GTA 5: 10 Best Stunts In Los Santos

This guide goes over the thrilling stunts in GTA 5. We also go over various locations where you can perform them.

GTA 5 Stunts
GTA 5 Stunts

As GTA 5 constantly evolves and modders add new activities for gamers, thus the game never gets old. GTA 5 is the only vast open world that would allow you to perform thrilling stunts in the city. Stunting has become an ordinary skill for GTA 5 YouTubers, as they record with impossible stunts GTA 5 stunts in the background of their videos.

Key Takeaways

  • Stunts are a great way to enjoy the GTA experience.
  • Stunting is now a proper skill among GTA experts.
  • Stunts in GTA 5 can be performed at dozens of locations across Los Santos.
  • The stunts can be done on both bikes and cars.

How To Do Stunts In GTA 5 

Stunting in GTA 5 is relatively easy. Choose your favorite car or bike. Then go to any location with either a ramp or a high building to jump from the edge.

The simplest form of stunts in GTA 5 is mid-air stunting. This can be either gliding or clever landing. In gliding, you utilize the aerodynamics of the game and extend your airtime. 


Bike Jump Stunt
A Bike Jump Stunt

How you do it and how long you can take is the real skill. Entire YouTube channels, subreddits, and websites have been dedicated to almost impossible stunts at locations you won’t even imagine. 

Moving on, another method of stunts is doing clever landings. This is where you take a big jump or fly from a ramp and then land perfectly on a very small or otherwise tricky place. For instance, you would jump from one of the highrise buildings in the city on a bike and try to land with one wheel on the rooftop of a house.

Next, we have stunts like railing and riding on rooftops. In railing, you drive your vehicle, usually a bike, on the railing of stairs as a skateboarder does. Jumping from one rooftop to another is another common way to enjoy GTA 5 stunts. 

Best GTA 5 Stunts Locations

The vast world of GTA 5 is filled with stunt locations. This guide gives a few locations from over 50 locations available in the game. The difficulty level of these varies from location to site. 

You can earn rewards such as getting an achievement unlocked by doing 25 of these stunt locations. There is also an interesting GTA V Stunt Jump 500k that you can complete to earn a huge sum of money.  

Car jump ramp
A jump ramp on a bridge

Below are 10 of the most popular jump stunt locations in the game:

  1. In the South Blaine County area: There is a jump ramp in this area. This can be found near the Sandy Shores motel. 
  2. At the Los Santos Airport: Another jump ramp, this location can be found on the New Empire Way. In the nearby parking area, there is another ramp.
  3. On Elysian Island: On the island’s Chum Street, there is a dirt pile that is meant to be a jump ramp. 
  4. In the Strawberry area: A jump ramp is on the top of the parking area near the hospital. 
  5. In the Richman area: Some pipes can be found on the Wayne Thunder Way. Next to it is a big platform over some pipes, acting as a ramp.
  6. On Paleto Bay: The area surrounding the construction site on the Bay has a jump ramp.
  7. In Textile City: The bridge in this area has a broken part which acts as a jump stunt location. 
  8. On Pillbox Hill: The parking spot above AmmuNation has a jump ramp.
  9. In Southwest Los Santos: On the La Puerta Freeway, there is a thrilling jump where you have to jump from one ramp and land on another one across the road.
  10. On Elysian Island: On Signal Street, a jump ramp can be found close to Berth 57.

The game is packed with stunt locations, You should do your own research to cover all locations in the game if you are a passionate completionist. Around 50 locations are usually considered essential, while some are hidden ones 

This list should give you a good start on finding stunt locations in the game.

To complete the game 100%, you must cover all 50 central stunt locations across Los Santos. Some of them cannot be adequately done on a car. This is where bikes come in.

Bikes allow for better mobility and complex stunts. Similarly, some stunts consist of simply passing through narrow spaces or tracks without touching anything. Performing these on a bike is much easier and more convenient. 

In fact, the increased airtime using gliding is also done using bikes mainly. You probably would have seen streamers moving their bike up and down mid-air for stunts. 

However, if you are proud of your custom bike, you might wanna try some stunts carefully, as wrong landings can destroy your bike, character‘s bones as well as the effort to nail a perfect jump.

While stunts on a bike may feel more free and mobile, cars bring a different experience. Most ramps are meant to be used on vehicles and fly as high as possible, especially those in parking lots and from highrise buildings.

Performing different flips and being able to land safely brings a challenge here. In addition, you can participate in car stunt competitions every day in an online setting. 

Speaking of cars, there are various best supercars that you can drive to enjoy the stunt races. Here is the list of best supercars for stunt races in GTA V.

Stunts In GTA Online

Doing stunts in GTA Online is a real experience.  The GTA community has countless premade ramps and races created for stunt jobs. You can learn to make a stunt job yourself and invite friends to try your creation. Online ramps are usually more difficult and complex than the already existing 50 prominent locations in the game.

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable balancing your vehicle in stunts and mastered at least half of the offline ramps, you should start doing online stunts with others to increase your skill. You will be blown away by the variety and complexity of ramps the community has come up with. You can always check out the famous GTA Online stunt jobs and also invite your friends to achieve a unique stunt gameplay experience.

Final Words

This guide was meant to introduce you to stunts in GTA 5, and provide several ways and locations to perform them. While the locations and stunts in this guide are not exhaustive, we have tried to come up with a comprehensive overview of stunts in the game.

Try all the locations provided in this guide and you can also discover more by roaming around the city. It’s now your turn to perform cool mid-air stunts in GTA 5 like the YouTubers you might have seen. Grab your favorite vehicle and start. Happy Stunting!

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