GTA 5: Monster Truck Location On The Map

Here is how to easily acquire two monster trucks in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.

monster truck in gta 5 online liberator marshall
Monster Truck Location - GTA 5

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online contains some of the most over-the-top vehicles in a video game. As a result, we get some of the most creative arrays of vehicles that players can drive around. Therefore, the game even contains some monster trucks for our players to experience. This guide will help you find the location of the monster truck in GTA 5 on the map and learn more about it.

Key Takeaways

  • GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online contain two monster trucks.
  • The Liberator is the patriotically designed monster truck, covered in the American flag.
  • This monster truck is only available for a limited time, during Independence week in America.
  • The Marshall is the second monster truck available to play in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.
  • However, this monster truck is only available in the enhanced version of the game.
  • Players can buy the Liberator from the Warstock Cache and Carry. Meanwhile, players can get the Marshall for free if they are returning back to the game.
  • Both of these trucks can easily crush cars underneath them and can have decent top speeds.
  • Moreover, both of these trucks can perform stunts and drive on rough terrain.
  • These trucks also spawn in the open world, however, this occurrence is very rare. There are only a few spots where you can find the monster truck.

Monster Trucks are overly large vehicles created mainly for show. Moreover, these vehicles are especially known for their extremely large tires on a normal car body. These trucks are also known for crushing smaller normal-sized cars. You can be sure that these vehicles are essential to own in GTA 5 as they will definitely make others stop and stare.

Monster Trucks In GTA 5

Monster Trucks are a fitting addition to the game GTA 5. Furthermore, there are currently only two monster trucks in the game. So as a result, we get the Liberator and the Marshall in both GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.

You can acquire and buy both of these trucks and add them to your collection. These trucks definitely make your collection even more impressive.

Liberator In GTA 5

liberator monster truck gta 5 online
The Liberator – Monster Truck

Liberator is the first monster truck that was added in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online. The truck, however, is only available in the game for a short period of time. The Liberator only makes an appearance in the game during the Independence Day Special Update.

Moreover, this is the time when players can buy and acquire this truck. This is usually the first week of the month of July as American independence is celebrated on the 4th of July.

The truck also made an appearance during the Memorial Day Weekend Sale in 2018. However, the truck was only made available during the 4th of July after that. Moreover, this also affects the design of the truck, as the truck’s paint job is of the American flag. The livery also shows the name of the truck on the body and the names of the other sponsors.

Design Of The Truck

Real-world monster trucks used in motorsports events and exhibits provided the inspiration for the Liberator’s design. Moreover, its own unique aspects set it apart from other monster truck designs in the game. The Liberators’ design in the world of GTA 5 is a mashup of numerous vintage monster truck designs.

The Liberator monster truck is a massive vehicle. This truck sits on massive tires and towers over most other vehicles in the game. Moreover, the truck has a strong chassis as well as a rigid body that can withstand the punishment it receives when jumping over obstacles and performing stunts.

Even the body of the truck is also outfitted with various accessories. The body is fitted with spotlights and extra fuel tanks, which give it a rugged and menacing appearance. This menacing appearance makes sure that no one would be interfering with you any time soon and will keep to their own business.

However, one thing that truly sets it apart from the other monster truck is the overly patriotic design. The truck is covered in the stars and stripes of the American flag. The truck is somewhat designed to make it look like it was owned by a hillbilly. Moreover, the truck also proudly shows the word Freedom.

Performance Of The Truck

monster truck liberator gta 5 online performance
Liberator – Performance

The Liberator is designed to be a powerful and formidable vehicle for off-road racing and stunts. This vehicle even with its huge size packs some serious speed and can be great at handling. Moreover, the large tires also make it a suitable vehicle even on the roughest of terrains.

One of the main features of the truck is its somewhat surprising top speed. Its top speed in the game is roughly 105 mph (168 km/h), which is more than average for a car of its size and weight. However, the truck is known for having very slow acceleration. Therefore, from a standing start, it takes around 6.5 seconds to reach 60 mph (96 km/h).

