GTA 5 Online: Payphone Hits [Complete Guide]

Runnin' a little low on cash? No Worries! As Franklin is handing out a list of big-ticket jobs over the Payphone.

GTA V Online: Payphone Hits (From The Contracts Update)

GTA Online Payphone Hits are the newest additions to the Contract Update. This new package comes with Eight daunting yet highly rewarding jobs that Franklin would start giving out once certain conditions are met. These Assassination Missions will be unlocked once you complete at least three Security Contracts. You can do this either by reaching out to Franklin via a Payphone or accessing the missions from your Agency’s Computer.

Key Takeaways

  • Payphone Hits are high-rewarding missions in GTA Online that are given to the player by Franklin once the player completes the complete the Security Contract Missions.
  • There are a total of eight payphone hits that were added to GTA Online as a part of The Contract DLC update.
  • Six of the eight GTA Online Payphone Hits can be done individually, but two require teaming up with two or more players to play the mission.
  • In these missions, Franklin would give out a brief call, asking to contact him on his cellphone via a Payphone. After the call, every time the player drives by a Payphone, a Phone Icon will appear on the map, flashing. The mission will start upon interacting with the phone booth by pressing CTRL Button to pick up the phone.
  • Considering the overall excitement and hype created around the Missions. Rockstar Games manage the prolonged experience so that after completing an Assassination Hit, there’s a 20-minute cooldown period before the players can return to it again!
  • Multiple trophies or collectibles are tied to each Hit. Even if the player has not yet bought an Agency but has participated in a Hit as an Associate, in that case, souvenirs will be visible alongside the other medals once they buy an Agency.

Payphone Hit: Talking to Franklin over the Payphone.

Franklin phones the player to communicate with them about his Assassination Contracts‘ Acquisitions from many high-profile clients. He thinks all the Assassination briefings should happen over the Payphone. Each Payphone Hit will be 15 minutes long. Franklin would address the targets’ details. 

You can perform the Assassinations however you like. But to enjoy maximum rewards, you must follow the game’s instructions. If you choose to play rough, an alternative way to acquire the bonus amount would be to either evade a “3-star wanted level” or opt for escaping/eliminating the “Targetsgoons” before the time on the clock runs out.

Payphone Hit List

Here’s a complete tour addressing the fine details of how each mission’s storyline (as each assassination potentially includes more than one scenario) and the mechanism to achieve Maximum Bonus during each Hit. After completing each mission, the player would also receive trophies/collectibles (only if you’re playing for the first time).

The baseline amount for completing a hit is $15,000. Moreover, the player will receive an additional $70,000 if the execution follows the client’s instructions or applies the Additional bonus Method. Each Hit is worth $85,000. Each Payphone Hit unpacks at least three alternate versions.

Hit Complete Message. Appearing every time once you complete a Hit

The Popstar

The first target’s a Popstar in the making. The rumor is that he will have the biggest night of his life as he will perform solo in the next couple of days. A Record Label Company sponsoring our Target has been short (bet against) by our client, an employee there.

He knows the firm has put all its stakes into ensuring the new kid goes big. That’s where you come in, providing the Popstar never performs on his big night!

The first scenario suggests that the player executes this Hit and makes it appear as an accident. Acquiring bonus cash of $70,000 demands that the player chases down the target using a police car. According to the game’s instructions, our pop star has had a dark past; chances are he will lose his mind if he sees a police car chasing him down.

Moreover, the game suggests the player gets a police car and has the siren on as they approach Target’s vehicle. It will create panic for Target left, right, and center. And he will eventually crash himself, making the job easier and filling the player’s pocket with $85,000.

The Popstar: Chased Down by a Police Car

The second scenario is having the target’s vehicle crushed by a truck cab to gain the bonus of $70,000. For this, the player must acquire a truck cab and ram it into the target’s vehicle (while he’s driving) until it gets destroyed once the Assassination happensYou’ll see a swift transaction of $85,000 in your account. No sweat, right?

