GTA Online: Best Hangar [Ranked]

Find out the best hangar locations in GTA Online with the help of our guide to store your airborne vehicles.

best hangar in GTA Online
Best Hangar in GTA Online

GTA Online has every category of vehicles for players, from bicycles to huge airplanes and cruise ships. Affording these luxurious vehicles is one thing; storing them and managing them is another problem. While there are many huge garages in GTA Online to keep your precious vehicles, there are sadly only a few options to park your huge airborne vehicles. Find all Hangar locations in GTA Online for storing your aircraft in our guide.

Key Takeaways

  • GTA Online has vehicles of every category and price range. The developers have also provided many facilities to store these vehicles in the game. While garages for cars, bikes, trucks, etc., are very common, there are few facilities to keep the vast airborne vehicles in GTA Online.
  • After the Smuggler’s Run Update, GTA Online added five dedicated storage facilities for parking aircraft. Each storage facility, also known as a Hangar, can store up to twenty aircraft of every size in GTA Online.
  • Players can also use these hangars to run their illegal drug business in the game. When buying a hangar in GTA Online, players will also get a Cuban 800 for free.
  • All the hangars in GTA Online feature the same interior, storage capacity, and customizations. However, not all of these have the same price tag. It is because not all of them are located in the same place. Location is the primary selling point of a hangar and, consequently, determines the price of these storage facilities in GTA Online. The exterior and the size of the entrance also matter.

Hangar In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto added extensive customizable facilities for storing the vast airborne vehicles in the Smugler’s Run Update. Players can buy and use the hangars not only for storing their aircraft, but they can also use it to run their illegal smuggling businesses. Furthermore, owners will get access to an interactable menu from where they can manage the hangar and call the aircraft whenever and wherever they want.

Aircrafts in Hangar's garage
Hangar in GTA Online can store up to twenty aircraft of different sizes

Usually, a hangar in GTA Online can store twenty aircraft of different sizes. Moreover, each hangar comes with a complimentary Cuban 800. You can find the relevant details below:

  • There is a capacity to store twelve small aircraft.
  • Five medium-sized aircraft.
  • Two large airborne vehicles.
  • and one extra large aircraft in a hangar.

Once the parking capacity is filled, the new or extra aircraft are sent to the storage. You can sell the extra aircraft in GTA Online and make money if you face a storage issue. Moreover, the facility comes pre-insured, which means you can get it back for only $1000 if it is destroyed in any way.

However, avoid parking the stolen aircraft in hangar facilities to prevent complications. In most cases, a hangar facility will not accept a stolen plane.

All hangars In GTA Online

There are a total of five different hangar facilities in GTA Online. While the storage capacity is the same in all facilities, the significant price difference depends on the location, accessibility, and features of the storage facility.

Most players prefer the hangar, which is closer to their mission locations. Therefore, we have enlisted all the hangar facilities depending on their accessibility during GTA Online missions.

LSIA Hangar A17

LSIA Hangar A17
Hangar A17 is the cheapest aircraft storing facility in GTA Online.

Located in the Los Santos International Airport, Hangar A17 is the cheapest aircraft storage facility you can purchase in GTA Online. Players can buy Hangar A17 for just $ 1.2 million from the Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA Online. While it has the same features and storage capacity as the other expensive options, some cons still justify its low price.

For example, it does not have an appealing exterior design. The outer looks ancient and worn out, giving farmhouse-like vibes. The logo above the main entrance does not look attractive. Moreover, the main entrance door is relatively narrow. Consequently, you will have to be extra careful when passing your plane through the door.

Another issue arises because of its location deep inside the Los Santos Airport, which makes it difficult to swiftly access and hides your airborne vehicles during and after the missions. Regardless of all these cons, Hangar A17 is still the best choice for beginners in GTA Online as it caters to most of their needs.

