GTA V: Best FiveM Servers [TOP 11]

Find out which Roleplay server is the best for you!

Top 11 Fivem Servers
Top 11 Fivem Servers

GTA 5 has a wide range of Roleplay servers with different stuff to offer and are unique. If you are new to GTA RP servers, digesting all the information online will take some time. But we will explain everything you need to know about FiveM servers and GTA RP in detail. And once you get into this part of the gaming world, it isn’t easy to turn back.

Key Takeaways

  • FiveM is a GTA Mod that allows you to play Multiplayer on different servers. These servers are often for playing RP (Roleplay). There are thousands of FiveM mods, but the best are discussed below, each being different.
  • We talk about more well-known and famous servers such as NoPixel, Echo RP, and Redline RP. Prominent YouTubers and streamers play these to make content and have fun. Thanks to them, these servers received a lot of attraction and developed a lot.
  • Redline is a complicated FiveM server to get into; it requires a lengthy application and an interview. However, it is worth it, thanks to thousands of custom cars and bikes. It is perfect for content creation and collecting cars.
  • Servers like High Stakes Lion’s RP and Greater Toronto are lesser-known and underrated. They offer various jobs and scripts and are played by comparatively fewer people. Hence, you would not have to wait in queue but still experience a well-populated RP lobby.
  • Highlife RP has 200,000 players registered with a player cap of 300 which is almost always filled. This server has an in-depth drug system and robberies and is relatively semi-serious.
  • Lucid City RP is a server that has the perfect balance of civilian and criminal life, which is missing in some servers. It gives you numerous job options, such as mining, fishing, lumber, etc.
  • Mafia City and Steller WRLD RP are two servers almost made it to the best Fivem servers list. The attention to detail and variety of commands in these servers must be appreciated more.

We all know that GTA 5 is as famous as it is today because of mods. FiveM is a GTA modification that lets you play with other players online on customized servers. Thousands of FiveM servers are either invite-only or can be joined by anyone.

These servers are unique because of the variety of Roleplay (RP) options they give. Roleplay servers are those where you must act out a particular character in a larger story. For example, you are a Police officer in a server, and you must act like your character and catch criminals being roleplayed by other players.

Police officer standing infront of car in roleplaying in FiveM servers
Roleplay on FiveM Servers

Hence, a bunch of players Roleplays in the same server to give it a more ‘realistic’ experience. And each player has a unique character to roleplay, including a medic, plumber, criminal, cashier, taxi, FBI, and many more.

These RP servers have given the people what they want, to be able to be whomever they want in the game. If you wish to be a non-problematic citizen, break the law, or enforce order, everything is possible on these servers.

Like FiveM, GTA consists of thousands of other mods that will make your gaming experience more fun. Check out our GTA 5 best mod and spice up your gaming experience.

It’s a pretty easy process to download and install the best FiveM servers; follow the steps below:

  • Disable all anti-virus you are currently using. Most anti-virus software will hinder the FiveM procedures, so it is better to disable them. Don’t worry; FiveM is reliable software with no risk if you download it from their website.
  • Download from their official website.
FiveM servers official website
Download from FiveM official website
  • Update to the latest version of GTA 5.
  • Run FiveM.exe, which will be in your downloads folder.
  • Install FiveM to any empty folder.
  • Sign in or create a new FiveM account.
  • Press Play and choose from the thousands of free servers.

Most respectable servers require you to fill out an application and take a quiz to show you understand the rules. Since there are a set number of players on each server, getting accepted may take some time. But don’t worry; you can still join other RP servers while you wait to get into more decent ones.


Police chasing red sports car with helicopter at back in GTA RP
NoPixel Roleplay server in FiveM

You won’t find a more famous RP server than this. NoPixel is the server than made Roleplaying so prominent in GTA 5. It attracted so many users to the RP genre because of many big streamers, including xQc and Sykkuno.

There are a bunch of well-thought-out scripts and RP options on the server. You can be anything from an average civilian to a member of the police force. A great thing about this server is that criminals depend on civilians for many things. So, people tend not to misuse their power.

In addition, you can get a priority pass, which means you can pay good money to get ahead on the waiting list. Although it’s a lot of money for an RP server, it’s worth it if you’re looking for some serious RP. You can hang out with famous streamers who won’t go out of character.

Moreover, you can have fun without a worry that some random kid will start shooting you for no reason. Even though some say it’s a server for the rich, it is amongst the best and most popular FiveM servers. And we could not write a list without including it.

Echo RP

EMS standing with Echo RP logo. Echo RP is FiveM server.
Echo RP is a FiveM Server

Another popular RP server is the Echo RP, thanks to streamers who decided to move from NoPixel to Echo RP. This server reaches its player cap of 380 players every day and has at least 200 players at any given time.

With almost 20,000 registered players, this server is bound to be unique and exciting, with numerous custom-scripted heists and odd jobs. People take RP relatively seriously here, so it’s fun if you want to emerge into the perfectly orchestrated RP server.

