GTA 5 Online: Weapon Locations On Map

Learn where every melee weapon and hidden weapon are located in GTA 5 online along with maps.

Weapon locations in GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online weapon Locations Map

There are almost 59 exclusive weapons locations on the map of GTA 5 Online, according to GTA wiki. These weapons include firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and throwable weapons. Luckily, the game also has a profusion of weapon modification choices, enabling players to tailor their weaponry to their preferred playstyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Players in the action-adventure game GTA 5 can employ various weapons. Firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and throwable weapons are some of these weapons.
  • Players use weapons most frequently in the game, such as Pistols, handguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.
  • Baseball bats, knives, and crowbars are examples of melee weaponry. Grenades and sticky bombs are examples of explosives.
  •  You can find some weapons in Ammunition stores and purchase them directly using cash, while some weapons are not available at stores, and you need to find them.
  • Complete a whole mission and collect some of the weapons as a reward, such as Double-action revolvers and Stone hatchet.
  • You can customize, change and reload some weapons, while players can use some weapons, such as Firework Launcher, only once.
  •  In the case of some Riffles, you need to find all the parts of their structure in more than 10 locations at least, such as you need to arrange a Service cabin.
  • Some weapons, such as Hammers and Baseball bats, have low range, speed, and damage, while other military weapons, such as Stun Guns and widowmakers, can almost kill a person
  • The price varies from weapon to weapon as well as color to color.

These weapons are either easily available at the ammunition stores or, in some cases, you need to go on missions to find them. In brief, this article will show you all the secret and rare GTA 5 online weapon locations map.

GTA 5 Online Weapon Locations Map

Baseball Bat GTA 5

Map showing Baseball bat Weapon location in GTA online
Baseball bat Location


  • Type: Melee Weapon
  • Speed: Slow to Moderate
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Damage: Moderate to High
  • Price: $80 ( By GTAwiki)

Players can obtain the Baseball Bat around San Andreas, where it spawns. Additionally, if we talk about the GTA online weapon spawn locations for baseball bats, the most visible spot is beside the track of the ULSA Sports Field in Richman. When you look at the map on the left, just above the city, you will find a brand new location. The location is very excellent, very vintage, and looks like a school building area.

It has one of the easiest GTA 5 online weapon location maps. Most importantly, you don’t have to work on finding this secret weapon, which will be right in the middle of the ground near the basketball court. Pick it up, and now it is in your inventory. This is one of the coolest GTA online weapon location maps.

If we talk about its power, it’s like any other melee weapon because sometimes you get one hit kill, and sometimes you don’t. If you hold the left trigger and lock it onto your target, it works best. These weapons work great but get unnoticed because of their secret availability. They are available for a minimal time at the stores.

Moreover, the specifications of the bat include physical fighting, breaking open automobile windows, and hitting a baseball at the airport. It is additionally among the few weapons capable of being utilized while driving, allowing the player to strike other drivers or pedestrians while moving.

Similarly, these can also be found at the Soccer field at Bridgefield, Hookies, Grapeseed, Vanilla Unicorn and other back alleys, and construction sites.

Crow Bar

Crow Bar Map in GTA online
Crowbar GTA online Map


  • Type: Melee weapon
  • Holding: One-handed
  • Damage: High Damage, like a Knife
  • Speed: slow
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Color: Red Handle, Grey End
  • Price: Cannot be purchased at an ammunition store.

Crow Bar is a heavy-duty melee weapon class included in Gun Van. It is a large metal bar and a hooked end. You can not purchase the crowbar at the ammunition. There are many GTA Online weapon locations map for Crowbar, and it can be found in some places as it is a hidden weapon among all the melee, such as mine or Grand Seneora Desert.

This weapon is helpful for close combat and to open locked places. On the map at CluckinBell farms, there will be a giant building. You’ll find the crowbar blinking, lying on the ground. Its damage might be slightly less than other big melee weapons, but it’s still worth using for a sharp effect.

Hammer Location

Hammer weapon location in GTA 5
Hammer weapon GTA


  • Category: Melee Weapon
  • Style: Wooden Handle, Curved Claw
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Can kill in one or two hits
  • Speed: Swing speed is low

Hammer, if struck correctly, the Hammer may hit the target in the face, knocking them out instantaneously or possibly killing them. It is introduced as part of the unique collector’s edition in GTA 5. Most Importantly, the hammer must be purchased because it is unavailable anywhere. Still, having a collector or special edition would be best.

It is also capable of denting and removing automotive parts, and if struck several times, it has the potential to harm a vehicle, too, until it gets blown up.  In short, it’s an excellent weapon for riding a motorbike or a car.

