GTA: Horse Racing [Tips & Tricks]

Learn some good tips for online horse racing in GTA to win quick money.

GTA Horse Racing
GTA Horse Racing

The Diamond Casino in GTA online provides players to play inside track games and provides players with an opportunity to win by predicting the winning horse in its racing.

We will look at some of the important points that the player should keep in mind before going racing.

There is no 100% foolproof way to win every time we play. Instead, it depends on all the calculated choices we take that help us get lucky, but there are ways to optimize your chances of winning.

Key Takeaways

  • Horse Racing can be played in GTA online using inside track games computer in Diamond Casino.
  • Ten thousand chips would be required to play the game.
  • Race can be of a Single event or Main Event with other players. Each Race has two favorites, two middle horses, and two outliers. We should always try to avoid outliers.
  • There are ground rules laid down by GTA that every player is bound to follow, like betting limits and a time frame between every two races.
  • Safe Side Play means to bet on a horse that consists of a number that lies somewhere in between in that case, if the player does not win, he will lie somewhere in between.
  • Take a keen look at the sequence of horses; as soon as #1 has even, and #2 has 5/1, choose the first one it will have a higher probability of winning.
  • There is no defined rule that a horse with a lower odd number will win. However, the lower odd number and a good position make it in a very good position to win the horse race.

Tips & Tricks For Horse Racing In GTA Online

Now before starting investing, it’s important to know a few guidelines, especially if this is something that you’re going to do every time you log into GTA. According to the GTA, we have to select a virtual horse on which we can play a single Event, or we can choose to bet in the Main Event, competing with other players as well. Each race includes two Favorites, Two middle of the pack, and two Outliers.

GTA Inside Track

Rules For Betting

To get things started, players must get to the computer of the inside track and click on the middle button rule, as shown below.

Main Screen Horse Racing
Main Screen Horse Racing

It brings up the rules screen that will guide us to a few basic rules that are very necessary for a player to know. It tells us about horses’ odds of winning the game, and that betting can never change between races.

The race occurs once every 5 minutes and allows the player in session to bet in the same race.  The betting limit for the horse race is also mentioned, players always have to stick to it; they cannot go beyond or below the given betting limit.


gta Horse racing rules
Game Rules

Players can play alone on the inside track computers in a single-event race. These races can be launched back to back with no wait timer.

Safe Side Play

Now let’s get started with placing some actual bets. So below shown is the lineup available in the inside track. The lineup for this bet is going to be lonely Stepbrother at 3/1, Snatched Your Mama breaking out even, and Hard Time Done is 18/1, further goes on to Ghost Dank.

Betting list

The critical point to remember while betting is the horse’s performance. The lower the number on the list, the higher our chances of winning we have.

Meanwhile, GTA Online is not always accurate in every case, so we will try to find the middle ground. We will not always necessarily goes to the lower number or the higher number; instead, we will choose to go for some middle ground.

We will look at the odds of the horse and their positioning within their ranking here; these are the variables that we have to consider for placing a bet here. So by looking at the stats lonely, Stepbrother looks very good, but we will go with the Ghost Dank seemed more of a middle ground to me. In this way, we kind of keep ourselves on the safe side by not losing all the money, as our horse will mostly come in one of the three places.

Sequence Matters A-lot

This other method is quite different from the first one I have explained. In this go to a single event and in the inside track computer. Keep going in and out until you have a screen that shows horse #1 evens and horse #2 has 5/1. Once you got this select horse #1 and bet on it, your chances of winning are very high. You can have 8 to 10k profit regularly like this.

To make a profit, it is very essential to win consecutively, like every 2 or 3 games only then players will be able to gain profit.

There is No Luck, Only Logic

In this tip, we are using some different logic. So when we have Mr. Redactedont on 19/1, Moon Rocksont on 4/1, Blue Dream on 2/1, and Scrawny Nag on 30/1. For the best, we are looking between Moon Rock and Blue Dream; choose one of them.

We select Moon Rock because its position of it is just right. The odds of winning are never confirmed; we try to find some middle ground and add money.

2nd betting tip

Horse racing in GTA Online is a real-time process nothing is going to fast-forward, and you have to get yourself comfortable with losing because you are going to counter it a lot. Winning in horse racing takes a lot of patience.

Moon rocks

Stay Focused On 3 Lower Number Horses

Although in GTA V, it’s not always necessary that the lower odd horse is going to win in Online racing. But the probability of winning is always higher for horses having lower odd numbers. As shown, select either the Dancing Pole, Constant Brag, or Los Santos Savior. Never choose the horse with an odd number greater than 10.

GTA horse Racing 3rd Bet

Set your goal for a million chips & start by betting 10,000 on every bet. In this way, a single win will give you at least 50,000 chips.

That is about it for our tips and tricks on Horse Racing in GTA Online. What are your thoughts and strategies of making out best profit out of the game mode. Share with us in the comments section below.

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