Another big aspect of the Liberator’s performance is handling. The truck can be difficult to control due to its massive size and high center of gravity, especially at high speeds. As a result, during sharp turns, it has a tendency to sway from side to side, which can make you lose control of the truck. But still, the truck’s four-wheel drive system has outstanding traction, enabling it to easily navigate challenging terrain and climb steep hills.

Further test driving shows that the Liberator has good braking ability. The brakes are so good that if you hit the break while going 60 miles per hour the truck will only travel 40 meters. Moreover, with a well-tuned suspension, it can absorb impacts while landing after making big jumps. These things are also possible due to the very light fiberglass body of the vehicle.

Monster Truck Location On The Map In GTA 5

The monster truck is a must-own thing for every GTA 5 player. Its comically large design is definitely going to attract attention. However, there are different ways of getting the truck into the game. These methods vary in the Online version and Story mode of the game. There is also a location on the map you can check out to find your very own monster truck in GTA 5 Story mode.

Location In GTA 5 Story Mode

liberator location on the map, grand senora desert gta 5
The Liberator – Location

The monster trucks’ location in GTA 5 Story mode varies and is only found in one place on the map. However, the spawn rate is very low and a lucky few have been able to find the Liberator. The Liberator can be found in the parking lot of the Rebel Radio Building in the Grand Senora Desert. This is one of the biggest deserts in-game, located in Blaine County.

You just need to arrive at the marker placed on the map. The truck will be parked in the front parking area. Moreover, you can see a large cellphone tower at this location and even a large animal skull on top of the building.

Location In GTA 5 Online

Woodstock cache and carry buy liberator gta 5
Warstock Cache and Carry – Buying

However, there is another method to acquire the monster truck in GTA 5 Online. In GTA 5 Online you can purchase this truck through the in-game store. You would just need to bring up your phone and head on to the Warstock Cache and Carry website.

Once bought you can get this truck delivered to one of your properties in the game. The truck will be listed as a pegasus on the website and will cost you exactly $742014.

Moreover, even the price of this truck is an easter egg. The cost can be written as a date of 7/4/2014. This date is the 4th of July in 2014, Independence Day in the United States of America. As the game was developed and created in America, they write their months first and days later.

Marshall In GTA 5

Marshall monster truck gta 5 online location on map
Marshall – Monster Truck

Liberator is not the only monster truck available in the world of GTA 5. There is another monster truck that you can find on the map with the help of the location in GTA 5. Marshall is the second monster truck available in the enhanced version of GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online. This truck isn’t as flashy as the Liberator, however, it still is a very powerful monster truck.

Moreover, the truck is not just built for show. Marshall is capable of reaching impressive speeds and performing stunts.  As a result, you can easily launch yourself off ramps and perform impressive high jumps. Even more, is the truck’s ability to cause complete mayhem. You can crush cars and your enemies without even causing your car any damage.

Design Of The Truck

The truck’s design is inspired by classic redneck monster trucks. Moreover, the truck stands tall, sitting on some impressive humongous tires. The monster truck is basically a regular car body put on top of huge tires and chassis. Therefore, in the Marshall the body used for the manufacture of the truck is Picador. So it looks a bit more compact than Liberator.

However, much of the large base of the truck is similar to that of the Liberator. This still is a very impressive truck due to its impressive size. The huge tires are present here, with a solid metal chassis supporting the car. The car can also be customized slightly, but these customizations are just cosmetic.

You can also add country flag liveries on the car, where you can choose from up to 25 country flags. The wheels on this monster truck are also the same as the off-road wheel used on the Liberator. This adds to the menacing look of the car and improves handling at the same time.

Performance Of The Truck

marshall monster truck gta 5 performance
Marshall – Performance

Similar to the Liberator, this monster truck also has an imposing top speed. This is especially impressive considering the size of the Marshall. The impressive top speed is possible due to the V8 engine packed in the car’s hood. Marshall has an impressive speed of 95 miles per hour. This top speed does not make it the fastest vehicle in-game but considering the size of the truck is enough.