Golf Club Weapon

Golf club location in GTA
Golf club location


  • Category: Melee Weapon
  • Style: 3D weapon, Titanium, and Graphite shaft
  • Range: 1.5 meter
  • Damage: Moderate to high
  • Speed: High speed

A golf club is a good tool for playing and beating GTA 5 online. As the weapon has the fastest swing capacity, if two people come into combat, the golf club weapon will tend to be striking first, especially while running. The weapon has a sleek style with rare materials, such as titanium and graphite. However, the Golf club must be purchased and cannot be found anywhere.

Additionally, you can find the golf club at the country club in Los Santos, and then you’ll find the weapon behind the Vinewood sign. Players can also find it when they enter a caddy. It is available when you complete Franklin and Lamar’s mission in the game. Gladly, you can also find it at Las Venturas and San Fierro at Garcia.

Combat Shotgun/Spaz Shotgun Map

Combat shotgun locations
Combat shotgun location (GTA wiki)


  • Style: Wooden Handle, Curved Claw
  • Capacity: 6 shells
  • Price: $295,000 (GTA wiki)
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Extremely powerful 15(x8)(120)
  • Reload speed: 750

This amazing semi-automatic shotgun is produced by Vom Feuer. The shotgun can be purchased only if you find it first. Otherwise, you will have to find it in the spawn location. It is unlocked after finishing the Cayo Perico Heist. There is also a similar gun named pump shotgun, but this combat shotgun has far more quick fire than it.

Out of many GTA 5 online weapon locations maps, these locations are all close to each other. You can also get these while completing the mission, and the players will find them in different spawn locations in El Rubio’s Compound. The map is attached with the explanation above. You can visit the place and purchase the shotgun. Interestingly, the players can modify the gun as well.

Widow Maker(Lazer Gun)

Widow maker weapon location
Widowmaker GTA online location


  • Style: Heavy weapon
  • Capacity: 595-9999 rounds
  • Price: $499,000 (GTA wiki)
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: Powerful

Widowmaker is a gun similar to a minigun, up-n-atomizer, and unholy hell bringer. This gun is of plasma and has four barrels attached. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the widowmaker and cannot customize it whatsoever. It has a very long range that is excellent to use against planes, vehicles, and all kinds of transport.

It allows users the multiple bursts to slow down the opponent, either running fast or on the vehicle. It comes out in multiple colors: purple, orange, green, pink, and gold. Every color has a different price range to buy. You can purchase it from the ammunition store in the downtown oriental theatre.

The creators released this weapon in the update of 1.46 Arena war. The gun is very useful against faster enemies due to its long-range laser shots. It can even destroy a helicopter in seconds. The above map shows the exact location of the ammunition store to purchase it.

Double-Action Revolver Location Map

Double action revolver weapon GTA
Double Action Revolver GTA 5 Online

You must have heard of the Treasure hunt update introduced in GTA 5 online as a part of Red Dead Redemption 2. When you complete all the clues from the treasure hunt, in the end, you need to dig the double-action revolver to complete the 50 headshots required. Players also get $250,000 at the end of the challenge.

The Double-Action revolver has some similar guns, including Python, Heavy Revolver, and Navy Revolver. The gun has a relatively long range than a pistol. It does not come up with a damage multiplier like other revolvers. Luckily, it’s free of cost, and you need to complete the treasure hunt to get it. Moreover, Double Action Revolver is free of bugs and has a pure detailed structure.

In addition to this, the design is beautiful, with engraved floral names and gold plating. It is the best gun in your inventory, with at least two shots per second.

Firework Launcher Weapon Locations

Firework Launcher Area on Map
Firework Launcher weapon GTA


  • Style: Heavy weapon, Rocket Launcher
  • Capacity:1 Firework
  • Price: $65,000
  • Range: short distance
  • Damage: Moderate

The fireworks launcher is unlocked the after Franklin and Lamar’s campaign mission. According to Rockstar Games, this limited-time weapon was removed, but for festivals, it will only be available for future surprises. It is present in the inventory of players. But once it runs out, players are unable to use it.

It is only available on independence day; you can buy it from the ammunition store. Players cannot use it multiple times as it owns only two rockets. However, it is from an armed vehicle but is more of a gadget than a weapon. Players can use it on the 4th of July for colorful explosions and sounds in Los Santos and Blaine County.

Stone Hatchet

Stone Hatchet Weapon
Stone Hatchet weapon GTA 5


  • Style: Mele Hatchet
  • Price: Free
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: Moderate, high if struck multiple times

The stone hatchet is just like a typical axe with a wooden handle and a stone axe. It is the only hit-kill melee weapon. Like Double action revolver, a Stone hatchet is also part of Red Dead Redemption. Damage and reach of the stone Hatchet are equivalent to other melee weapons, especially the Hatchet and Battle Axe.

Players can use it on motorcycles like other axes, keeping it handy. Moreover, the weapon looks pretty good with a clarity of texture. The player can kill the opponent for 12 seconds straight with multiple strikes. It is also considered unique due to its ability to rampage, which is the ability to minimize damage from another person. Also, the reboot time of the rampage is 30 seconds.

