Top 20 GTA V Hobbies And Pastimes

This list entails different interesting hobbies and pastimes that you can enjoy while playing GTA V.

GTA V hobbies and pastimes
GTA V Hobbies and pastimes

Grand Theft Auto V features numerous side activities and missions that are not integral to the main storyline but are designed for players to enjoy the open-world experience and have fun. There are 61 Hobbies and Pastimes in GTA V, with 42 essential to complete the Story Mode. After spending a lifetime in the game, I am going to share my favorite hobbies in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Theft Auto V offers numerous side activities and missions for players to enjoy the open-world experience and have fun.
  • To achieve 100% game completion, certain Hobbies and Pastimes activities must be engaged in, such as completing triathlons, flight school challenges, and street races.
  • You can engage in various activities like golf, tennis, darts, strip club visits, yoga, hunting, and photography challenges for fun, but these are not mandatory for completing the game.
  • The game provides a wide range of hobbies and pastimes, offering diverse experiences, from sports activities to shooting range challenges and even wildlife photography.

Following Hobbies and Pastimes must be engaged in for 100% completion of the game:

  1. Win 1 Darts game
  2. Get 1 Private Dance at Strip Club
  3. Win a Medal 3 Triathlons
  4. Win a Medal in 4 Sea Races
  5. Complete all Base Jumps in Parachuting
  6. Complete all Heli Jumps in Parachuting
  7. Win 1 Golf game
  8. Win 1 Tennis game
  9. Win 5 Street Races
  10. Win a medal in 12 Flight School Challenges
  11. Win a medal in 6 Offroad races
  12. Win a medal in 5 Street races

Other than these mandatory missions, it is entirely at the player’s discretion when they want to engage in these activities for fun.

Flight School Challenges

Flight School hobbies gta v
A player completing a Flight School Challenge in GTA V

It is safe to say that I learned most of the flying maneuvers doing these challenges in the game. However, only Michael and Franklin require lessons.

Trevor is already a skilled pilot. Consider my guide on how to unlock Trevor if you haven’t unlocked him yet. If Michael’s flying skill is low and the Offshore technique is chosen during “Scouting the Port,” Trevor suggests attending Flight School, although proceeding with the heist is not mandatory.

  • Training Take Off
  • Runway Landing
  • Inverted Flight
  • Knife Flight
  • Flat Hatting
  • Touch Down
  • Loop the Loop
  • Helicopter Course
  • Helicopter Speed Run
  • Skydiving
  • Drop Zone
  • Earn Your Wings


golf hobby
Playing Golf 

Every time I play golf in GTA 5, it feels like a real-life experience. In golf, the objective is to get the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes. Players can use a caddy to travel between shots, although this step is optional.

You have access to all your clubs, allowing for realistic golf gameplay. Plus, you can adjust your club, stroke type, aim, and power before each swing. There’s a slope indicator grid on putting greens, and factors like wind, rain, and course conditions affect gameplay.


Triathlons hobby gta v
Competing in Triathlons 

In Grand Theft Auto V, triathlons are multi-stage marathons where competitors must swim, ride a bike, and run the entire marathon.
Triathlons are available as soon after finishing any task from Mary-Ann. There are three triathlons total, and you must complete the first triathlon to access the second.

The three triathlons in GTA V for completion of the game are:

  1. Vespucci Canals Triathlon
  2. Alamo Sea Triathlon
  3. Coyote Cross Country Triathlon

After completing the Daddy’s Little Girl objective, you can access the first one, and the other two become available as you finish the prior triathlons. As long as they are unlocked, each character is allowed to compete in any of the triathlons.


Parachuting in GTA V
Player Parachuting

Apart from the daily grind and money-making strategy of selling cars, I enjoy paragliding as well. It is divided into Base Jumps and Helicopter Jumps.

After completing Dom Beasley’s Strangers and Freaks mission Risk Assessment, parachute jumps are made accessible. You must use a parachute for each jump and land on a predetermined spot. 

Following parachute jumps are necessary for the completion of the game:

  • Bank Bailout
  • What Goes Up…
  • Falling Mouse
  • Aim for the Fairway
  • Razor Rock Dive
  • Pacific Tour
  • Photo Finish
  • Turbine Terror
  • The Decline
  • Runaway Train
  • Carving the Mountain
  • The Fall of the Alamo
  • Dammed If You Don’t

Strip Club

Strip Club pastime in GTA V
Player visiting Strip Club

The only accessible strip club in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online is The Vanilla Unicorn on Elgin Avenue in Strawberry. It’s probably one of the most sought-after pastimes in the game. You can learn more about the location in our GTA 5 Strip club guide. 

