GTA Online: Easy Solo Missions For Quick Money

Find out all the best solo missions in GTA Online to earn some easy money and buy your favorite things in the game.

best solo missions in GTA Online
Best Solo Missions in GTA Online

Money runs everything in Grand Theft Auto’s virtual world. Players can earn lots of cash by completing easy missions in the solo mode of GTA Online. They can then use this money to buy whatever they want in the game. Our guide enlisted some of the best solo missions, which reward players with easy money in GTA Online.

Key Takeaways

  • There are various types of missions with different payouts in GTA Online. While all of them are fun, not all of them are easy to complete and have varying rewards.
  • Playing GTA Online missions in a group considerably reduces the rewards because the total payout is divided among all members. Therefore, playing GTA Online missions solo ensures you get all the rewards for yourself only.
  • The difficulty, as well as the amount of reward money, usually depends upon the rank of players in the game. More missions with better rewards and exciting tasks are unlocked with each level up.
  • Furthermore, the final rewards also vary depending on the time taken to complete a mission. Try to finish the mission in a more extended period to get up to two times more rewards. Try to play the easy and easy missions with moderate rewards and play them repeatedly to accumulate vast sums of money in GTA Online.

There are many other ways than completing these solo missions to earn money in GTA Online. You can learn about them in our extensive guide on best ways to make Money in GTA Online.

GTA Online Solo Missions

One of the simplest methods to get additional money in GTA Online is to select and play the missions with the highest payouts. In addition to being entertaining, they provide a consistent and recurring source of income. It’s pretty helpful to know which missions offer the best rewards because there are several missions accessible in GTA Online, and you can play them solo or complete them in a group.

Moreover, the exact selection will depend on your current rank. Players can choose from many available solo missions in GTA Online and complete them in designated time slots to earn easy rewards. Furthermore, the final rewards fluctuate more or less around the base rewards depending upon the fluctuation of time taken to complete them.

best solo missions in GTA Online
Solo missions in GTA Online are the best choice if you don’t want to share rewards.

How To Get Maximum Rewards In GTA Online’s Solo Missions?

Players should follow the scheme mentioned below to maximize their rewards in any GTA Online solo mission (Note that the ideal time to complete the missions is 4-6 minutes):

  • If players finish a mission before the optimal time (within 3-4 minutes), they will receive 75% of the base reward.
  • Completing a mission between 6-8 minutes rewards players with a 20% bonus above the base reward.
  • Going a bit more up between 8-10 minutes gives a 40% bonus above the base reward.
  • Finishing a mission between 10-12 minutes increases the base reward by 60%.
  • Similarly, finishing a mission between 12-15 minutes increases the base reward by 80%.
  • Lastly, the final rewards double up if the time to complete a mission exceeds 15 minutes.

Easy Solo Missions For Quick Money

While many mission players can play alone, not all are worth your time because they have fewer rewards or demand fulfillment of some requirements. Considering all these factors, we have ranked some of the most accessible solo missions for money in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Although these missions do not reward players with the highest payouts, they still are easy to complete and have considerable rewards. Players can find the details of these missions below:

Ballas To The Wall

Ballas to the wall
Mission Ballas to the Wall in GTA Online

With a base payout of about $18000, it is one of the earliest solo missions in GTA Online, and players can unlock it once they reach level 5 in the game. The mission tasks players to steal a Schafter from one of the Ballas members. Lamar Davis refers the players to Simeon Yetarian for this mission. Once signed in for this job, players go to Jamestown Street and find the car there.

Simply kill the Ballas members guarding the car and take it to Simeon’s dealership. However, ensure you have planned your escape and can defend yourself from the mob chasing after you. You can outsmart them by driving or killing them during the chase.

Note: You can also play this mission solo or in a group of two people.

Judging The Jury

Judging the Jury
Judging the Jury is an exciting mission you can do solo in GTA Online.

It comes pretty later when players reach level 65 in GTA Online. While the base reward is around $14,240, it can increase or decrease depending on the time taken to complete the mission.

In many cases, Martin Madrazo had paid the jurors a handsome amount to announce him as innocent. However, the jurors plan to betray him. Therefore, Martin assigned you the bounty to eliminate twelve jurors before they could pronounce the final verdict.

While the first eight jurors are an easy target and killing them would not take time, getting access to the remaining four will be challenging. The LCPD will be on the chase after a wanted level is awarded to you. Deceive the police, kill the remaining four jurors, escape the scene, and reach Martin to get your reward.

Note: It is one of those missions in GTA Online which you can play solo or in a group of up to eight people. The rewards divide among the participants, so do it solo.

Operation Paper Trail

One of the best solo missions in GTA Online
Operation Paper Trails is a group of many missions in GTA Online.

Now comes one of the fascinating solo missions in GTA Online. Operation Paper Trail tasks you with killing Mason Duggan and recovering an important briefcase from him. The mission can reward you with up to $48000 or even more depending on the time taken to complete it.

However, it is going to be tiresome work getting access to Mason as he lives on a construction site. The construction site is also protected by many of his guards.

Make sure to kill as many guards as possible to get the maximum potential payout. Furthermore, keep looking for keycards to unlock elevators to level up and reach the top of the building. Mason will try to escape the scene on his helicopter in GTA Online. Damage his airborne vehicle, and don’t let him run away.

Finally, you will find him on top of the building, in the protection of his guards. Finish all of them, kill Mason Duggan, and take the briefcase with Clifford tech to complete the mission.

Note: Operation Paper Trail is part of a larger group of missions that can be played solo or in a group of up to four people in GTA Online.


Extraction in GTA Online
Extraction is also a part of Operation Paper Trails ULP.