Service Carbine

Service carbine weapon
Location 1 Service Carbine
Location 2 of Service Carbine GTA
Location 2 Service Carbine
Location 3 Service Carbine online
Location 3 Service Carbine
Weapon location GTA map
Location 4 Service Carbine
 GTA 5 online weapon locations map.
Service Carbine Crime scene location 5


  • Style: Assault Riffle
  • Price: $370,000
  • Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Range: Long
  • Damage: 34.75 points, 278/sec

The service carbine is available at the Ammunition store, Agency Armory, and Gun van. The creators introduced it in August 2022 as a 1.61 Criminal Enterprise upgrade. The Service Carbine is a military weapon with the same platform as the M16. It is primarily based on the early XM16E1 and contemporary M16A4.

The handle is triangular, similar to those on the original M16, the XM16E1, and the M16A1, but it is ribbed with holes along the top and bottom. To get this gun, you must collect the five essential components: a barrel, mag, receiver, sights, and scope. These parts combine at the end to form a service carbine. What’s more, you can upgrade it from the store.

Furthermore, these components spawn at random spots on the map. We can also call these locations crime locations shown above in the map locations. It is one of the best assault riffles that can cause serious damage. Lastly, the rifle has a lot of colors which have different prices accordingly. Overall, it is included as the best rifle in GTA V.

Stun Gun

Stun Gun Position in GTA5
Stun Gun GTA online


  • Style: Mele, Handgun
  • Price: $100
  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Range: larger than most mele gun
  • Damage: high if struck multiple times

It is a taser gun that the players need to achieve as Trevor in The Civil Border Patrol or as Micheal in Monkey Business in Story Mode. This teaser gun gives out an electric shock of tons of volts, leaving the opponent almost dead. It can even damage bullet-proof vehicles easily.

Additionally, the players discover a Stun Gun in a chance encounter where the player approaches a surfer just south of Sandy Shores. It has many GTA 5 online weapon locations maps. Overall, Agency armor has it for $375,000. A Stun gun is a tinted gun that takes almost 12 seconds to reload after the shooting.

Cops also use it in some places in Los Santos.

Molotov Cocktail


  • Style: Throwable Weapon
  • Capacity/ Ammunition: 25 units
  • Range: long enough to throw
  • Damage: Highly destructive

The molotov cocktail, just like some other weapons, has many GTA 5 Online weapon locations on map. A Motov cocktail works like a grenade or a flamethrower and is highly destructive against any vehicle. Interestingly, it is the most basic weapon in almost all Grand Theft games.

Similarly, if we talk about the design of a Molotov, it is made like a lantern with a glass bottle filled with fluid, which is ignited to light up a small fire and can cause a lot of demolition. Again, this small fire is enough to eliminate an unarmed vehicle of the opponent, burning it to the ashes. Moreover, the weapon has many spawn locations all over Los Santos.

Molotov Weapon location
Molotov Weapon Location 1 by Typical Gamer
Weapon location of Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Weapon Location 2 by Typical Gamer
Molotov Cocktail spawn location
Molotov Cocktail Location 3 by Typical Gamer
Molotov GTA 5 Online Map
Molotov map 4 by Typical Gamer
Molotov Spawn location on Map
Molotov Weapon Location 5 by Typical Gamer

The first location is in the Los Santos district named Little Seoul. Furthermore, when you go up to a construction site where the Molotov will be lying beside a generator, next, you can find it in the Grand Senora Desert. Afterward, while driving toward the left, you will see the Molotov lying underneath the sheds.

Again, the next location is the Boathouse building at Trevor’s house. Chumash plaza is your next stop now. Now, find the ammunition behind those buildings. The 5th location is not too major, underneath a bridge on the map.


Knife Location map in GTA
Knife weapon location GTA 5


  • Type: Blade
  • Price: $100
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: High if struck multiple times

The knife is a hand-held weapon in GTA 5 Online available in Gun vans and ammunition stores. Other similar weapons like knives, including machetes and antique cavalry Dagger. It has a “7” blade and has an edgy style. However, the knife lacks the force, but stealth strategy can increase the damage.

For a close encounter, the knife is beneficial. Moreover, players can use the knife beneath the water. Additionally, it is preset at multiple locations, as players can occasionally acquire it from trivial culprits. Otherwise, you can purchase it for $100 from Ammu-Nation or a Chinese Thug who uses it to assault Franklin in the Fresh Meat mission.

Final Words

These were the GTA 5 Online Weapon locations on the map. There are multiple Weapons in GTA 5 online, either melee or secret weapons you must find by completing a challenge or a mission. Besides, these weapons help complete the Grand theft. In GTA 5, players can acquire firearms by paying for them at Ammu-Nation stores or completing challenges.

In addition, they can alter their guns by adding accessories. Let us know about your worthy feedback in the comment section so we can provide you with all the information you seek.

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