Lap dances, throwing money at strippers, and being booted out by bodyguards are all available pastimes at the Strip Club.

If the bouncers aren’t looking, you can flirt with or touch the stripper while getting a lap dance. The stripper’s “like” bar is raised as a result. You can choose between getting a double dance or taking the stripper home if it hits the maximum.


Tennis Match hobby gta v
Tennis Match

Grand Theft Auto V includes the side-activity of tennis, which can be played around San Andreas. 

You can choose out of eight available tennis courts when out on dates or hanging out with pals. However, only Michael or Trevor can play tennis. You can also gauge the difficulty by increasing the set before starting the match.

While playing tennis, the following opponents can be faced:

  1. Amanda de Santa
  2. Jimmy de Santa
  3. Michael himself
  4. Trevor himself
  5. Donato
  6. Norman
  7. Rae



At the Yellow Jack Inn in the Grand Senora Desert near Sandy Shores, darting is the most fun activity, to do for me. It is a minigame accessible in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. Apart from that, the activity is also available at MC Clubs in GTA Online.

The starting point for each player is 301 points on the board. The winner is the one who scores zero points. The numbers 1 through 20 are located on the outermost portion of the dart board.

Street Races

GTA 5 Street Races
Street Racing 

I don’t think street racing is unpopular in GTA V. In Grand Theft Auto V’s quest Shift Work, Hao gave Franklin Clinton a series of point-to-point races in Los Santos called Street Races.

The first encounter with Street Racing is after Hao texts Franklin. These races are available from 20:00 to 05:00 on any given day. It is undoubtedly one of GTA V’s fascinating Hobbies and Pastimes, giving you a Need for Speed experience inside GTA.

  1. Shift Work
  2. City Circuit
  3. Airport
  4. Freeway
  5. Vespucci Canals

Approach the racers seated at the marked spot on the map to begin a race, then push Right on the D-pad. Each race will have an entry fee, so be prepared with cash! 

Shooting Range Challenges

GTA 5 - Shooting Range
Shooting Range

“Shooting Range Challenges” are challenges in two Los Santos ammunitions, Cypress Flats and Pillbox Hill, and use various weapons. The three heroes’ shooting abilities are enhanced mainly by these difficulties.

A shooting range allows you to practice with numerous weapons and advance your shooting abilities through various difficulties. I practice my aim at these ranges. Besides that, it is a good time pass with a mere admission fee of $14.

Sea Races

GTA 5 - Sea Races
Sea Racing

GTA V features a series of water races called Sea Races. There are four separate Sea Races accessible following the objective of Hood Safari.

  1. Los Santos Port
  2. Power Station
  3. El Gordo
  4. Lago Zancudo

Moreover, the sea races, like the off-road races, can be finished by any protagonist, unlike the Hao Street Races. Receiving medals at competitions contributes towards the Hobbies and Pastimes section of 100% completion.

Offroad Races

GTA 5 Offroad Races
A Player Off Road Racing

The vast off-road landscape of Los Santos is used for a series of point-to-point races called Offroad Races. Off-road trucks compete in two races, while bikers compete in four.

The next race is unlocked, and the player receives $500 for finishing the previous one. To complete the game completely, you must place third or higher in every race.

Following is the list of Off-road races necessary for the game’s completion:

  1. Canyon Cliffs
  2. Ridge Run
  3. Mineward Spiral
  4. Valley Trail
  5. Lakeside Splash
  6. Eco Friendly

While you are urged to ram your rivals off the road, remember that weapons are NOT permitted during the races!

Stock Car Races

GTA 5 Stock Car Races
Stock Car Racing

Stock Car racing is another famous trend in GTA Online. Ron Jakowski texts Trevor Philips after the expedition to introduce the races.

The competition is always held on the same short course in the desert, leaving from Panorama Drive close to the inn and returning through Smoke Tree Road and Cat Claw Avenue past Thomson Scrapyard.

Every victory in a race entitles the protagonist to choose the winning car from their garage‘s “Special Vehicles” menu. The five prize cars are as follows, listed in order:

  1. DECLASSE Burger Shot Stallion
  2. BRAVADO Redwood Gauntlet
  3. VAPID Pisswasser Dominator
  4. BRAVADO Sprunk Buffalo
  5. CHEVAL Marshall


GTA 5 Yoga
A player doing Yoga

Michael De Santa is the only player who can practice yoga before, during, or after completing “Did Somebody Say Yoga?” Michael’s mansion or Mount Gordo’s summit are suitable locations for it.

