GTA 5 : The Ghost of Mount Gordo [Location Guide]

A spooky Easter Egg in GTA 5 that will keep you up at night.

ghost in gta 5
The Ghost of Mount Gordo - GTA 5

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online are packed to the brim with content. There are always new things to find in the game and always new things to try. The attention to detail paid to this game is the reason this game has dominated for this long. The game is full of easter eggs for players to find. The Ghost of Mount Gordo is one such infamous easter egg that has left many players with nightmares. This guide will help you locate and experience the Ghost for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many easter eggs present in the world of GTA 5.
  • The Ghost of Mount Gordo is a famous easter egg in GTA 5.
  • This is one of the few supernatural elements present in the game.
  • This ghost occurrence only happens in one location, at Mount Gordo in Blaine County.
  • You can find this ghost at this location from 11 pm to 12 am. The Ghost can be seen wearing a long white robe.
  • The Ghost can only be seen from a distance and disappears when you walk close.
  • Along with the Ghost, something is written in blood on this cliff. The bloody alphabet makes up the word Jock.
  • The Ghost is a well-thought-out easter egg with an entire story. You can piece this whole story through the evidence in the game.
  • Other players have also reported having heard screaming at this location.

Rockstar developers did not just pay attention to the main campaign. They have successfully created a living, breathing, immersive open world. As a result, every street, alley, and corner of this world has a unique myth attached to it.

The world of GTA 5 should be experienced deeply to be fully appreciated. Therefore, every player should at least once go on to look for this easter egg at least once.

The Ghost Of Mount Gordo In GTA 5

ghost in gta 5 and jock
Ghost at Mount Gordo

The supernatural occurrences in GTA 5 have gained legendary status among the gaming myths. The myth of the Ghost of Mount Gordo is an old tale in GTA 5.  The old-timer players definitely know about this ghost.

However, newer players who stumble on this easter egg are often scared. It is a scary sight when you first encounter this ghost.

The ghost can be spotted at only one location in GTA 5. You will see a frightening floating woman on the edge of the mountain. Moreover, this woman has terrifying facial features you can view through a camera.

In classic horror ghost fashion, the ghost is seen sporting a long white robe and long black hair. Moreover, to add to the ghost aesthetic, this ghost is slightly transparent, indicating it’s not a living person. Furthermore, you can see something written in red at the feet of this ghost.

Moreover, due to the entire set of this scene, we can assume that these words are written in blood. Furthermore, if you get close to the cliff, you can see that the word spells out Jock.

Where To Find The Ghost In GTA 5

The Ghost of Mount Gordo appears in only one place, Mount Gordo. This mountain is one of the three mountains in GTA 5. However, this is the smallest mountain in the game. The hill is located on the northeast end of the map. Mount Gordo is in the northern region of Blaine County.

Location of ghost mount gordo
Location of Ghost – Mount Gordo

This mountain also overlooks the lighthouse on the other side. This lighthouse is also a famous location in Blaine County. However, be careful as this mountain is a dangerous place. Surprisingly the ghost is the least of your worries here. However, you must be careful of the steep hill as the fall from here could be fatal.

Moreover, this place is swarmed with mountain lions. These lions are capable of killing you instantly with a single hit. Therefore, you should pack weapons to take care of any lion that would pose threat.

How To Trigger This Easter Egg

This is one of several easter eggs in GTA 5. The Ghost in GTA 5 only appears in certain special conditions. As this is a special easter egg, it also works at only a specific time.

This is what you need to do to see the Ghost:

  • Head out to the Location of the ghost at Mount Gordo.
  • You need to visit this place strictly between 11 pm till 12 am. The ghost only appears during this one-hour in-game. Moreover, it is essential to note that this is in-game time.
  • Next, stand at a distance from the location. Use your binoculars or sniper scope to see the ghost.
  • You can not go near the Ghost. This easter egg is designed so that if you get too close, the Ghost will disappear.
  • However, the Jock written in blood stays on the rock even if you go close to it.
  • As soon as the clock hits 12 AM, both the ghost and the word written in blood will disappear.
  • You can also take Ghost’s picture using your phone.

The Ghost can be seen overlooking the edge of the mountain, staring at the lighthouse. However, players can not interact with the Ghost in GTA 5.  Moreover, the Ghost’s appearance does not affect the player or the game.