The Popstar: Crushed with a Truck Cab

The client wants to spice things up this time; they want the target’s execution using a Vago’s Lowrider. Additional bonus criteria demand that the player completes the assassination in a drive-by gunfire. Doing so will accredit the bonus amount of $70,000 (plus the $15,000 the player normally gets after Hit’s Completion.)

The Popstar: Elimination in a Vagos Lowrider


This time Target’s a corrupt and evil CEO who has no regard for his employees or their workplace safety but plans to pull off a media stunt to increase its stock’s market value. The show’s script follows that the CEO will work alongside his employees at one of his Construction Sites. The client has shorted (bet against) the CEO’s company’s stocks and wants to go big.

While making sure that the stocks tank indeed. Franklin tells the player to make it look like an Industrial Accident or straight-up negligence on Target’s part as he did not use safety gears and, as a result, died due to unsafe conditions.

Extra cash of $70,000 is betting on completing the Assassination using a scoped rifle and taking a perfect shot at the Bulldozer’s Handle, which will activate it while the CEO is standing in front and gets run over by it.

The player is advised to execute this from a safe distance, standing on a Tower close to the Construction Site that the game will mark. Just wait for the CEO to be in the right position before hitting the bullseye! Doing the Assassination in this fashion will accredit $85,000 into the player’s account.

The CEO: Activating the Bulldozer Using a Scoped Rifle

This time the Additional Cash ($70,000) commands that the target must be taken out by having crushed with something heavy (i.e., A Cargo Container). Per the Game’s Instructions, you must get to the Tower already marked by the game. Pick up the Scoped Rifle, aim, and wait for the Target to come under a Cargo Container suspended by a thick metal wire.

Take the shot once the target is in position. This would not only wholly crush our target but also make you $85,000 richer.

The CEO: Crushed with a Cargo Container

The client wants it to be badass as this variant asks for Target’s Assassination by blowing up the gas tank and taking our Target with it. The Game advises you to reach the same marked Tower and pick up the rifle. Firing at the Gas Tank once the target is in position. Ensure that the CEO gets properly grilled, and your cash pile will be raised with easy $85,000 instantly.

The CEO: Blowing up the Gas Tank with a Scoped Rifle

The Cofounder

The Phone Company, BitterSweet, plans to relaunch after going bankrupt. The co-founder, who tanked the company in the first place, is making it hard for the other board members to successfully make the company’s restoration happen. Our job description remains fairly the same. Each variant goes about with Target, coming out of a motel.

The deposition of the bonus amount ($70,000) demands that Target’s vehicle be set on fire as he gets into it. Franklin suggests using Molotov to get the job done would be a good idea. Once you torch Target’s vehicle, the game will accredit ($85,000) to your account.

The Cofounder Blew up with a Molotov

This variant asks to take the target’s car to an auto garage and install explosives. You must follow this detail to cash the bonus ($70,000) and $85,000 after completing the Mission.

The Cofounder: Rigging the Vehicle with Explosives

Once the player reaches Target’s location, to acquire the Scoped Rifle, they will need to get on a house’s ledge by using a van as a step, after which they wait for Target to get into the vehicle before they can take the shot! Completing the Hit, following this method will credit $85,000 to the player’s account!

The Cofounder: Shooting at the Engine with a Scoped Rifle

The Judge

This time Target’s an ill-spirited Judge who would change the sentences for anyone who offers her more money. Her prejudiced judgments have put many innocents behind bars and freed numerous guilty, proven criminals.

She’s been bribed to give a free hand to a Fraud Case on Lombank. Our client has bet against the company. To ensure the stocks tank, you must bring the Judge to justice. Restoring justice and putting her to eternal sleep.

Celebrating in advance, the Judge is at the clubhouse, playing golf. Your job is to visit her. To collect the bonus of $75,000, the player will have to arrive at the club, jump on a golf caddy and run the target over with it.

The Judge: Running over with a Golf Caddy

Again, finding the target at the Club House. The Game suggests you place a Remote Bomb near the 3rd Hole. After placing the bomb, you must move to a safe distance and wait for the Target to reach the planted site before detonating it.

