GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations [All 8 Locations]

Grand Theft Auto 5 features a Tow Truck in the gameplay which players can drive. Here is a complete Guide on GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations.

GTA 5 Tow truck locations
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Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of the best games that provide you with the most genuine open-world experience. Moreover, its surreal and immersive gameplay has made it the talk of the town. GTA V also features dozens of excellent vehicles, some rare and some common. Another aspect of GTA V is the “Tow Truck,”; a rare car in the game. So here is a guide on GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations.

tow truck gta 5
Tow Truck Towing a Vehicle in GTA 5

The massive popularity of GTA V is because it has something for everybody to relate to. Of course, vehicles are part and parcel of the GTA experience, and there are hundreds of vehicles the player can enjoy driving in GTA V. Moreover, the game enables players to make money in various ways, including selling cars. Those who do not know can follow this guide to learn how to sell cars in GTA 5 story mode.

Furthermore, developers have paid great attention to the game’s detail, and it never fails to amaze us with the kind of control it gives us over the life of our main characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

GTA also provides you with a vehicle pack as realistic as possible. There are not only fancy cars in the game, but any kind of vehicle you can imagine is in the game to provide as real experience to the players as possible. Tow Truck follows the same detail pattern and allows players to live and breathe in Los Santos.

What Is A Tow Truck

A tow truck is usually a high-powered utility vehicle used to tow(move) indisposed, broken down, or wrongly parked vehicles. Indeed it is a valuable utility vehicle that can serve greatly in adverse circumstances or emergencies like recovering a derailed car from some accident or mishap back to the drivable surface, transferring undrivable or broken down vehicles to repair stores.

tow truck
A Tow Truck Towing a Vehicle

Tow Truck In GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode includes a Utility vehicle called Tow Truck. The Vapid Tow Truck (Large) is modeled after an actual International Harvester S-Series; tractor from the 1980s.

The Towtruck is modeled after the Yankee from Grand Theft Auto IV, featuring the same flat bumper, front lights, and cabin style. A flat hood, visible door hinges, a different grille design, gasoline tanks with side steps below the cabin, marker lights, trumpet horns, a lack of circular mirrors on the sides, and small box-shaped tanks behind the cabin are its only other distinguishing features.

Moreover, the rear part uses a sizable bed, modest mudguards below, a black bumper on the lower side, and square tail lights on the outer edges. Furthermore, on the same bed is mounted a sizable towing apparatus with two working amber lights on top and dual crane arms.

tow truck gta 5
A Tow Truck in GTA V

By using this vehicle, the protagonist Franklin can engage in Towing missions. Moreover, the lorry in the impound is also approachable by the player.

The mission can be started by sounding your vehicle’s horn, or the player can listen for a radio dispatch message that can be received similarly. Towing missions can also be carried out with the smaller towtruck.

Furthermore, in GTA 5, a Tow Truck can neither be stored nor be requested for delivery. At the same time, you cannot sell, customize, or use it in races.

GTA 5 Tow Truck Location

As said earlier, cars cover a significant portion of GTA V. Meanwhile, a tow truck is just an addition to the range of vehicles that can give a perfect setting for your gameplay and increase the realistic experience.

Moreover, players will also be able to engage with a side mission called Pulling Favors with Tonya in GTA 5’s Story Mode. This is where this vehicle makes a prominent appearance. With that, you can see why the vehicle is an essential addition to the gameplay of GTA 5.

Apart from that, here are some notable locations where you can find the tow truck in GTA 5.

