication glitch.

How To Duplicate Motorcycle in GTA 5?

Cars are not the only vehicles that players can duplicate in GTA 5. Motorcycles are also essential vehicles; there are many expensive ones in GTA 5. Players can use the duplication glitch to replicate motorbikes and any car to earn easy money in GTA 5.

If you can fill the requirements mentioned above, you can follow our step-by-step guide below to duplicate your motorcycle in GTA 5:

Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5
Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5
  • Players need to enter the Bunker, and inside it, they need to enter the Mobiles Operation Center. If you don’t own a MOC in GTA 5, we recommend you buy the cheapest one for $1,225,000 from the Warstock Cache and Carry store. An additional $195,000 will be needed to buy your vehicle’s storage space.
  •  From there, select the motorbike that you want to duplicate in GTA 5. We recommend you use the most expensive motorcycle (e.g., Kawasaki Ninja).
  • The next step is to use the CEO Buzzard to get into the Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5. Select a motorcycle you don’t mind losing, i.e., a bike with no significant monetary worth.
  • Do some little customization to that cheap bike, like some shoddy paint job, and then return to the bunker. Once again, use the CEO Buzzard to get back to the bunker.
  • Now select the expensive motorbike and try to place it into the Mobiles Operation Center. A prompt will appear telling players that their “Personal Vehicle Storage is Full.’
  • The glitch is certainly successful by now, and players can find their favorite motorcycle duped once they get back to their Motorcycle Clubhouse in GTA 5.

    Choose an expensive motorcycle to duplicate
    Choose an expensive motorcycle to duplicate in GTA 5

Following these easy steps will dupe any bike you want in GTA 5. Another valuable yet simple glitch is the quick punching glitch. It can save your life in many hand-to-hand combat situations. You can read our guide on this glitch here: How to Glitch Fight in GTA 5.

How To Use The Car Duplication Glitch In GTA 5

Duplicating a motorcycle was an easy task in GTA 5. Replicating a car is no more difficult. However, we can not ensure for how long this glitch will work. Before we start the glitch, ensure you have fulfilled the requirements mentioned earlier.

Some extra things you will need are:

  • Log in to a session to access one of your Auto shops.
  • Bring in both the vehicles, the expensive one and the cheap one.
  • Make sure you have a friend logged in the same session and is also present in the Auto shop.
  • Keep the Mobiles Operation Center close to the auto shop or the property where you have the auto shop.

    Log into a session with your friend
    Log into a session with a friend.

Before proceeding further, please acknowledge that this is a temporary glitch, and the developers will soon patch it. Therefore, make sure to make use of it before it is patched. Follow our step-by-step guide below to perform the car duplication glitch in GTA 5:

  • First, players must go to their garage and drive out the cheap vehicle they wish to replace with the expensive one.
  • The next step is to go into Options and return the car to its storage location in GTA 5.

    Return the vehicle to personal storage bay
    Return the vehicle to the personal Storage
  • Players need to dial the Mechanic and ask him to deliver you the desired customized expensive vehicle. Enter the custom vehicle when it is delivered to you.

    car duplication glitch in GTA 5
    Dialing the Mechanic to deliver you a car
  • Drive it to your auto shop, where your friend is already waiting. Exit the car immediately after you enter the shop. This will change the license plate on the cheap car with the expensive one.
  • Players can now go to their MOC in GTA 5 and, from there, go inside their Vehicle storage, which they have bought for an additional $195,000 from the Warstock Cache and Carry.
  • Congratulations! The duplication glitch is successful, and now you have an exact copy of your favorite expensive car in GTA 5.

    custom number plates on a duplicated car
    Custom number plates on a duplicated car

Repeat the process as often as possible while considering the game’s hourly limit for selling cars. You can earn millions of dollars within minutes in GTA 5. If the glitch does not work, you can check our other guide on How to Get Kuruma in GTA 5 Online For Free to get a free expensive car.

Benefits Of Using The Car Duplication Glitch

Even after the developers resolve the duplication glitch with patch updates, players find new ways to exploit this glitch. What makes this glitch so valuable and demanding in GTA 5? We have listed the benefits of using the Car Duplication glitch in GTA 5 below:

  • The best and foremost advantage of using the duplication glitch is that players can make copies of even the most expensive cars in GTA 5.
  • Players can store these duplicated cars or sell them to earn handsome cash. The money can be later used to buy other lavish items in the game. It is the easiest and quickest way of making money in GTA 5.
  • Any vehicle can be duplicated with our glitch. We have even found a way to copy your motorbikes in GTA 5. Please read our guide till the end to know more about it.
  • Not all players have the money to buy the most expensive and luxurious cars in GTA 5. The car duplication glitch in GTA 5 comes in handy here. Players can borrow and replicate other players’ cars to make a copy for themselves.

These glitches in GTA 5 are the substitute for the cheat codes in GTA San Andreas and Vice City. Nostalgic vibes, no? Another such glitch allows players to turn invincible in GTA 5. If you want to learn more about that glitch, we recommend you check our guide on God Mode Glitch in GTA 5.

It was all for our guide on How to do the car Duplication Glitch in GTA 5. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Comment below if the glitch worked for you. If it didn’t help, we would love to help you in other ways. Stay tuned for more latest guides.

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