Blowing up the Target in this way will complete the Payphone Hit, stashing $85,000 to the player’s account. Watch out for their bodyguards, as they will open fire after the incident.

The Judge: Blowing up the Target using a Remote Bomb on the 3rd Hole

Slightly changing the Job Description, the player needs to plant the bomb near the 6th Hole. Following the same pattern, the player will detonate the bomb once the Target stands near it. The player will receive their cut ($70,000 plus $15,000) once they outrun the Target’s Bodyguards, completing the mission successfully.

The Judge: Blowing up the Target using a Remote Bomb on the 6th Hole

You’ll need to go to Target’s location (That same Club House) and complete the Assassination using a golf club. Bodyguards will start firing at you once you beat the Target to death. Evading them and leaving the area would complete the Hit, making the player $85,000 richer!

The Judge: Running the Target over with a Golf Caddy

The Tech Entrepreneur

Target’s a successful yet evil-minded Tech Entrepreneur. He has built multiple apps for phones and has many users. But now, he plans to sell its users’ personal information to the highest bidder. Our client has bet against Target’s company and has you tasked with his Assassination.

The Target is leaving after attending a charity ceremony. You will have to disguise yourself as a taxi driver. Find a cab and pick up the Target. After that, the game instructs the player to park the cab near the gas station and make it explode by getting out of the cab and firing at the filling booth from a safe distance. The Payphone Hit will complete, and you’ll see an increase of $85,000 account instantly.

The Tech Entrepreneur: Blowing up the Gas Station.

Picking up where we left off. The player is instructed to go to Target’s Location as a Taxi Driver and drive them to a crusher at a scrapyard. The Hit will be completed once the target has been Assassinated (Or Crushed, in this case.), and the game will instantly expedite the cash ($85,000).

The Tech Entrepreneur: Dumping the Taxicab at a Crusher in a Scrapyard

Per the game’s instructions, you must dress up as a Taxi Driver, pick up the Target in Taxicab, drive them to a lake, and finally, crash into it. Once the Target drowns, the Bonus objective has been fulfilled, and additional cash swiftly releases ($85,000).

The Tech Entrepreneur: Drowning in a Lake

The Trolls

A Hackers group is tampering with the Stock Market‘s numbers. It makes it exceedingly difficult for the investor to keep up with the fluctuating numbers. The financial brokers are pissed off and want the group to disappear. So, Franklin informs the player about the situation over the payphone and tasks them to eliminate the entire group in under 7 minutes.

As the player steps into their vehicle and starts the ride. Four Red Dots (Targets’ Locations) will start appearing on the map. After the player completes the Assassinations, bonus cash ($85,000) gets wired into their account.

The Trolls: Killing all the Targets Under 7 Minutes

The client demands efficiency and will throw in a bonus only once you eliminate all the Targets with a Headshot. Just drive to each Red Dot appearing on the map. Take out all the Targets with a Headshot. (Doing this in a drive-by gunfire also counts! You don’t have to step out of the vehicle.) The bonus cash ($85,000) will reflect in your account once you complete the objective.

The Trolls: Taking out all the Targets with a Headshot

Per routine, the player has been employed to take out all the targets. The bonus cash ($70,000) will be added to the player’s account if they execute all the targets in a Hit and Run.

The Trolls: Running over Targets with the Vehicle

The Remaining Two GTA Online Payphone Hits will only be available if there are at least two or more players in your organization (including the Team Leader). The bonus structure is a little bit different. Finally, the Associate will get the baseline amount ($15,000) plus the bonus cash ($30,000). Whereas for the Leader, the previous structure remains put (i.e., $15,000 plus $70,000).

The Dealers

Merryweather, a lowkey Security Agency, has been running at an all-time low market evaluation. Meanwhile, a racket of Drug Dealers is plaguing the city with the nasty crap they are selling. The client has bought Merryweather at a cheap dirt value and has produced a wise plan.

The master plan is that the player is instructed to go along with at least one Associate and get to the Target’s Location, eliminating them all at once! On the other hand, Franklin has been tasked to spread the fake news that the Drug Dealers have been dealt with by Merryweather, making its stock prices skyrocket.

