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GTA V Best Heist Crew
A guide to the best crew in every heist

Our guide will focus on discussing the best crew for every heist in GTA V. The famous action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V does not require any introduction to anyone. Even though it was released nine years ago, players from all over the globe still have a craze about this game.

There are multiple reasons why this game is still relevant to players today. It receives continuous updates now and then. These updates introduce new features and missions for the massive player community. Most of the missions in GTA V are related to heists. Players will need to make crews to finish these highly paid heists.

However, you can not play with the same crew in all the heists. Players will often need different crews for different heists in GTA V. You will miserably fail a mission if you do not make a good enough crew for the heist. Our guide will make it easy for you to decide on the best crew for every heist in GTA V. Let’s get into it:

Why Do You Need The Best Crew For Every Heist in GTA V?

There are hundreds of different missions in GTA V, and every mission has specific requirements. From stealing cars to killing people, fighting wars with rival gangs to confronting the police after major heists, GTA V has various crime missions for its players. Additionally, some heists will require players to make crews.

GTA V Best Heist Crew
A guide to the best crew in every heist

You can make a crew and finish one heist. However, that same crew will not be enough to complete any other heist because of the specific requirements of that particular heist. It is because you will have to create a balanced team composition by including a shooter, hacker, and many such team members for your specific heist mission.

For that instance, you will have to decide whether to hire a team member with the highest heist cut with better perks or pick a rookie guy just to give him the lowest amount from the heist. It gets tricky to design a crew separately for each heist.

We will help you out from here.

What Are Crew Members In GTA V?

Usually, the Protagonists in GTA V need assistance in finishing the heists. GTA V has introduced various side characters that assist the protagonists in completing their heists.

These minor characters are called Crew members in GTA V. Some of the information that you would need to know about these characters is presented below:

  • These characters don’t work for free. They take their fair share of the heist money.
  • They take 4% to 12% of the heist money as their share, depending on their skills.
  • There are three types of crew members in GTA V. These include three drivers, seven Gunmen, and three Hackers.
  • Once they finish a heist, their skills rating increases by 25%. However, their pay rate remains the same.

Crew Heists in GTA V

Multiple big heists in GTA V require the protagonists to hire certain crew members for assistance. Usually, such heists are more rewarding than others. The details about the best crew for every heist are given below:

The Jewel Store Job

It is the first heist mission in GTA V, where Michael De Santa teamed up with Franklin Clinton, and they hired a crew to complete this heist. This heist will yield $4,946,153, of which 50% will go to Martin Madrazo.

Michael will earn about $1,223,073, while Franklin’s cut will be about $293,539. The crew will also get 24% of the total yielded amount.

Finishing this mission successfully will give players access to play ‘Mr. Philips’ mission in GTA V. Finishing ‘Mr. Philips’ will unlock Trevor Philips in GTA V. If you want to know more about it, you can check our guide on How to Unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

There are two approaches to finishing this mission i.e. Smart Approach and Loud Approach. Both will require different strategies and hence, different forms of the heist crew. Both these approaches are explained below:

Smart Approach

This is the best approach to finish this heist, and is also the most widely used by players in GTA V. The best crew formation for the Smart Approach is given below:

  • Karim Denz as a driver,
  • Patrick McReary as a gunman.
  • Rickie Lukens as a hacker.
best crew for heists in GTA 5
Looting the Jewelry Store with Smart Approach

Loud Approach

We do not recommend Loud Approach for this heist. However, If you have decided to use this approach, you can form your crew as mentioned below:

  • Eddie Toh as a driver.
  • Gustavo Mota as a gunman.
  • Rickie Laukens as a hacker.
Best crew in GTA V
Looting the Jewel Store with a Loud Approach

The Bureau Raid

The Bureau Raid is the fifth heist mission in GTA V. Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton perform this heist. This heist will bring a net profit of $331,985. The crew will take its 15%, and the remaining will be left for Michael and Franklin.

Lester will charge them 12% as his share. However, Michael will not take his stake. Franklin will be left with all the remaining $242,349.

There are two approaches to finishing this heist. Both these approaches and the best crew for finishing this heist in GTA V are:

The Covert Approach

Michael enters the FIB Building disguised as a janitor and sets it on fire by putting bombs there. Later, the remaining crew will enter the building disguised as Firemen and finish the heist. The best crew for completing this mission in GTA V is:

  • No driver will be needed here, unlike on other missions.
  • Rickie Lucken as a Hacker.
  • Daryl Johns and Hugh Welsh as gunmen.
covert approach the bureau raid
Michael entered the FIB Building as a Janitor

The Roof Approach

Michael and the team parachutes onto the roof of the FIB Building after jumping from the helicopter. They break into the building. Michael blows up the server room’s door. From here, the heist plan kicks in with the responsibilities of each team member.

Talking about helicopters, check out our guide on the fastest helicopters in GTA 5.

Here is the best crew formation for the Roof Approach in GTA V:

  • Taliana Martinez as a driver.
  • Daryl Johns as a gunman.
  • Rickie Lukens as a Hacker.
Bureau Raid Roof Approach
Michael Parachuting onto the roof

This approach is more profitable for this mission as there are no casualties. Moreover, the crew is very cheap to hire.

The Paleto Score

Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton set on a mission heist to rob a bank. It is their fourth mission in GTA 5. They get about $8,016,020 from this heist. However, as most of this money is lost during the heist, the crew receives only $1,763,524.

Lester takes his share of 12%. The gunman also takes his due share depending on the gunman selected. The main protagonists divide the remaining amount equally within themselves. If you pick the gunman as mentioned in our guide, each protagonist will get about $455,577.

Best crew in GTA V
The Paleto Score heist crew
  • Please note that this heist does not need any driver or hacker. Only a gunman will be required additionally to finish this mission.
  • Players can select Norm Richards as the gunman for their team. He charges 10.5% of the heist as his share. Hence, he is a good choice for the group.

The Big Score

The Big Score is the sixth, and hence the last heist of GTA V. Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton finish this mission. The crew steals between $201,600,000 to $201,300,000, depending on the approach taken.

There are two approaches to finishing this mission. The best Crew choice for each course in GTA V is given below:

The Obvious Approach

The Obvious Approach is more attractive as you get an extra $60,00,000. The best crew formation for the Obvious Approach to the Big Score in GTA V is:

  • Use Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz as drivers. Karim Denz is less experienced than Taliana. Hence, he will be used as Driver 2. Otherwise, he will be responsible for losing 50% of the money.
  • Daryl Johns and Hugh Welsh can be used as Gunmen because they are very cheap. Moreover, the most experienced Gunman will accompany Michael to assist him.
  • Meanwhile, no hacker is required in the Obvious Approach.
Fighting cops in Obvious approach
Fighting cops in Obvious Approach of the Big Score

The Subtle Approach

Even though the Subtle Approach has less reward money and includes more costs, it is still a useable approach. The best crew formation for this heist in GTA V is:

  • Again, use Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz as drivers. However, If he is inexperienced, Karim will be used as driver 2. Otherwise, he will be responsible for losing 30% of the money.
  • Use Chef as a gunman. Additionally, Daryl Johns can be used as Gunman 2 for the team.
  • Ricki Lukens is the cheapest hacker. Hence, he is the best option for this heist. Additionally, the experience of the hacker does not matter in this heist.
GTA V best crew
Trevor and Michael discuss Retirement while stealing gold

This was all in our guide about the Best Crew in every heist in GTA V. We hope our guide has answered all your questions. However, If you still have any questions to ask or any suggestions to give, don’t hesitate and comment down below. We will get back to you soon.

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