GTA 5: Strip Club Location [Complete Guide]

This guide will help you navigate the world of strip clubs in GTA 5 and where to find them.

Strip club Vanilla Unicorn gta 5
Strip Club in GTA 5

GTA 5 is a game rated M for Mature by the gaming commission. The game is suitable for a mature audience, usually above 18. This is due to the game’s depiction of violence, drug use, and sometimes nudity. This rating is justified. However, this mature content does not take anything away from the game but adds to the game’s world.

The explicit content is not there just to make the game edgy but serves a story purpose. One specific feature not for every player is the Strip Club in the game. Strip Clubs are one of the more mature of the game. Therefore, this guide will help you navigate the world of strip clubs in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strip Clubs have been part of the GTA franchise for a while.
  • However, these clubs offer mature content that might not be suitable for everyone.
  • The Strip Club contains partial nudity not suitable for a younger audience.
  • This club is located in Strawberry, near the Olympic Freeway.
  • To enter this club, you would need to be unarmed.
  • Inside the club, you can interact with the dancers inside, and this acts as a minigame.
  • You can get the dancers to like you and add them to your contact list.
  • This club can be acquired as a safe house after the mission of Hang Ten.
  • The club then acts as the place for the characters to plan out the next heist.

GTA 5 is known for its vast open world. Furthermore, this colossal world never disappoints, as every corner offers a different activity. Therefore, GTA 5’s inclusion of a strip club is not surprising.

The previous titles in the GTA franchise also hosted strip clubs. GTA San Andreas had ‘Jizzy’s Pleasure Dome’, a strip club famous in the game. Even though this aspect of the world is not suitable for everyone, it still acts as an enjoyable activity for some.

Even Michael, Franklin, and Trevor need some break from their crime rampage in the city. This club provides a much-needed break from the main campaign and is a stress reliever.

Strip Club In GTA 5

Strip Club in GTA 5
Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5

Strip Clubs are places where people can spend money to get a drink and other explicit activities. The people performing the act of undressing are known as strippers, and they can be either men or women.

However, in the Strip Club of GTA 5, the strippers are only female. Moreover, only one strip club in GTA 5 is accessible to all, the ‘Vanilla Unicorn.’ This name is an homage to the famous strip club chain, The Spearmint Rhino.

Once you put these names side by side, you can see the resemblance. Both of these names contain the name of an animal with a singular horn on their face and a flavor.

GTA 5 surprisingly filtered and watered down the sexually explicit content in the game. Previous titles in the franchise showed a bit more; however, GTA 5 took a different approach. They turned this fan-pleasing feature into a fun activity and a source of financial revenue.

GTA 5 masterfully turned this side activity into an enjoyable minigame. The Vanilla Unicorn ties directly into the story, and the club’s minigame also offers rewards through social connections. Moreover, failing to complete this minigame results in embarrassment as players are kicked out of the club.


Strip Club Location GTA 5 Vanilla Unicorn Grand Theft Auto V
Location GTA 5 Vanilla Unicorn

GTA 5’s huge open world is home to only one strip club that players can interact with. The Vanilla Unicorn is easy to locate in the game and accessible from day one. This high-end club is located near the Olympic Freeway on Elgin Avenue, Strawberry.

The marker for the Vanilla Unicorn on the Map is a woman’s high heel shoes. Once at the location, you can spot this club due to its unique color scheme easily.

Vanilla Unicorn’s sign will be visible up front, and the purple neon lights will make this location stand out.  A player also needs to be unarmed before they enter the club. Therefore, you need to holster your weapons. If you carry a weapon, the bouncer at the door will not let you in the building.

Minigame And Reward

GTA 5’s strip club is not where you enter and watch while NPCs perform their already-determined tasks. This place is alive in its way. Here you are allowed to interact with the characters inside.

These interaction turns into minigames where you are rewarded when you win. The Clubs inside GTA 5 work the same as the real-life ones. You are rewarded if you spend more money and keep the workers happy.

You can also buy drinks at the bar for any character. However, if you get too drunk, you are kicked out.

strip club stage in gta 5
Center Stage in Vanilla Unicorn

Like real-life ones, the main feature of a strip club is watching dancers on stage or getting private lap dances. You can spend money here, and even your appearance matters. You can also get the dancer’s number and get them to like you if you please them.

You can watch the dancers in the middle as soon as you enter the club or get a lap dance. There are dancers in the middle of the stage; you can lean in to get a better view.

When you approach the stage, you will see a message on the top left corner stating, ‘lean in to get a better view.‘ This section is for viewing only, and there is not much interaction. You can also throw money and appreciate dancers to get them like you.