The bonus objective is that the player and an Associate are instructed to go to the Target’s Location. They will find the Dynamite Sticks sitting beside a trash container. The bonus objective demands that the explosions happen simultaneously. Finally, a total cash amount of ($85,000) will be in the player’s pocket at the end of the mission.

The Dealers: Using Throwable Explosives

Keeping the same format, the player and an Associate are tasked with the Target Group’s Assassination to execute more professionally (i.e., Using Suppressed Pistols). After arriving at the Location and collecting the pistols, the player will find themself standing in a dark alley and ready to aim.

Meanwhile, the Associate will get into position (would be standing on the rooftop). After that, they would start havoc. Finally, the bonus objective will be met this way, wiring ($85,000) to the Leader’s account.

The Dealers: Using Silenced Pistols to Take out The Targets

To end things professionally, in this final variant, the bonus objective is to take out the Target Group using Scoped Rifle. The game’s instructions suggest getting to a rooftop, taking aim, and letting the hell Loose! This method aligns with the bonus objective, putting the total cash of ($85,000) into the Leader’s account.

The Dealers: Using Scoped Rifles to Take out the Targets

The Hitmen

Next on our GTA Online Payphone Hits list is this Assassination Contract that will wrap up the Payphone Hit’s Series of Missions. Target’s a group of Hitmen who are on their way to finish an informant with some dark intel about a Car-battery Manufacturing Company responsible for adding to the environment’s pollution.

Our client has bet against the Company and wants the informant to stay alive and publicly break the news. Eventually, this will make the Company’s stocks tank, making our client filthy rich, and we’ll get the big bite of the donut as well.

The leader and their Associates are instructed to chase down the Hitmen’s Vehicle and start the Drive-by gunfire with Micro SMGs, to meet the bonus cash criteria. Finally, the payphone hit will be completed once the final target has been chased down and killed with Micro SMG in a Drive-By, putting a total amount of ($85,000) into the Leader’s Account.

The Hitmen: Drive-by Using the Micro SMGs

Moreover, the Bonus Cash demands that the Leader and the Associate(s) run down the Hitmen’s Vehicles and throw a sticky bomb toward their vehicles, which would instantly latch onto and detonate. Finally, the variant will be completed once the last standing has been blown up, sending the summed amount of ($85,000) toward the Leader’s pocket!

The Hitmen: Using Sticky Bombs

The last variant of the Final Payphone Hit must call for something special, right? Well, the game lives up to the standards. Now, the player and Associate(s) are instructed to take out all the Targets once they reach the informant’s whereabouts (They are on the job, too, remember!).

After getting Done and Dusted and matching the bonus criteria. Finally, this will result in a big ticket of ($85,000) sent the leader’s way!

The Hitmen: Taking out the Targets at Their Destinations


If you abide by the rules, play each Hit, and complete the bonus objectives. The game honors you with souvenirs and medals you can show off to your friends in your Discord Community! If you have played all the GTA Online Payphone Hits as an Associate and haven’t bought an Agency. Moreover, the trophies will be visible in your collection once you buy an Agency. You can get the following collectibles:

  1. The model of the car (Annis Euros) that Popstar was driving.
  2. A Construction Helmet that the CEO should have worn!
  3. A Sticky Bomb on getting rid of the Cofounder.
  4. A Golf Ball and Tee in honor of bringing the Judge to justice.
  5. A Miniature Taxicab Model, from the Tech Entrepreneur.
  6. A Busted Computer that the Trolls might have used to hack into the Stock Exchange’s Servers.
  7. A Merryweather-Branded Cap, on taking out the Dealers. Leaders and Associates will both receive it.
  8. Furthermore, the Car-Battery Manufacturing Company’s Logo Trophy comes from “Hitmen.” This will go to the Leader as well as the Associates.

Concluding Remarks

GTA Online Payphone Hits have been successful in terms of bringing us the true essence of the Game. Moreover, it lets you be a Hitman, giving you the wholesome experience of living your criminal life professionally. Also, the amount of cash it produces is insane.

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