A feature that I am a big fan of is the unique HUD. In addition, you can own custom homes with shared garages and start individual businesses like gun stores and restaurants. And unsurprisingly, they have a custom clothing brand with new styles dropping now and then.

The fact that Echo RP gets frequent updates and fixes means that the developers are working hard. Moreover, the players also play their part and make the community friendly and dedicated to Roleplaying. It’s worth the hype and could be one of the best FiveM servers out there.

New Day RP

Newday Title with Los Santos in background
New Day RP server on FiveM

For a good reason, the New Day RP is many players’ favorite RP server. After its new 2.0 version, released in June of 2022, the game has increased in popularity. With almost 200-300 daily online players, including many regular streamers.

You can attend amazing in-game events other players host and try out various scripts and jobs. A fantastic thing about this server is that it is not pay-to-win. Everyone has a fair chance which is sometimes compromised in other famous servers.

With various RP scripts, including law enforcement, business, civilians, and government, you are bound not to get bored and constantly interact with all types of characters on the server. The possibilities are endless, from being a bartender to the motorcycle club president.

The New Day RP server is worth checking out and is popular. The developers and staff ensure the rules are followed, so don’t worry about any griefer in the game.

Redline RP

Redline title with 5 sports cars racing in the background. a FiveM server
Redline RP is a FiveM Server

This server is very widely known by the GTA community thanks to some big YouTubers, including Treyten and Elanip, who have millions of subscribers. Many streamers and YouTubers join Redline RP to make content, so expect to see some weird stuff here.

A big thing about this server is the extensive and strict application process. You have to apply and wait for your application to be accepted before having an interview. If the interview goes well, you’ll be taken to the server, and here is where the fun begins.

You will have access to thousands of custom cars and bikes, with virtually any custom car you can dream of. This server might be worth searching for if you’re a big car guy. In addition, it has various criminal activities and jobs for you to check out.

The rigorous entry to this server makes it even better when you get in. Since you have access to tons of scripts and can interact with major YouTubers trying to create content, this also means that you won’t see people not taking this RP seriously and trying to ruin your fun. Many YouTubers would agree that this is among the best FiveM servers in the game.

Highlife RP

Highlife is among the best FiveM servers
Highlife is an RP server on FiveM.

This is a public server with an insane amount of 200,000 players registered. And as expected, the player cap of 300 is almost always filled throughout the day. This very active server will be perfect if you want to play in a populated RP server.

The great thing about this server is the active staff team, which is very responsive and provides almost daily updates. They take this very seriously and have a custom build anti-cheat to ensure smooth running in the server. Moreover, you can carry out in-depth robberies and be a part of a well-thought-off drug system.

Additionally, they have many custom vehicles and scripts, many of which are public. You don’t have to sign up or wait on the waiting list. However, some more exciting jobs, such as LSPD, EMS, Flight instructor, Diamond Casino, etc., require you to apply.

If you want a semi-serious RP server that is more forgiving and relaxed as compared to others, Highlife is perfect. With an active population and numerous scripts for the public, this server stands out as among the best FiveM servers.

Just RP

Sports car parked in streets of Los Santos.
Just RP is a FiveM server.

The Just RP is one of the underrated and lesser-known RP servers, with a player capacity of 150. Mostly, the active online players are 120-130, so you won’t have to wait in a queue and will be admitted instantly. However, it is whitelisted, but that doesn’t mean they won’t accept you into their server.

The developers constantly update and improve the server to provide the best experience, and the effort shows. Moreover, players can run virtually any business known in the game, whether restaurants, arms dealers, or record labels. The detail of each business or job is quite extraordinary and deserves praise.

The options available in this RP server are unique; you can be a truck driver or even a hunter. Your life won’t be boring even if you’re a civilian, which may tend to be the case in some RP servers.

This server would be my favorite due to its highly active community and no queue. It is among the best FiveM servers in the game, and I would highly recommend applying to get a taste of the detailed RP scripts available.

Lucid City RP

<img class="wp-image-10799 size-full" src="" alt=""

Lucid City RP is a whitelisted server on FiveM with a vast player capacity of 350. Despite that, it still reaches its player cap almost daily, showing the server’s greatness. It is quite an active server with a waiting list, so you’ll have to wait a bit to get accepted.

After the release of the 2.0 version, the server added many new jobs and locations, including a highway patrol, judiciary branches, and County Sheriff’s department. Moreover, Lucid City has some cool and unique jobs, including fishing, mining, hunting, lumber, and a real estate agency.

Whether you want to work as a news reporter or be a part of an airline company, this server has covered you. In addition to the numerous options available, each script is very detailed, making this server amongst the best FiveM servers.

Furthermore, the server community is quite active, and the admin constantly tries to fix bugs and provide updates. Lucid City also has a public server along with the whitelisted one. It is worth checking out!