Extraction is one of those solo missions in GTA Online that you can repeatedly play and not get enough of. Having a bare payout similar to Operation Paper Trail ($48000), it tasks you with saving Agent Johnson in GTA Online. The mission starts with you doing detective work at the agent’s home. While you are looking for some clues to find her, the game will automatically guide you to her car.

Inside the car, you can find her GPS locations. Digging more into it, you will find one of her trucks parked at a weird location. Track it down, and you will see Agent Johnson captivated in there. Kill all the guards and take the agent to the International Affairs Agency’s headquarters in GTA Online to finish one of the most straightforward solo missions.

Note: You can play it solo or in a group of up to six people. However, including others in this mission will considerably decrease your potential payout.

Counter Intelligence

one of the best solo missions in GTA Online
Counter Intelligence is also part of Mission Paper Trails ULP

Counter Intelligence has the same payout as those mentioned above, two solo missions in GTA Online, i.e., $48000. Players start the mission by locating two drones. Once they have found them, they will have to hack into them, which is not difficult. After a cutscene, they will find themselves in a cheap hotel room. There will be a laptop beside the television in the room, and players need to hack it.

Suddenly, the room will be filled with gas, and your character will pass out. After another cutscene, players will find themselves in a Yoga Classic van and have to solve an easy puzzle to get out of it. As the puzzle is very basic, players can solve it in no time.

Driving the vehicle to the required location will complete the mission. However, avoid getting caught by the police and take your time to maximize the mission rewards.

Note: A group of up to six players can play this mission at once. However, playing it solo will ensure you have all the rewards for yourself.

Blow Up

Blow up in GTA Online
Blow-up mission in GTA Online.

It is one of the earliest solo missions in GTA Online, unlocking at level 12. It is not only the earliest but also one of the easiest solo missions in GTA Online. The mission demands players go to a luxury car dealership in the game and destroy all the vehicles there. Moreover, you can do it in multiple ways. For example, you destroy the cars one by one, or you can ruin them together using explosives.

You must do it as soon as possible because the police will arrive quickly. Completing the mission by successfully escaping the scene can reward you with up to $21,000 in GTA Online. Deposit the reward money in your account immediately because other players can steal it from you.

Note: You can play this mission solo or in a group with another friend in GTA Online.

Diamonds Are For Trevor

One of the best solo missions in GTA Online
Diamonds are for Trevor is an exciting mission you do for the maniac protagonist Trevor Philips.

Trevor Philips assigns you this mission when you achieve level 70 in GTA Online. The maniac protagonist running a drug business is a cruel boss, and you would not want to defy his orders. Therefore, you dare say no to him when he asks you to steal diamonds. The mission takes you to Paleto Bay, where a shipment is waiting to be unloaded.

The Merryweather guards will protect the shipment, and you will have to defeat them all to get the diamonds. It will be an intense fight; therefore, you must be fully equipped with weapons. Defeat the guards, steal the diamonds, and bring them to Trevor to finish the task. You will get a bare payout of about $15,540.

Note: It is one of those missions you should do in a group in GTA Online, and the game allows you to do it solo or in a group of up to four people.

Rooftop Rumble

roof top rumble
Rooftop Rumble Mission unlocks quite later in GTA Online

Opening at level 75 is one of the more challenging solo missions in GTA Online. However, for a reward of at least $20,000, it is worth the time and effort. Rooftop Rumble assigns you the duty to disrupt a crucial meeting between FIB and the Professionals in GTA Online. Furthermore, you will also have to steal the critical documents they were about to trade.

It will be an exciting mission, requiring you to strategize your tactics patiently and implement them perfectly. However, security will be tight, and you might have to defend yourself with weapons if the situation escalates. Make sure you complete the mission efficiently and provide the stolen documents to Martin Madrazo for your reward.

Note: Up to four people can complete this mission in a group. The rewards get divided once the mission is completed.


Simeonomics mission
Simeonomics mission in GTA Online brings back memories of classic GTA III missions.

Like the classic versions of the game where you would steal cars for a living, Simeonomics tasks players with stealing expensive cars in GTA Online. However, unlike traditional missions, simeonomics demands players to steal specific cars from an airport. Simon Yaterian assigns you this mission in GTA Online, and you can get paid up to $21000. 

It is one of those adventurous solo missions where you have to put your life in danger in GTA Online. Elaborating further, you will have to go to an airport, steal two required cars from there, and deliver them to Simon’s dealership. The main problems are entering the airport without any identification and stealing both vehicles one by one. You can steal one car in this way, but stealing the second car will be a challenging task.

Moreover, bring some weapons to defend yourself from the security guards there. You will get a three-star wanted level after it, and you can get your payout after losing it in GTA Online.

Note: You can play it solo or in a group of up to four people.

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure is one of the best solo missions in GTA Online
Pier Pressure tasks you with stealing a package of meth for Gerald in GTA Online

Reaching level 6 will unlock the Pier Pressure mission in GTA Online. Gerald will assign you the task of intercepting a package of drugs on the outskirts of the city in Del Perro Pier. Two Mexican gangs will have an important business meeting, and you will have to eliminate them all to obtain the package.

Bring your weapons, and do not let anyone slide away alive. Take the package and bring it to Gerald’s apartment. You can get up to $15,000 as a mission reward if you complete it in an optimal time frame. It is one of the most accessible solo missions in GTA Online, especially if you know how to play with weapons.

Final Remarks

It was all for our guide on the easiest and best paying solo missions in GTA Online for grabbing some quick cash. Which is your favorite out of all the tasks mentioned above? Tell us in the comments.

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