Exterior of Hangar A17 in GTA Online
Hangar A17 has an old and worn-out exterior

LSIA Hangar 1

A little bit expensive, Hangar 1 has everything its counterpart lacks in Los Santos International Airport. Available for purchase from the Maze Bank Foreclosures for $15,25,000, Hangar 1 features a lucrative design and an attractive location within the airport.

The structure is safe and secured like a fort. Unlike its counterpart, Hangar 1 has a monumental entrance, and you can park even extra-large aircraft without any hesitation in GTA Online.

LSIA Hangar 1 in GTA Online
Hangar 1 is a better alternative to its counterpart at Los Santos International Airport.

While the design and location within the airport is its plus point, its overall location on the map becomes its only drawback. It is because the airport is in Los Santos while all the smuggling business is done in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. These two locations are far from the airport, and flying there is time-consuming.

Moreover, flying towards these locations will require you to pass over the area with the remaining three hangars in GTA Online. Flying over these locations without any clearance immediately grants you a wanted level.

Consequently, you can take severe damage from enemy attacks. Still, hanger 1 is the best choice among the two hangars in Los Santos airport in GTA Online.

Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497

Don’t be disappointed by the looks and size of this hangar in GTA Online. While the design and doors may look old and the area may look small, it would not matter once you know the other features. Available for purchase on the Maze Bank Foreclosures for 
Hangar 3497 is located at the best location in Blaine County of GTA Online.

Cheapest aircraft storage facility in Fort Zancudo
Hangar 3497 is the cheapest among the three hangars in Fort Zancudo

While being the cheapest hangar in Fort Zancudo, Hangar 3497 is also the closest one to reach when entering the fort. Furthermore, the laser airplane of the base is closest to this hangar in GTA Online. Consequently, players can take the plane for a joyous ride whenever they want.

Its ideal location automatically makes it a worthy choice for the smuggling business. Another underappreciated perk of hangar 3497 is that players won’t get any wanted level after acquiring it in GTA Online.

Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499

Hangar 3499 is located deep inside Fort Zancudo in GTA Online. The hangar is not worth the whopping $2,650,000 because of its location. However, as it is a Fort Zancudo hangar, you can avoid the wanted level and prevent many problems. Moreover, it has a broad front, and the doors are open enough to accommodate aircraft of any size.

The second aircraft facility in Fort Zancudo
Hangar 3499 is the second aircraft storage facility in Fort Zancudo.

The location also makes it a vulnerable choice as there will be an increased risk of attacks from opponents in the same area. Enemies can attack you and loot your profits from the smuggling business.

Consequently, it automatically becomes a wrong choice for running any business. It is not the best hangar on the list, but it is still a reliable storage facility for your aircraft in GTA Online.

Fort Zancudo Hangar A2

At last, comes the final and the best hangar in GTA Online. Hangar A2 in Fort Zancudo is also the most expensive on the list, costing a whopping $3,250,000. Players can buy it from the Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA Online.

Unlike other hangars on the list, hangar A2 has no drawbacks. Its location is its main selling point and completely justifies its price.

Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 in GTA Online
Hangar A2 is the best hangar in GTA Online

While the interior of all the hangars is the same, and they offer more or less the same customizations, the exterior design and the size of the main entrance matter the most. Not to anyone’s surprise, Hangar A2 has an attractive exterior with a broad and tall entrance to accommodate airborne vehicles of any size.

It is located right in the center of Fort Zancudo. Therefore, players can get access to any nearby planes. Moreover, as the area is under the control of the military, you won’t have to worry about security clearance. The only drawback of Hangar A2 in GTA Online is its high price. You can earn quick money by finishing easy missions in GTA Online to buy this hangar.

Best aircraft storage facility
Hangar A2 has an attractive exterior and a wide entrance door to accommodate even the largest planes.

It was all for our guide on the best hangar in GTA Online. What is your favorite out of all the hangars on the list? Do you use the hangars only for storing aircraft or running your smuggling business? Tell us in the comments.

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