Despite its size and weight, the Marshall is surprisingly agile and handles well on and off-road. Its four-wheel drive system makes it an impressive vehicle even on rough terrain. Moreover, the high ground clearance due to its impressive frame and sensitive steering allows it to easily go through uneven terrain. This also provides accurate control and handling of the truck, even in confined areas.

Marshall is one of the game’s toughest and strongest cars. As a result, the Marshall can take a lot of punishment and withstand heavy damage. The Marshall is also capable of demolishing smaller cars in its path. It is virtually unaffected by rollovers thanks to its powerful chassis and enormous wheels, so you do not need to worry about your truck too much.

Marshall may not be the quickest vehicle in the game. However, players that enjoy wreaking havoc and destruction in the game’s open world mostly choose the truck because of its combination of speed, handling, and strength.

Marshall Location On The Map In GTA 5

Players that love collecting unique vehicles must have this monster truck. Moreover, there are multiple methods of getting your very own Marshall. This is a truck that will definitely grab attention and something you can casually show off to your friends. There are mainly two ways of acquiring your very own truck in GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online.

Location In GTA 5 Online

warstock cache and carry in gta 5 online monster truck
Warstock Cache and Carry – GTA 5 Online

You can easily acquire this monster truck in GTA 5 Online. The method here is almost similar to the method of acquiring the Liberator. Just bring up your in-game phone and head on to the Internet. Next, you need to search for the Warstock Cache and Carry under the Travel menu.  Once you open the website, you can search for Marshall and buy it.

Moreover, the car will get delivered to any one of your properties in the game. This car will set you back $500,000 in GTA 5 Online. However, you can also get this car for free if you are a returning player. The game also allows you to buy up to 25 Marshalls in the game. This allows you to get a Marshall covered in each country’s flag in the game.

Location In GTA 5 Story Mode

The Marshall is also available for the players enjoying the game’s campaign mode. You can also buy the Marshall from the Woodstock Cache and Carry. On top of that, the monster truck will only set you back $250,000. Which is half of the cost listed in the Online version of the game, so you are saving money owning the truck in Story mode.

location of monster truck on the map in gta 5
Location of the Marshall – GTA 5

However, there is another way to get this truck in GTA 5 Story Mode. You can find this truck in the Vinewood Hils. The monster truck is a very rare occurrence and will spawn rarely at the location marker. Just arrive at the house on the location and will probably see the huge truck in front of the house.

Marshall Vs. Liberator

Marshall and Liberator are pretty much the same internally. The bodywork is where these monster trucks are mostly different. The Liberator is known for having a flashy patriotic design, while Marshall comes with a classic monster truck design. Moreover, both of the trucks are mostly matched on the top speed, still, the Marshall is slightly faster.

The wheels and chassis on both of the vehicles are also pretty much the same. Furthermore, both the vehicles are four-wheel drive, as a result, they both also handle similarly. However, the Liberator can jump higher while performing stunts. This could be due to the lighter body of the Liberator, which is made of fiberglass.

The monster trucks in GTA 5 are very similar. Therefore, there is no better choice between the two trucks, and you can own any of the one. The main changes are cosmetic and on the bodies of the car.

Final Words

Marshall and Liberator are the two monster trucks that you can get in the world of GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online. Moreover, both of these trucks have a gigantic menacing appearance, and both are capable of crushing cars. The Liberator, however, is available only for a limited time in the game. The car is available during the 4th of July week, the American Independence.

On the other hand, the Marshall is available all year round. However, the Marshall is only available in the enhanced version of the game. This monster truck is also available for free for returning players of the game. So if you ever wanted a vehicle that is bigger than average and can easily crush average cars then this is the vehicle for you.

That is about it for our guide on GTA 5 Monster Truck location on map. Share your questions and opinions in the comments section below.

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