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Dundreary Landstalker guide GTA 5
The Dundreary Landstalker Location

GTA 5 is well-known for hosting a diverse collection of vehicles. Due to this attractive trait of the game, players find it quite interesting to search out the best vehicles. Starting with something that comes cheap and performs well would be advisable. Regarding the matter, it would be ideal to know where you can get the Dundreary Landstalker in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dundreary Landstalker is a 4-door SUV that can be found offline and online.
  • If you drive other SUVs, the car will spawn randomly, or you can get it while playing story missions.
  • As for the Online mode, there is less chance for it to spawn, as it can only be seen while playing a certain mission. Other than that, the player can buy it for $58,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • A Dundreary Landstalker XL is also available in GTA 5, added later with the updates. It will cost $1,220,000 from the same store where you can buy the Landstalker.

Dundreary Landstalker

Dundreary Landstalker in GTA 5
Dundreary Landstalker

Manufactured by Dundreary, Landstalker is a 4-door SUV vehicle that is based on average performance in GTA 5. The vehicle has made its appearance in almost every GTA series. Moreover, it retains a nearly similar appearance to its previous models.

However, a faint change may be applied to its design in GTA 5. The car is somewhere the cheapest car to come in GTA 5, allowing it to be quite favorable to players who wish to spend less on luxuries.


The Landstalker hits an average meter of top speed. However, compared to other SUVs, its performance can be seen quite below the charts. Due to other SUVs later added to the game, they were added to beat the competition. As a result, Landstalker went a bit frazzled in terms of performance when compared to others of its type.

Stats of the Landstalker
Landstalker Stats by Rockstar

GTA 5 has made the Landstalker drop in its performance from its previous series versions. It has a fair reachable top speed and a reliable braking system. Due to its heavy weight, the braking applies quite well to this vehicle. Resulting in better handling even on a troublesome path.

  • Speed: 72.4 ( It reaches a top speed of 137 km/h ).
  • Acceleration: 45 ( Approximately 10 seconds to reach the top speed ).
  • Braking: 26.6
  • Traction: 63.63

GTA 5 Story Location Of Dundreary Landstalker

In the story mode, there are various places and conditions for the Landstalker to spawn.

  • If you are driving any of the other SUV vehicles that come in cheap, then there is a chance that Landstalker will spawn randomly around you.
  • Following the Epsilon Program missions, you will encounter the Landstalker in the last of its tasks. You may start the Epsilon Program by visiting the Epsilon website while playing as Michael.
  • In Parenting 101, Michael uses the Landstalker ( to demonstrate his parenting skills ). As a reward, Michael can select Jimmy to hang out with.
  • While strolling through Sandy Shores, you may find the car parked in the junkyard.
  • A Landstalker can be obtained while playing the mission: A Starlet in Vinewood. This is a side mission that the player can initiate once he has collected 50 Letter Scraps. Although many protagonists can collect them, only Franklin can complete the mission as a whole.
  • When starting the first Bail Bond mission, a Landstalker will spawn at the area near the victim. Do keep in mind that only Trevor can play the Bail Bonds mission.

GTA 5 Online Location Of Dundreary Landstalker

For the Online mode, the Landstalker has made few countable appearances in the game. However, obtaining the vehicle is easier in online mode as much as it is in offline mode.

  • The Dundreary Landstalker will cost $58,000 and is available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This feature was added to the game after the Heist update. Also, the Landstalker has a resale price of $5,800 ( 10% ). At Los Santos Customs, you can sell this vehicle.
  • At the Los Santos Golf Club, the Landstalker will spawn at the parking area. But there’s a condition where Simeon Yetarian must request the vehicle. An NPC that owns an export business in GTA 5 Online. When he requests, the car will hand out $8879 once exported. The guy will also appear in numerous missions in GTA 5 Online.

Performance Upgrades

Upgrades for Dundreary Landstalker
Upgrading the Landstalker

In addition to its low grasp on performance, you can improve it. Following this, you can rest assured that this SUV will make up for its average performance. Below is the cost provided for GTA Online. If you wish to buy upgrades offline, it will cost you 50% of the price in the online mode.


Due to the Engine upgrade, the car will pick up the pace and noticeably extend its speed limit.

  • Level 1 EMS will cost $4500.
  • Level 2 EMS will cost $6250.
  • Level 3 EMS will cost $9000.
  • Level 4 EMS will cost $16,750.


Due to the Brakes upgrade, the car will generate a relatively reliable, smooth stopping transition motion than the previous one.

  • Stock Upgrade will cost $500.
  • Street Upgrade will cost $10,000.
  • Sports Upgrade will cost $13,500.
  • Race Upgrade will cost $17,500.


Due to the Transmission upgrade, there will be a slight improvement in gear shifting. As a result, the car sustains well on a longer track.

  • Stock Transmission will cost $500.
  • Street Transmission will cost $14,750.
  • Sports Transmission will cost $16,250.
  • Race Transmission will cost $20,000.


Due to the Suspension upgrade, you will get a fair advantage in handling your car.

  • Stock Suspension will cost $200.
  • Lowered Suspension will cost $1000.
  • Street Suspension will cost $2000.
  • Sports Suspension will cost $3400.
  • Competition Suspension will cost $4400.


Because of the Turbo upgrade, you will be drastically increasing the overall sped performance of your car. Turbo Tuning will cost you $35,000 in Online mode. Whereas for the offline mode, its cost is $6250.

Dundreary Landstalker XL Location GTA 5

GTA 5 Dundreary landstalker XL lcoation
Dundreary Landstalker XL in GTA Online

The Dundreary Landstalker XL is a better and more costly version of the usual Landstalker. It is a full-sized 4-door SUV vehicle available only in GTA 5 Online. The vehicle was added to the game along with the Los Santos Summer Special update.

The Landstalker XL is only available to purchase in GTA Online. Following this, it will come at $1,220,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Performance And Upgrades

Stats of Landstalker XL
Landstalker XL Stats by Rockstar
  • Speed: 72 ( A top speed of approximately 169.9 km/h ).
  • Acceleration: 45.5 ( It can reach its speed limit within 11 seconds ).
  • Braking: 26.6
  • Traction: 65

For the cost of this car’s upgrades:

  • Firstly, The Engine, Brakes, and Transmission upgrade will cost twice that of the Landstalker upgrade.
  • Secondly, The Suspension upgrade cost will remain the same as that of Landstalker.
  • Finally, the Turbo upgrade will cost $50,000.

Final Words

Overall, the Dundreary Landstalker in GTA 5 is enough to fulfill the need of players regarding travel convenience. If you don’t have the luxury need of a car, then getting a cheap one such as Landstalker will suit you best. After all, starting with something cheap will help you set higher goals by initially saving a lot of money. Besides, whenever you feel downgraded for your favorite vehicle, remember there will always be room for an upgrade.

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