The Ghost appears to frighten the unsuspected players and disappears again into the unknown. However, the disappearance is not for long as this ghost enjoys attention and will be here the very next day at the same time.

The Backstory

Who killed lenora johnson website
Who Killed Lenora Johnson – Website

The GTA 5 developers did not just insert this easter egg as a one-off thing; they crafted an entire story behind it. The Ghost of Mount Mordo in GTA 5 has an in-depth backstory that the players have been able to uncover.

However, this search for backstory starts on the Internet. You need to search the website Who Killed Lenora Jhonson through your in-game phone.

This is a conspiracy theory mystery website; Lenora Johnson will not be the main concern. However, on this website, you will find other mysteries. So after a little browsing, you will come across the mystery ‘Blood On the Rocks.’ This is the story of our ghost, and here we will find more information. If you click on this tab, you will see a picture of a newspaper article titled Tragedy at the Cliff.

newspaper article gta 5
Tragedy At Cliff – Newspaper

Tragedy at the Cliff describes the death of his wife, John ‘Jock’ Cranley. Moreover, Cranley is a recurring character in GTA 5, as he appeared in previous titles in the game.

Who is John ‘Jock’ Cranley

Jock Cranley GTA 5 Politician
John ‘Jock’ Cranley

John ‘Jock’ Cranley is a character deeply rooted in the GTA franchise. Moreover, GTA 5 is not his first appearance, as Jock also was a prominent figure in GTA Vice City Stories. Back then, he was an actor and stuntman, and he notably starred in his own TV Show. However, as the years passed, he moved to Los Santos and became a politician.

This is how we find Jock Cranley in GTA 5. Here he is a candidate for the governor of San Andreas for the Conservative Party. You can find this information on his in-game website,

Moreover, Jock Cranley writes about his drug addiction from the past on his website. Here he uses his previous drug abuse to show how he is a changed man. However, there is no mention of his wife, which is odd considering he could have used this as a marketing tool. Maybe he did not want other people to look into his past.

Jock Cranley Major Suspect

However, if we further dissect the newspaper clipping, we can start seeing our principal suspect. The newspaper article also mentions some peculiar details. Here we are told that Jock Cranley and his late wife Jolene had a troubled marriage. Jock wanted to move out to Los Santos to become a stuntman, while Jolene wanted to stay in Blaine County to take care of her parents.

Moreover, his wife’s death seems less like an accident and more like murder. This is also why her ghost still haunts that cliff, as that was the place of her death. Furthermore, the suspect is always the person that gains most from someone’s death.

This is also evident in Jock’s statement after his wife’s death. In this statement, he mentioned how his wife was the only thing coming between him and his dreams.

Moreover, even Jolene’s father asked the police to investigate Jock as the major suspect. This clearly proves that their marriage was not doing great, and her father did not trust Jock. Even the Ghost tells us that Jock is the murderer as she writes his name with blood on the cliff.

Therefore, all signs point to John Jock Cranley as the major suspect in the murder. Cranley got his dream of becoming a stuntman and leaving Blaine County behind. However, this would not have been possible if his wife was still alive.

Some Other Myths About This Ghost

The Ghost in GTA 5 is a well-thought-out easter egg. Moreover, there are many myths associated with the Ghost. This is because other players have also heard voices near the cliff. Players have reported having heard faint screams from this area.

However, one of the most popular myths is a recording of Jolene’s plea. Some players have reported having heard Jolene’s final plea for her life. There is a game recording where you can hear Jolene asking someone not to do it. This is clearly Jolene asking her husband, Jock, not to push her off the cliff.

However, it is important to remember that only a few players have heard these voices. There is no fixed way to trigger this easter egg, and it stays purely random. So there is a chance you can hear her last plea for help or someone screaming.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo is well thought easter egg in GTA 5. This supernatural element has a dark, twisted story that is not for everyone. Not everyone can digest murder and horror imagery. However, everyone should at least try it once during their gameplay. Furthermore, it is not difficult to trigger this easter egg as it works automatically.

Developers of GTA 5 spend time and resources on setting up this ghost. This shows the commitment to the game from its developers and makes the game’s world even more immersive. As a result, there isn’t just a scary ghost at the cliff; we have a victim and the culprit.

Moreover, the culprit is someone familiar and well-integrated into GTA 5. The Ghost will be waiting for you at Mount Gordo; you only need to show up.

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