GTA 5: Director Mode [Definitive Guide]

Here is our complete guide on how to use the director mode in GTA 5 and what makes it special.

director mode in gta 5
Director Mode GTA 5

If you get bored of one gameplay mode, you can always pick a director mode to start your cinematic experience in GTA V through a Director Mode.

Key Takeaways

  • Director Mode is a gameplay mode where players completely control the game mechanics.
  • There are three main methods to open the Director Mode.
  • You can open the Director Mode from the main menu, using the interactive menu or activating cheat codes.
  • Director Mode is jam-packed with features such as playing any character from the game, using different camera angles, and having complete control over the game environment.
  • You can even record these video clips in GTA 5, which are automatically saved in the game files.
  • Complete cheats are available for the players to use, and you can quickly turn them on or off.

One of the primary reasons for the game’s success is the freedom and creative control given to the players. The ever-growing and consistent fan base is hard to maintain when the game is already out for a decade.


Gameplay Mode or Director Mode was launched on the PC version of the GTA 5 on the release. Yet, this mode did not become part of the game’s console version until two years later during a Freemode Update. I consider the Director Mode an entirely new and exciting way to play the game.

How To Open The Director Mode

There are three ways you can access the director mode in-game. However, I should remind you that you cannot access the Director Mode if you are inside a vehicle or wanted, are currently part of a mission, or are in the middle of a cut scene.

director mode in gta 5 rockstar editor
Rockstar Editor in Main Menu
  1. You can access the Director Mode through the main menu.
  2. First, open the main menu while in the game; next up, slide right until you get to the option ‘Rockstar Editor.’
  3. Rockstar Editor is the tool game developers provide to record and create clips in the game.
  4. You can record your story missions, gameplay, and even online missions. This tool allows you to edit the videos you record, where you can crop a video, select camera angles, and add filters.
  5. Once you have entered Rockstar Editor, you will see the Director Mode.
  6. Now you can select the Director Mode, which will take you to the casting trailer.
director mode gta 5
Director Mode Option
Interaction Menu in GTA 5
Interaction Menu
  1. This is an easier method of entering into the Director Mode.
  2. First of all, open the Interaction Menu on your game.
  3. You can do this by pressing the ‘touchpad’ on your PS4 controller or the ‘view button‘ on your Xbox controller. On your PC, you need to press the ‘M‘ key on your keyboard to access this menu.
  4. You will see the Interaction Menu in the top left corner of your screen. Then, head down to the Director Mode and select the option to enter the mode.
Phone number cheat code for director mode
Cheat Code for Director Mode

There is even a cheat code in GTA 5 to enable the Director Mode. This is a secret way to access the Director Mode. If you are playing on a console, you can pull up your in-game cell phone and type 1-999-57-825368. If you are playing the game on PC, you can simply type in the cheat code JRTALENT.

Features In Director Mode

Stepping into Director Mode, I immediately sensed the distinctions from the familiar Story Mode, even though the gameplay mechanics remained mostly the same beneath it all. Here are some notable features of the Director Mode:

  • You can’t access Barbershops or Clothing Stores while in Director Mode.
  • Los Santos Custom is off-limits, and you cannot enter it while you are in director mode.
  • There are no Random Events while playing in director mode, and you can’t even play Minigames.
  • Hunting is also not permitted in the Director Mode.
  • You can’t enter buildings that are specific to missions.
  • You have minimal access to your mobile phone features, and only the Snapmatic camera app works on the Phone.
  • You have to kill NPCs to get weapons, as no weapons are lying around the map.
  • You can’t hire Prostitutes.
  • If you have the invincibility cheat on and the actor gets busted by the cops or knocked out, you go back to the casting trailer menu.
  • Like the GTA 5 Ghost of Mount Gordo and Thelma and Louise scene, the easter eggs still appear.
  • You can only use the first-person view if you play as one of the protagonists or one of the GTA Online characters.
  • Some actors have special abilities, such as the Blaine Country Sheriff. If you play as the Blaine County Sheriff, law enforcement officers won’t attack you unless you run into them or have the NOOSE chasing you with a very high wanted level.
Casting Trailer in director mode gta 5
Casting Trailer in Director Mode

A vital benefit of the Director Mode is your ability to select different characters and control their actions. You will be taken to the casting trailer as soon as you launch the Director Mode.

The first thing you would need to do is to pick an actor. There is a wide range of actors that you can select that cater to your vision. There are seventeen character classes, so you are never out of options.

The game also allows you to pick the gender of your character. You can even decide to be an animal if you want. However, you must remember to unlock some of these characters.

You can unlock most of these actors from the casting list by playing the in-game campaign and missions. If you want to open animals in your actor casting list, you must open them through the Peyote Missions in story mode.

You can pick from the following Actor types:

  • Animals
  • Beach bums
  • Costumes
  • Downtown
  • Emergency Services
  • Gangs
  • Heist Characters
  • Laborers
  • Military
  • Online Characters
  • Professionals
  • Special Characters
  • Sports
  • Story Characters
  • Transport
  • Uptown
  • Vagrants
actor selection in gta 5 director mode
Picking the Gender of Your Actor
camera setup in gta 5 director mode
Setting up Camera Angle in Director Mode

As I went deeper into Director Mode, the thrill of manipulating camera angles became my secret weapon, providing a cinematic viewpoint to weave my narrative. When you start recording, the game records what you see on your screen and part of the world around you.

Think of it as a bubble around your scene. Inside this bubble is everything the game records. This bubble is red colored to indicate your boundary.

You can move your camera around the bubble and place it at any angle. You do not need to worry about this while recording, as this process comes in later in the editor, where you can change your camera angles. Remember that you can only keep your camera within this bubble, as the editor will not allow you to leave the bubble.

This camera control gives the players an amazing amount of freedom to shoot a scene from many angles. You can zoom in and out of a scene, which is great for close-ups.

You not only have control over your characters, but you can also control the environment. You can change the weather for your scene or between times of the day. Even shooting on location will not be a problem here, as the game lets you change location without effort.

Weather change in director mode gta 5
Weather Option in Director Mode

These are some of the commonly available weather options:

  • clear skies
  • sunny
  • cloudy
  • overcast
  • rain
  • thunderstorm
  • snow
Director Mode GTA5 changing location
Changing Location in Director Mode

Not only can you control the weather, the time of the day, and your current location. You do not need to worry about losing the sunlight for your shots as you control the time in the game. It does not just take you to a time of the day but allows you to fine-tune to the exact time you want.

recording in director mode in gta 5
Recording in Director Mode
cheats in director mode gta 5
Activating Cheats in Director Mode

As I aimed to spice up my scenes, the Director Mode granted me the power to effortlessly toggle cheats with a simple keypress, reshaping the dynamics of my creative canvas. If you do not want the police interfering while creating your masterpiece, you can toggle the wanted status to disable.

You can also toggle it to high if you want all five stars and create a clip with the full force of GTA’s police force. Moreover, you can even control the game’s Pedestrian Density and Vehicle Density. You can even select the Garage Option, which allows you to spawn many different vehicles.

My Experience With Director Mode

While exploring GTA 5’s features, I stumbled upon a hidden gem – the Director Mode. It’s an awe-inspiring tool often tucked away, overlooked by many players. Yet, once discovered, it unfolds a massive array of imaginative choices, a playground where your creativity knows no bounds.

What struck me most was the accessibility of this feature. Remember that it’s free if you already have the game. The intuitive design ensures that within a few hours, you can master its intricacies.

No need for additional downloads or hours spent grappling with video editing software. It’s a direct route from imagination to execution.

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