GTA 5: Best Colors Customization For Zentorno

Customize your enticing Zentorno into something more of a captivating ride.

customize Pegassi Zentorno
customize Pegassi Zentorno

Pegassi Zentorno is one of the highest-performance cars in GTA 5. The car is quite unbeatable in its top-notch speed trait. So, why not make it look astounding regarding its appearance attribute? This guide details the best colors for your Zentorno in GTA 5 to make it look startling.

Key Takeaways

  • Zentorno is a supercar that you can buy from Legendary Motorsport for $725,000.
  • You can apply various colors to customize your Zentorno in GTA 5. Take the car to Lost Santos Customs and apply multiple paint layouts.
  • You can manually customize the car’s color by selecting numerous primary and secondary color paint options. Following this method, you will have many choices to create a stunning-looking Zentorno.
  • If you wish to make a more lavish-looking car, buy something from the Livery option while customizing. It will apply some unique and fancy styles to your ride.

Pegassi Zentorno In GTA V

Zentorno in GTA 5
Pegassi Zentorno

The Zentorno is a Super class vehicle that attains the look of a Hypercar. This supercar was part of  The High Life update. Moreover, you can obtain this car in both online and offline modes of the game.

The car is simply the best among others in its class, which intends to make it the best vehicle compared to any road vehicle. If you prefer strolling through the city streets in a swift ride, Zentorno is possibly the car that will suit your interest well.


The default performance of the car is already unmatched. However, you can still upgrade the performance parts to make it fly on the race track. Remarkably, the hybrid engine and default lowered suspension of the car will ensure that the vehicle can turn the tides of any unfavored race.

Or, you can enjoy an agile ride while freely roaming the map of GTA 5. It can recover its speed and reach the limit in a specific amount of time. It is due to the car’s acceleration, which is quite superior in the game.

However, the car is meant to be only driven on the roadside of the map. Because the relatively low body of the vehicle makes it a rough decision to take it off-road, in fact, a simple hit on the sidewalk might flip the car from its ground.

Therefore, the off-road idea may turn your car into a ruined stage due to the bumps you will stumble upon every few seconds. Its heavy body design allows the player to hit the brakes and get an immediate stopping reaction.

Zentorno performance
Zentorno Stats by Rockstar Games –  Credits:
  • Speed: 85 ( Approximately 350 km/h ).
  • Acceleration: 88 ( It can reach the speed of 96.5 km/h within 3 seconds ).
  • Braking: 32
  • Traction: 80

Best Zentorno Colors In GTA V

You need to take them to a garage whenever you are looking into customizing your ride in GTA 5. Regarding this, Lost Santos Customs is where you put some patterns and layouts on your car to make it look distinguishing. Every car will have a set of 68 colors preset, a fundamental idea that applies to almost every car.

Custom Colors Idea For Zentorno In GTA V

Colors for Zentorno FTA 5
Apply Various Colors to Zentorno

Following the fact that players can apply multiple color layouts on a car in GTA 5 is quite incredible. This allows players to create as many color variants for a car as possible.

Due to the customization mechanics that the Primary and Secondary Colors can be applied to the car, players will have many creative ideas to display when customizing their ride.

Some of the best paint jobs to apply to your Zentorno in GTA 5 are stated below:

  • Tron Car: The hottest topic regarding the Zentorno customization. Select Midnight Purple and Ice White Metallic as your Primary Colors to give this style to your ride. As for the Secondary Color, apply Crew Color, which gives it much of an illuminating color effect.
  • Race Yellow: An eye-catching style of colors that fits well for any race car. Select the Yellow Race color with Pearlescent Black Pearl as your Primary color. Matte Black as Secondary Color will complete the color combination upon addition.
  • Bright Colors: A converse color combination to Tron Car. This idea follows the set of bright colors to apply to your Zentorno. Explicitly, use the Metallic Ice White color as the Primary color because it shines brilliantly compared to any other paint job. Metallic Lime Green or Metallic Orange will be utterly splendid as the secondary color.
  • Green Lantern: A dark theme color combination that will display magnificent paintwork on your car. Select Metallic Midnight Blue and Pearlescent Lime Green as Primary Colors for an exquisite outcome. For the Secondary Color, apply Metallic Lime Green. To have more unique ideas for your Zentorno similar to the Green Lantern, check out the TheJimmyJ57 YouTube video.

Livery Customization

GTA 5 Zentorno colors customization
Livery Customization for Zentorno

One of the easiest and most wonderful methods to apply colors to your Zentorno in GTA 5 is through Livery customization. But do know that Zentorno’s livery customization was added in the Next-Gen update of GTA 5.

  • Abstract: A set of Splash designs all over the vehicle that contains multiple colors. As for the cost, it is $25,650.
  • Black Stripes: Two stripes of Black Color stretched on the car’s body in the middle position, from the head to its tail. This will cost you about $19,380.
  • Comic Book Racing: A wild combination of colors and decals that make the car look outstanding. If you prefer to alter the car’s look completely, apply this style. It costs about $26,789.
  • Harlequin: A check mark design applied to the car’s Hood, Roof Scopes, and Rear part. Also, every part will have a different color. However, this design will cost you the most, which is $29,939.
  • Harlequin Alt: This design is similar to the Harlequin. However, the color ( silver ) is the only change, as the design will remain the same. The style costs $24,510.
  • Italian Stripes: Stripes of color Red, White, and Green, respectively, drawn to the top and sideways of the car. Its cost is $20,520.
  • Kabel Racing: A light-colored style with some decals all over the body. Costs $23,370.
  • Kisama: The style includes two color aspects where. The first one is spread around the Headlights of the car. And the second one is applied to the body’s rear part. The cost of this style is $21,660.
  • Meinmatcht Racing: The style adds color to the edges of the car—costs about $25,080.
  • Modern Living: The modern design for your car’s customization costs $22,800.
  • Rampage Racing: A wild design, decals, and stripes on the car with a cost of $26,220.
  • White Stripes: Similar to Black Stripes but in white color. Costs $18,240.

If you wish to apply these styles in story mode, each will cost $350.

Locations To Get Zentorno

To own a Pegassi Zentorno in GTA 5, buy it from Legendary Motorsport. You can buy Zentorno at the price rate of $725,000. Moreover, this price is for both offline and online modes. However, the vehicle can also spawn in GTA 5 story mode, which is quite helpful regarding customization.

It is because, in GTA 5 story mode, the player can go through most of the color customization options and apply them to their Zentorno. Whereas in online mode, doing this might be much more expensive.

GTA 5 Offline Zentorno Locations

Some of the most convenient ways to get a Zentorno in GTA 5 offline:

  • Check the Los Santos Customs in Burton.
  • It could be parked at Los Santos Customs, located near the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Check the roads of Popular Street, La Mesa.
  • It might be found somewhere near the Cassidy Creek Bridge.
  • Possible to be seen parked in Pillbox Hill, the first level of San Andreas Parking Counsel.

Above mentioned places do not require any specific time of the day for this car to spawn. Therefore, these are the locations where you can obtain Zentorno quickly in offline mode. If you play the previous version of the Next-Gen, you can find Zentorno for every protagonist in any garage.

Final Words

In conclusion, Zentorno is one of the most epic supercars to obtain in GTA 5 and to apply many color customization to it. The customization factor comes into play so the players can have a satisfying outcome for owning the cars in GTA 5. Since the game has a wide variety of car customization, it keeps the players quite fond of the game, who love to play to have a first-rate car collection.

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