GTA 5: How To Take Cover During Crossfire [All Platforms]

Learn how to take cover in GTA 5 in our extensive guide and enhance your chances of survival during a crossfire.

How to Take Cover in GTA 5
How to Take Cover in GTA 5

Learning to take cover from bullets is an essential tool in a game about gun fights and gang violence. You must learn to avoid getting shot by enemies since almost everybody is your enemy. From police officers and gang members to even NPCs who are pissed off at you.

Taking cover protects you from oncoming fire and can also be used while in stealth mode. You can see around corners without being detected by the enemy. By taking cover, you can also shoot blindly around corners or above ledges without exposing your body.

This guide talks about how to Take Cover In GTA 5. Remember that crouching and taking cover are the same in GTA 5.

Key Points

  • Avoid getting shot out in the open by taking cover by going up to a large enough object and pressing Q on PC, RB on Xbox, and R1 on PlayStation.
  • Before you get perplexed, it is worth noting that crouching and taking cover are the same in GTA V.
  • You can also shoot from the cover by pressing the Left Mouse click on PC, RT on Xbox, and R2 on PlayStation.

How To Take Cover In GTA 5

Taking cover is quite essential tool to learn, which some newer players may tend to neglect. And you may get away with it in some cases, but when you have 5-star police wave shooting bullet stream at your character, survival becomes extremely critical.

When many fully armed and dangerous cops are right in front of you, you can’t kill all of them in a single reload. You’ll get killed in a second as 20 cops fire bullets at you.

Therefore, finding cover to reload and shooting one cop at a time is the only way to ensure your character’s survival. In addition, taking cover can also come in handy during stealth missions. For that instance, you can also use the cover approach to avoid detection by enemies and take a steady approach in combat.

Take Cover

Man hiding behind a tall pole or thin wall holding a gun. Hiding from police by taking cover in GTA 5
Taking cover behind an object.

The first step in taking cover in GTA 5 is to find a suitable object to hide behind. This may be any object which has a height above your hip level. Usually, the most common things to take cover are behind our cars, walls, ledges, tables, or bushes.

Once you have found the object you want to take cover behind, take your character close to it. Then you use the right keybinds to take cover:

  • Press Q on PC.
  • Press RB on Xbox.
  • Press R1 on PlayStation.

Shoot From Cover

Another thing you can do after taking cover, apart from seeing around the corner, peeks out with your weapon to shoot at enemies. Hold down the “Aim” button, which is by default:

  • Right Mouse click on PC.
  • L2 button on PlayStation.
  • LT button on Xbox.
Shooting cops from cover in GTA 5
Shooting from cover in GTA 5

To shoot from this position, press the fire button to shoot your gun while keeping most of your body protected. Although this position will also trigger the engagement of enemies in combat, since half your body will still be covered, the bullets will find a difficult time reaching you.

The fire button is:

  • Left Mouse clicks on PC.
  • R2 button on PlayStation.
  • RT button on Xbox.

Shoot Blindly

On the other hand, you could also shoot blindly without exposing any of your body parts. Just press the shoot button without aiming, and your character will spray bullets in your desired direction. However, your gun’s accuracy is compromised during this approach, and most of the bullets will miss.

Man shooting gun blindly without looking while taking cover in GTA 5
Shooting blindly from cover in GTA 5

To stop taking cover, click the cover button again, and your character will detach itself from the cover mode.

Important Tips

Be careful when choosing an object to hide behind, some walls are pretty narrow, and they may expose your arms even if you hide behind them. If that is the case, the enemies can still shoot to drain HP out of your character. So, finding the perfect place to take cover is significant.

Moreover, while taking cover, you must be careful that your body is not exposed from the sides. You would want to take cover so the enemies are right behind the object and not at an angle where they could fire bullets at you.

During a fight, there is a high chance that you get shot while firing at other enemies. In that case, you should always stack up on snacks and consume them to regain your lost health. The article how to eat Snacks In GTA 5 covers all you need to know about snacks.

menu shows eating snacks option in GTA 5
How to eat Snacks in GTA 5

Remember to peak enemies only at the right time. That is, when they are reloading or when just when they stop shooting and are going back into hiding position. Also, sometimes the enemies may not be entirely hidden even when taking cover, so be sure to shoot at them if their bodies are exposed.

Closing Remarks

GTA 5 features a lot of attention to detail and offers tools players must learn to improve their gameplay, including taking cover. With this aspect on your side, players can be a more formidable force against enemies and griefers who will try their best to ruin the game for you.

But do not forget to have fun and take the aggressive approach if you want to.

However, if you do not want to keep dying repeatedly and the gunfights are getting tricky, use this tool to make your gameplay a bit easier. Or take a break and try something else with the GTA V Hobbies And Pastimes.

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