High Stakes Lion’s RP

A car racing at night time, with High Stakes logo showing.
High Stakes Lion’s RP is a server on FiveM.

One of the most underrated RP servers on the list, High Stakes Lion’s RP is also one of the best FiveM servers out there. It has a player capacity of 64, less than the other servers on the list. However, that does not mean it isn’t good.

It allows you to do much more than any regular RP server; you can even design your house! Interior design your abode and have complete freedom in making your house. Furthermore, it has amazing hospitals and jobs for doctors.

The server tries to accept only 18+ players; however, some exceptions exist. When filling out the application form, if you are careful and put more effort into the answers, there is a good chance you’ll get accepted. You must convince the admins that you are mature enough to RP on this server.

It is also important to mention the jobs you can do with and without being whitelisted. You can rob banks and ATMS and sell drugs to other players and NPCs. Moreover, you can race cars for money on many excellent tracks or apply to be a fireman. You can also join an underground fight club to earn some extra cash.

This server has everything from crime to civilian life, and it perfectly balances them. The mature players make the server more fun, and you won’t find annoying kids running around killing people.

Greater Toronto RP

Greater Toronto RP logo with Police car shown.
Greater Toronto RP is a server on FiveM.

Another excellent RP server on the list is Greater Toronto RP. This server has a player cap of 128, mostly 70-100 players active simultaneously. This is great since you won’t have to wait in a queue, and the server will still be pretty populated.

Toronto RP has unique and detailed heists and illegal job options. Rob pharmacies, houses, yachts, or armored trucks. Furthermore, you can try illegal hunting, fishing, or selling drugs to earn money.

Apart from the criminal life, it also has a bunch of exciting jobs for civilians, such as miner, lumberjack, tailor, or taxi driver. You can access typical whitelist jobs, including EMS, police department, or even a prison warden. The wide variety of options is impressive and deserves appreciation.

It is meant to be an 18+ server since the jobs and RP is aimed to be more mature. All in all, it’s one of the best FiveM servers with an active community and is worth spending time on.

Choosing the top 11 Fivem Servers from thousands of options isn’t the easiest thing to do. That is why we mention some servers that almost reached the top 11. These are unique in their ways and deserve to be checked out.

Mafia City

mafia city Fivem Server in GTA 5
Fivem Server: Mafia City RP

Mafia City is definitely in the debate for the top 11 Fivem servers in GTA, and it would be a shame if we did not mention it at all. A common issue with many roleplay servers is that it is tough on new players. However, this RP server has a supportive team to guide you when you start.

They even made a detailed beginner’s guide on their YouTube channel for players just starting. In addition to that, the server is an immersive roleplaying experience. So, you’ll rarely see an annoying kid who’s out of character trying to ruin everyone else’s experience. 

This underrated server has various options for you as a law-abiding citizen. You can be hired as a truck driver, lumberjack, garbage man, fisherman, and other options. However, from a criminal point of view, the server lacks variation.

The server has many interaction options and commands that players can perform. This ranges from new emotes, managing garages, player actions, and styling your player. Furthermore, you even own an in-game mobile. This allows you to text any of your friends on the server and even post tweets on the in-game social media platform, ‘Tweeter“. 

In addition to that, it also has EMS and other emergency services, which you can call from your mobile. Overall, the server is a very detailed and deserves a good amount of appreciation.

Steller WRLD RP

Steller WRLD RP logo with los Santos city in background
Steller WRLD RP server in GTA 5

Surprisingly, this server did not make it to the top 11 list. However, this server is one of the most well-thought-of servers out there. With its attention to detail and amazing real-life features, the Steller WRLD RP deserves to be mentioned here.

The server has clothes from all the major brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Lacoste, Prada, and many more. You can even change your character’s age to a little kid or an old man. This server gives you great control over personalizing your character. 

Apart from all the fashion options, Steller WRLD offers various modded weapons. Modded weapons are those weapons that were not originally in the game and were specially made by developers. You’ll get to use these weapons when you join gangs and have turf wars with rival gangs on the server.

Moreover, you can also do that if you don’t want to join a criminal’s life. If you want to be a police officer, apply on their discord server.  

A special feature which we have to talk about is the phone. You must go to an in-game Apple store and purchase an iPhone. The attention to detail on the mobile features is insane. You can access your camera; all the pictures will be saved in your gallery.

You can also download mini-games on your mobile, such as flappy birds and Pacman. There is also a Tinder option on your mobile. Steller WRLD RP has a great and nontoxic community which you should check out. 

Closing Remarks

These were the top 11 FiveM servers to join for the best Roleplay experience. As you have read, different RP servers cater to different audiences, with some more serious and some focusing on fun and creating content.

The important point is that a server is only as good as the admins. A better server will have a more responsive and unbiased staff; all the servers on the list have that. You can always look at many streamers’ POVs to experience an RP server without playing it.

If you don’t want the hassle of interacting with other players and want to relax and drive around, then you should check out the best songs in GTA to jam to.

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