Ocelot Pariah In GTA 5: How To Get It And Best Customization

This guide entails all the details you need to know about GTA 5 Ocelot Pariah best customization and location.

Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5: Full Guide

Our guide will discuss everything about Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 and its Best Customization. If you are here, you already know that it is one of the fastest sportscars in GTA 5 and after customization, it becomes even faster.

GTA 5 has a massive collection of vehicles from every class of automobiles. Motorcycles, Normal cars, Trucks, Luxury SUVs, Supercars, or Sports cars, GTA has everything, you name it.

If that is not enough, GTA updates regularly, introducing new features and more advanced vehicles. Ocelot Pariah is one such vehicle in GTA 5 that is super fast and offers the best customization to the players.

It was introduced into the game in December 2017. Since then, it is one of the fastest vehicles in GTA 5. Players use Ocelot Pariah for Stunt racing in GTA 5 and to flex it around after customization. We will try to answer all your questions related to Ocelot Pariah in GTA.

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Ocelot Pariah In GTA 5

This superfast Sports car was introduced into GTA 5 with many other revolutionary features in GTA 5 in 1.42, The Doomsday Heist update. Its design takes inspiration from two famous automobiles in real life. However, as a sports car, the potent engine of Ocelot Pariah places this car in the ranks of supers class.

Design Of Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah has a unique yet beautiful design. The designers of this car followed the rules of Aerodynamics. Hence, Ocelot’s design allows a smooth flow of air around it and consequently helps in going faster.

The looks of this car justify its position in the sports class of GTA 5. Two well-known cars from real life inspired the design of Ocelot Pariah. The in-depth explanation of the design of Ocelot Pariah is here:

  • Aston Martin V12 Zagato inspired the designers of Ocelot Pariah to design its front in a sophisticated way. The front grille, Lower diffuser, and hood vents seem to be inspired by the V12 Zagato. However, the Z12 Zagato features a faster engine in real life, giving it a top speed of 190mph.
  • On the other hand, the real-life Ferrari 812 Superfast inspired the design of the middle and the rear of the Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. It is not hard to spot the similarities between these two cars when you look at their doors and the back of these vehicles. However, the Ferrari 812 Superfast has a top speed of 211mph in real life.
Design of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
The stunning design of Ocelot Pariah

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Performance Of Ocelot Pariah

Ocelot Pariah is undoubtedly the fastest sports car in GTA 5. Its performance is unmatched by any other sports car in GTA 5. Although, there are even speedier cars in additional categories of GTA 5. However, after some customization, Ocelot Pariah can beat any car in GTA 5.

Although the Ocelot Pariah can be upgraded further to improve its speed and stability. You can find the performance stats of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 below:

  • The top speed for an Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 is 136mph or about 218.87kmph. Furthermore, players can upgrade it to accelerate at an even higher speed.
  • It is a 2-seater car with a 6-gear 4-cylinder engine. The sheer power of the engine blasts off the vehicle at a very high acceleration rate.
  • Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 has a satisfactory handling system. However, the handling suffers when there are quick turns on the track. It is due to its super fast speed and very lightweight.
  • Additionally, its lightweight often causes it to roll over the tracks when mishandled at a fast speed.
  • Consequently, the Ocelot Pariah is an excellent choice for racing on straight tracks in GTA 5. However, you might have to reconsider your choice when racing on complicated tracks. There are multiple other good options available for such tracks.
performance of Ocelot Pariah after best customization in GTA 5
Ocelot Pariah blasting off at its full speed on the road

Ocelot Pariah: Price And How To Get It In GTA 5

You cannot find this car spawned in any random location in GTA 5. Consequently, you will have to buy Ocelot Pariah in one of the vehicle dealerships in Grand Theft Auto. The step-by-step guide to buying Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 is given below:

  • Ocelot Pariah costs about $1,420,000. It is a big amount but considering all the premium features it has, the sportscar is worth your money.
  • Head over to Legendary Motorsport in GTA 5 through their website legendarymotorsport.net to buy this vehicle in GTA 5.
Legendary Motorsports
Buying Ocelot Pariah from Legendary Motorsports
  • You will find Ocelot Pariah there. Click on the buy button if you have the required amount in your account.
  • The vehicle will be delivered to your garage by the mechanic.
  • You can store this vehicle in any of your properties in GTA 5. Furthermore, you can customize Ocelot Pariah in Los Santos Customs in GTA 5.
    Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
    Ocelot Pariah was on sale in Legendary Motorsports
  • Additionally, you can do customization to the Ocelot Pariah in any of your garage workshops in GTA 5. You can customize Ocelot Pariah to improve its looks, as well as its performance and speed in GTA 5.
  • You can also resell this car for 60% of its original value, which comes out to be about $852,000. Additionally, you can get a 60% return on the money that you spent on customization of the Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5.

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Ocelot Pariah: Best Customization In GTA 5

Ocelot Pariah can be customized further in GTA 5. This vehicle already has sick looks and top-of-the-list performance. However, if you want more out of it, you can do the best customization of Ocelot Pariah according to your choice and money in GTA 5. You can customize the following things in Ocelot Pariah in Los Santos Customs in GTA 5:

Repairing Before Customization

You cannot do any customization or upgradation to a car in GTA 5 until it is completely repaired. Consequently, before doing any customization to it, make sure to repair any damage that has been done to your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. Even the broken windows need to be repaired before you are allowed to do any customization of your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5.