La Puerta Highway

Just go to any highway, and you will probably find a tow truck there. Highways are always usually full of tow trucks.

tow truck
Highway Tow Truck

One of the locations where you can easily find the tow trucks in Grand Theft Auto V is the La Puerta Highway, shown in the map below:

Highway Tow Tuck Location gta v
Highway Tow Truck Location

Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is one of the most scenic places on the map of Grand Theft Auto V. There are also barns in the area that store vehicle. Try visiting the barn on the left of the Destiny Village in Mount Chiliad. You will find a Tow Truck parked in the barn to claim for yourself.

mount chiliad gta v
Mount Chiliad Tow Truck

The exact location of the barn in Mount Chiliad is shown below:

Mount Chiliad Location gta v
Mount Chiliad Location

Like this secret location, Grand Theft Auto V features a lot of secret locations and easter eggs. You may also find some surprises or rare vehicles at these locations.

If you are further interested in searching the secret locations in Grand Theft Auto V, you can see our guide on Two Hoots Falls in GTA V, which holds one of the most exciting secret in the game.

River Zancudo

Near River Zancudo, there is the Ortega’s Trailer home. A Tow truck is parked outside the trailer home. You can also visit this location to get a Tow Truck.

River Zancudo Tow Truck gta v
River Zancudo Tow Truck

The exact location of Ortega’s trailer home near the Zancudo River is given below:

River Zancudo Location gta v
River Zancudo Location

La Puerta

You may also see Tow Trucks driving on the roads around La Puerta. You can steal one from the streets there.

la puerta tow truck gta v
La Puerta Tow Truck

The map location of the place is given below:

La Puerta tow truck Location
La Puerta Location

Paleto Bay

In the Paleto Bay area, visit the Beeker’s Garage, and you will find a Tow Truck parked outside it, as shown below:

paleto bay gta v
Paleto Bay Tow Truck

The exact map location of the area is shown below:

paleto bay gta v
Paleto Bay Location

Blitz Play Mission

In GTA 5’s Blitz Play, the third major heist, where your objective is to steal an armored vehicle, you will be using a tow truck to complete the objective. By operating the tow truck, players will be causing a severe collision with an oncoming van to halt it and steal the goods.

Pulling Favours Mission

Pulling Favours is the first mission to bring a tow truck. In this mission, you will play the part of Franklin and help Tonya out by filling in for him at work one day.

Moreover, you will also be allowed to buy the LSPD Auto Impound to get the most out of the tow truck driver job. This way, you will be able to play a lot of side missions by driving the tow truck around Los Santos.

Scouting The Port Mission

This peculiar vehicle can also be found in the Scouting the Port quest in GTA 5. After leaving the restricted area, you can go to the garage on the Floy property. Surprisingly, you will discover the tow truck stored in one of the garages that you can claim for yourself.

GTA 5 Online Tow Truck Glitch

Unlike the GTA 5 Story Mode, where it is super easy to get a Tow Truck by simply going to particular locations or engaging in specific missions, it’s very difficult to get one in GTA Online. You have to rely upon a glitch to get one in GTA Online. To have a Tow Truck in GTA Online, follow these steps:

  • Have some cars in your garage
  • While in single-player mode, visit Los Santos Customs
  • Look up “Tow Truck”
  • Switch the game mode from the menu to GTA Online
  • Block the entrance of Los Santos Customs by some vehicle
  • Go to the main screen of your game console (Xbox or PS)
  • Sign Out
  • Reload the game from the last saved game.
  • Find the Tow Truck you want in Online Mode
  • Park the vehicle in front of Los Santos Customs
  • Switch again to GTA Online, and the Tow Truck will be standing in front of Los Santos Customs
Tow Truck in GTA Online
Tow Truck in GTA Online parked in front of Los Santos Customs

This glitch is the only way to get a Tow Truck in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Grand Theft Auto pushes the limit regarding how realistic it can be. It is evident that the developers have not even left a vehicle like “Tow Truck” from adding in the game to provide the most justified open-world experience closest to real-life scenarios. Moreover, the attention to detail in Grand Theft Auto is simply mind-blowing and something to be relished and cherished.

So this concludes our guide on GTA 5 Tow Truck Locations. We have tried to mention all the locations where you can find a Tow truck in GTA V. We hope that you will have any difficulty finding a Tow Truck in GTA V now.

Do let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

And as always, Happy Gaming!

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