GTA V: Maude Missions [Definitive Guide]

Learn how to finish GTA V Maude Mission or Bail bond missions, which are side quests in GTA V and Online with some quite handsome rewards.

GTA V Bail bonds mission
GTA V Maude Mission

Trevor has many hobbies and favorite pastimes, and most of them include making money through different kinds of jobs. Maude Missions is one of Trevor’s hobbies, which provides for not so much killing, but many of his classic shenanigans and chaotic traits remain.

Key Highlights

  • Maude can help you out of a bind by rewarding you with some easy cash for Trevor, and online goes up to the worth of multi-million dollars.
  • Maude’s missions are all cunningly created, each being more unique and challenging than the previous. 
  • These Bail bond missions are quite rewarding in the game itself.
  • The reward will lead you to achieve a special payout for bringing the fugitives dead or alive.

How to Unlock Maude Missions

GTA online Maude
Maude Eccles

Maude Missions can’t be unlocked just right off the bat. You’ll have to sit through a series of the first three tutorial missions after settling into Los Santos to unlock her missions.

After doing that online or just while playing as Trevor in story mode, you will receive a message from a bounty hunter for hire by Maude. The statement goes as:

Hello, stranger! Can I interest you in some bounty hunting? We’re in no short supply of those needing to bring into the law’s bosom. Just need to find them or kill them if needs be?

– Maude’s email

Many players report Maude missions not appearing, while it’s not the case for the offline version. However, it does happen in GTA Online, where Maude missions don’t activate at all. If that’s the scenario you are stuck in, there is no need to worry, as I may have a simple fix for you.

  • Redditors have found a fix where you can stand before Maude’s trailer to activate the texts. Just go park in front of her trailer for a few minutes, and it should activate the text email, and you will receive it.
  • Another fix for this issue is to resign as a CEO or associate, which is reported to be a kind of hard reset in-game, and players have reported receiving the Maude bounty emails just as they resign from being a CEO.

Maude Location

Maude’s map location isn’t on a marked or named territory, so I suggest you follow the directions. The trailer is located in Blain County, on an unnamed dirt road off East Joshua Road in Grapeseed.

GTA V how to find Maude
Maude lives in a trailer on an unnamed road in Grapeseed

Reprobate 1: Ralph Ostrowski

gta maude mission ralph
Ralph Otrowski, the first target

The first guy on the list of Maude’s Mission in GTA V is found in the middle of the Quarry in the Device Quartz located in Senora Way, east of Sandy Shores and southeast of the Grand Senora Desert.

  1. This guy will be standing alone with two cars, which he will use as getaways.
  2. You only need to use a sniper rifle from far away to avoid a chase. And shoot him in the leg to hinder him.
  3. This will allow you to apprehend him quite easily but adds the risk of the target dying, so do it at your discretion.
  4. You can also use a warning shot by taking out the tires of both cars and approaching him by making him immobile.
  5. After capturing him, you will need to escort him to Maude.

Reprobate 2: Larry Tupper

gta v maude larry tupper
Larry Tupper, the second target

The second wanted man can be found hiding at the farm in the desert southwest of Sandy Shores. The guy named Larry Tupper is hiding inside a barn, but while the mission is active, he can be seen standing near two of his friends with a car too. 

You can learn more about it in our extensive guide to Larry Tupper mission walkthrough in GTA V.

Reprobate 3: Glenn Scoville

GTA v maude
Glenn, the third target

Unlike all the other characters hiding from the law, Glenn Scoville here is a man of danger in a way. You can find Glenn on top of Mount Chilliad, which isn’t the dangerous thing about him, but what he is doing can be labeled as dangerous and annoying if you are trying to avoid a chase sequence.

You can learn more about this mission in our Glenn Scoville guide.

Reprobate 4: Curtis Weaver

The Final target is Curtis Weaver

Curtis Weaver is found very easily as you don’t have to go around his last known location in the middle of nowhere. This guy can be found at a precise location in Paleto Bay, the Hobo camp, or the activist camp they call themselves.

He will no doubt try to run if he spots you, and he can go one of the two ways depending on where he sees you. 

And Curtis marks the last one on the wanted list in the GTA story mode. There is no other reprobate after this, and Maude doesn’t text you. Maybe because she is out of any more reprobates or she has found someone more capable of handling situations better than Trevor as he is a man of anger lore-wise.


The Cash output rate for each bounty is the same as what Trevor earns from Maude in story mode, which is $10,000 for alive and $5000 for dead. So, the better option is bringing the reprobates back alive rather than shooting their heads off. But it’s a matter of choice. if you don’t have money issues, you can kill them with no story consequence.

My Experience

In my experience, the Maude Missions in GTA V provide a refreshing break from the main storyline, allowing players to delve into Trevor’s quest for cash. Whether pursuing bounties in the story mode or tackling challenges in GTA Online, I found Maude’s missions valuable and entertaining addition to Trevor’s lore.

That is about it and if you have more queries, do share them in the comments section below and I will try to answer them.

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