Finally, this is unnecessary for 100% game completion; it is an optional quest I would only recommend to give a try just for fun.

Wildlife Photography Challenge

Wildlife Photography Challenge hobbies gta v
Wildlife Photography Challenge

Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to be a photographer. Even though my passion changed as I grew up, I still got my chances in GTA 5. The Wildlife Photography Challenge is one of the famous activities in the game. It is a side project that is not necessary for finishing the game.

After finishing the Paparazzo task for Beverly, the Wildlife Photography Challenge becomes available. Following the mission, Beverly texts Franklin to let him know that he’s entered him in a competition for amateur wildlife photographers.

Your task in this challenge is to take 20 different animal photos. All images must be captured using Franklin’s Snapmatic smartphone app and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The animals must be captured alive.
  • The animals must be in the middle of the picture, and there should be no obstacles.
  • Use the camera without any borders or filters.
  • Selfies are not acceptable as entries.

Hunting Challenges

hunting hobbies and pastimes in gta v
A player Hunting an animal

Hunting is another side activity from Trevor Philips, with access time from 5:00 to 21:00. It is undoubtedly an intriguing activity to be added in GTA V, and it shows how detailed is the open-world experience.

You can hunt the following animals in the game:

  • Elk (Deer)
  • Coyote
  • Boars
  • Cougars
  • Birds

Based on the animals Trevor kills, and how he kills them, Cletus gives him money and points. For a gold medal, Trevor requires 90 points; for silver, 60 points; and for bronze, 30 points.

Arms Trafficking – Air

Arms Trafficking Air hobbies and pastimes in gta v
Arms Trafficking Air

The McKenzie Airfield can be purchased by Trevor, which unlocks Air Trafficking missions. The operations primarily involve flying a Cuban 800 aircraft while performing drop-offs or blasting competing runners.

In contrast to the ground missions, Trevor doesn’t have to protect himself. You receive a sizable $7000 payout for each mission that is successful.

Bail Bonds

GTA 5 Bail Bonds
Bonds Bailing mission

Maude Eccles assigns four tasks to Trevor Philips, requiring him to locate and seize the targets and return them to Maude alive.

In the bail bond missions, Maude assigns Trevor to locate fugitives who have evaded bail. A prize of $10,000 is offered for capturing the targets while they are still alive, while a payment of $5,000 is given for murdering the targets.

The targets are as follows:

  • Ralph Ostrowski
  • Larry Tupper
  • Glenn Scoville
  • Curtis Weaver

Stunt Plane Time Trials

 Stunt Plane Time Trial Challenges hobbies and pastimes
Stunt Plane Time Trial Challenges

Stunt Plane Trials entail maneuvering a Mallard through various locations and performing tricks, including Knife Flights, Loops, and Inverted Flights.

Following is the list of trials present in the game:

  • Bridge Binge
  • Vinewood Flyby
  • Engineered Bridgework
  • Airport Flyby
  • Altitude

I strongly advise never to attempt these trials without a flying ability gauge. It is because the Mallard is so challenging to control. The best way to develop this skill is to complete Flight School, which teaches the knife and inverted flying maneuvers used in the trial.

Arms Trafficking – Ground

GTA 5 - Arms Trafficking Ground
Arms Trafficking Ground

Ground Arms Trafficking are another series of side quest where Trevor must use a Dune Buggy to grab cargo shipments delivered to Oscar before other gangs do so.

In each of these missions, you have to collect one of these weapons:

  • Pistol
  • Micro-SMG
  • Grenade
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle

Unique Stunt Jumps

Stunt Jump
A Player performing a Stunt Jump

Stunt Jumps are a prime aspect of the GTA experience, and the same goes for GTA V. You must collect all the Stunt Jumps Collectibles to unlock the “Show Off” trophy and achievement and complete the game thoroughly. 

With Franklin’s ability to slow time, I will advise using him to complete all the stunt jumps. The Pegassi Bati 801 motorbike is a suggested vehicle for these jumps, while some antics are simpler and safer to perform with a sports car.

My Thoughts

I love GTA V simply because of how many ways I can enjoy it. For example, I can go on shooting rampages or completely opposite: yoga. I mean, the striking contrast in means of providing entertainment all in one place? These hobbies and pastimes are a great time pass for me in-game, and I often find myself losing the clock while enjoying them. I hope you will love them as well.

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