How To Win At A Lap Dance

Secondly, you can also get a private dance in the club. This aspect of a strip club works as a minigame that every player can play. However, it is essential to remember that the dancers can reject a private dance.

This occurs only if they do not like your appearance. Moreover, if the dancers in the club like you, sometimes more than one dancer will join you for a dance. You can buy a private lap dance for $40. Next, the dancers will ask you to follow them to a private club section.

The private section will be just your character and the dancer, sometimes two dancers. Your goal here is to please the dancer in the room with you. The topless dancer giving you dance has a like meter in the bottom left of the screen.

Each player is given a few options during this dance. A change view option changes the view to the first person, or you can change it to a third-person camera. Moreover, you can flirt with the dancer or touch her to increase the like meter.

Bouncer In The Club
bouncer vanilla unicorn
The bouncer at Vanilla Unicorn

However, it would be best if you remembered that there is a bouncer on the other side of the door. The bouncer or bodyguard will keep an eye on you and give you a few warnings if he sees you touching. The bouncer is not always keeping watch, but he can appear on the other side of the curtain suddenly.

After a few warnings, the bodyguard will throw you out of the club. Moreover, if you complete the like meter, the dancer will offer her number to you. After you get the dancer’s number, call them and schedule a meeting.

You can take them out for a date or get a side mission. After a dance is completed, you can sometimes invite two dancers at a time. Although, this happens only if two dancers like you enough.

The Strip Club As A Safe House

The Strip Club, Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5, ties in very well with the main story. This is one of the few safe houses that can be acquired through a mission. This means players do not have to spend money to own this place. Moreover, things change inside the club once the players take over.

How To Own Vanilla Unicorn

hang ten vanilla unicorn
Hang Ten Acquiring Vanilla Unicorn

Trevor gets the Vanilla Unicorn in true GTA fashion. This happens during the events of the mission Hang Ten. The characters in the game are planning a heist on the Union Depository.

Furthermore, Trevor uses his cousin Floyd’s apartment as his safe house. However, during the mission Hang Ten cut scenes, we learn that Floyd’s wife wants to kick Trevor out. After a big fight in the house, Trevor walks out covered in blood.

Trevor then takes Wade with him for a ride to the strip club. Inside the Vanilla Unicorn, Trevor asks one of the dancers for the manager’s room. Then we cut to Michael’s house, where he talks to Lester, and we learn that Trevor owns the club. It is not hard to imagine that Trevor used his temper and violence to get ownership.

Perks Of Owning The Vanilla Unicorn

Things change a lot once Trevor takes ownership of the club. This Club becomes a safe house so players can save their progress here. So this becomes a hangout place for the characters in the game. However, how the workers inside treat your characters also change drastically.

These are some of the additional perks of owning the club:

  • Trevor can walk freely around the club, and no bouncer will stop him.
  • Our Three main characters are also allowed to enter the club while armed.
  • Furthermore, Trevor also gets lap dances for free.
  • Trevor can drink as much as he wants for free.
  • Trevor can also touch the dancers as much as he wants, and the bouncer will not interfere.
  • Even the staff inside refers to Trevor as Sir.
  • All three of the playable characters can enter the club from the backdoor.
  • Franklin and Michael can also touch the dancers as much as they want. However, they still need to pay the dancers.
  • Trevor can also save cars in the Garage. However, other characters will not be able to save vehicles here.

Other Missions

planning the big score vanilla unicorn
Planning the Big Heist in the Backrooms at Vanilla Unicorn

As this club doubles as the safe house, it appears in a few other missions.  The Hang Ten mission ties directly into the Big Score heist mission. This is the final heist in the game and one of the grandest. This is the biggest heist in the game, and the club being part of it shows its importance.

The entirety of the heist is planned in the Vanilla Unicorn and serves as the planning house for the team. Our characters and Lester meet at this place to plan the heist.

Planning the Big Score, Surveying the Big Score, and even The Big Score are all features of this club. The club does not appear in any of the other missions. However, the club stays accessible to the players throughout the campaign.

Final Words

The Strip Club in GTA 5 is not a just place where players can hang out. The game does a fantastic job of tying this game into the main storyline. The Vanilla Unicorn is iconic and still one of the most well-known places in a GTA game. The place is unsuitable for everyone, yet it makes the interactions quite enjoyable.

The club uses the private dance mechanic to make the dances and the contact numbers feel earned. This club can only be acquired through playing the campaign. Moreover, the worker’s behavior towards the characters after the ownership changes. This shows how much attention was given to the game and its environment.
The Strip Club is only for mature audiences and may be too much for some players. However, the game would not have been the same if it did not feature this iconic club.

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