Paint Job

The Paint Job is the most widely done customization to any car in GTA 5. You can customize the paint of Ocelot Pariah by bringing your car to Los Santos Customs and choosing whatever color you like in GTA 5.

beautiful paint job on ocelot pariah and best customization
Paint Job on Ocelot Pariah

Customized License Plate

You can also reserve a unique License Plate for your Ocelot Pariah in GTA. However, you’ll have to use the iFruit app to book a customized license plate. Download the app on your android\iOS and access all the customization on your mobile that can also be done to your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. However, choose a unique License Plate for your Ocelot Pariah that no one else has already bought in GTA 5.

Armor Of Ocelot Pariah In GTA 5

Armor upgrade is one of the most important customizations required to be done to your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. We suggest you preferably customize the armor of your Ocelot Pariah to make it more competitive in races. You can upgrade the armor of Ocelot Pariah up to 100%, depending on your account balance. However, it will cost you an additional $50,000.

Best Armor customization of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
Armor upgraded by 100%

Brakes System In Ocelot Pariah

All the super fast cars in GTA 5 suffer because of their Brakes system. Ocelot Pariah is no exception. However, Los Santos Customs offers the best customization of brakes for your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5.

Depending on your use, you can do the customization of the Brake System of Ocelot Pariah by equipping it with the following two systems in GTA 5:

  • Sport Brakes – These brakes will cost about $27,000. These are pretty good, although better options are available.
  • Race Brakes – These brakes will cost about $35,000. These are the best Brakes system available for Ocelot Pariah in GTA. They will considerably improve your position in Stunt races in GTA 5. We recommend you must do customization to your brake system and buy Race Brakes for your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5.
Brakes system in Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
Upgrading the brake system of Ocelot Pariah

Bumpers Of Ocelot Pariah In GTA 5

If you are one of those car enthusiasts who love to modify the overall appearance of their car, then this customization deserves your attention. The front and rear bumpers of Ocelot Pariah can be customized in multiple available options. For reference, we have mentioned the best bumpers available for Ocelot Pariah:

But mind you, they cost lots of bucks. The best ones are:

  • Front Bumpers – Head to the Los Santos Customs and buy Carbon GT Bumper for Pariah. They cost about $15,300. The carbonized black look will give a very premium feel to your superfast car.
Front Bumper in Ocelot Pariah
Front Bumper customization of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
  • Rear Bumpers – For the rear bumpers, we suggest you customize them with the Carbon Trim Diffuser. They will cost you about $7,400.
rear bumper upgradation
Ocelot Pariah: Rear bumper customization in GTA 5

Overall, the appearance of your Pariah will look more aggressive than before. They will also help in stabilizing your vehicle during stunt races.

The Engine Of Ocelot Pariah

Of course, the essential part of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 is its superfast engine. The monstrous engine of the Ocelot Pariah can be customized to make this car even faster. There is a total of 4 EMS upgrades available for this engine.

Engine best customization in Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
Level 4 EMS update in Ocelot Pariah

EMS stands for Engine Monitoring System in GTA 5. These upgrades increase the overall acceleration of a car in GTA 5. Consequently, the overall engine performance can be improved by 15% when upgraded at level 4.

Their price is given below:

Level 1 EMS Upgrade $9,000
Level 2 EMS Upgrade $12,500
Level 3 EMS Upgrade $18,000
Level 4 EMS Upgrade


Optional Customizations

These were the most important things to be customized in GTA 5. However, there are some optional customizations available for Ocelot Pariah. These are shortly explained below:

  • Stripes on the front bumper – For a hefty $25000, you can customize the front bumper of Ocelot Pariah by buying the Ocelot Stripes.
Ocelot stripes on Ocelot
Ocelot Stripes on an Ocelot Pariah
  • Roof – You can replace the built-in roof of Ocelot Pariah with a Carbon roof. It will cost an additional $1,150. It will give a premium and luxurious look to your car overall.
Customizing the roof on Ocelot Pariah
Customization of the roof on Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
  • Spoilers – There is a large variety of Spoilers available for Ocelot Pariah. Players can buy whatever suits their needs. However, the best one is the Carbon Performance Spoiler which costs about $19,500.
customizing the spoiler on a Ocelot Pariah
Best Spoiler customization of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5
  • Suspension – Players can customize the suspension system of Ocelot Pariah. If the vehicle is to be used in competitive races we suggest you buy Competition Suspension for $4,400 from Los Santos Customs.
  • Transmission – The best available Transmission upgrade for Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5 is the Race Transmission. It costs about $40,000.
    Best Transmission customization of Ocelot pariah in GTA 5
    Customizing the Transmission of Ocelot Pariah
  • Windows – You can customize the windows of Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. We suggest you buy Limo windows which cost about $5,000.
  • Wheels – Moreover, the Los Santos customs offer a huge variety of wheel customization for your Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5. Pick the one you like, pay for it and enjoy your car.


All of these pictures are taken from here on YouTube. You can check the in-depth video here.

This was all for our guide on Ocelot Pariah in GTA 5: How to get it and Best Customization. We have tried our best to answer all your questions in our guide. However, if you are still confused about anything or you have any suggestions, comment them down below. We will make sure to help you even further. Thank You!

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