GTA V Stunt Jump $500K- Easy Money Guide

This is a full detailed guide on how to get GTA V stunt jump $500 bonus

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Grand Theft Auto is a promising game with tons of activities to try. It gives you tons of opportunities to keep you engaged in the game. Among these opportunities, the GTA V stunt jump $500k challenge is also one of them. This guide will teach us how to get the GTA V stunt jump $500 bonus.

If you want to make an easy 500K in GTA Online, you must accomplish a couple of stunt leaps in the game. So in this guide, we will tell you details about the stunt week, and the best locations to get GTA stunt jump $500k complete. It also includes conditions and some dos and don’ts for this challenge. So let’s go.

GTA V Stunt Jump $500K

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A map for locating the different stunt locations

As mentioned above, GTA gives opportunities to earn and get discounts on vehicles quickly. GTA V stunt jump $500k challenge is one of those kinds. In those challenges for $500k quick money, you have to complete five stunt jumps and complete them. After completing those 5 stunts, you will receive $500k after a week.

That week is known as Stunt Week. Yes, stunt jump and this whole challenge are valid on the stunt week only.

You should know that to complete this challenge; you will have to stay online even after doing the stunts. Different jump locations are preferred, and you can achieve this challenge by car or bike. You can also do two jumps with the bike and while remaining can be completed with the car.

What Is Stunt Week

A week offering special discounts on vehicles, and doing the double or triple awards on completing stunts, is called Stunt Week in GTA V. Out of many offers, completing the GTA V stunt jump $500k challenge is quite famous for being so easy, simple, and for promising huge money payout.

Once completed the $500,000 prize will be credited to your account within 2 weeks after accomplishing 5 stunt jumps around Los Santos and Blaine County. Meanwhile, players may also receive numerous discounts on different items available to purchase in GTA V online.

Procedure For Complete Stunt Jumps

On the April 1st week of 2021, Rockstar games announced stunt week where you could get $500k for completing 5 stunt jumps. And on April 14th you would be credited with the money. Look so cool and easy to do. So let’s go through this. Yes, you don’t get the money immediately; you will get the money after a week or so.

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Car can also be used for stunt jumps

Select five different locations for stunt jumps. Make sure they are close to one another for easy navigation. Then ride a bike or drive a car to complete a stunt jump.

You have to make sure that the jump is completed swiftly. Don’t Overspeed too much, it will overturn your bike or car. If you are on a bike, landing on both tires is your priority. If on a car, landing on the four wheels excellent and safe is what counts.

If your car rolls over or you experience an accident, you can just redo it and jump. After that, you can go to another location and perform another jump and continue to do that until the challenge is completed.

The Conditions For Receiving $500K

You need to know specific conditions before getting into this $500k challenge. We have enlisted them below. You can see the following list and be aware on time.

  • This challenge is only possible in Stunt week. You will have to wait for this stunt week to get announced by the Rockstar games. Only then can you complete the challenge and get the money.
  • Another thing, you should know is that there is no specific settings or procedure. You just complete the challenge. You just randomly perform it and wait for the money to be credited.
  • As you know, you can not just get the money right after completing the challenge. It takes time for a week or so.
  • This one is not a condition but instead takes it as a suggestion. You better do a little more than just five jumps. as there is no counting by the GTA, you never know if they had considered all of your 5 jumps rightly. You can do 7 or 8 jumps, and also you can repeat the jumps as well. Like, do the same jump twice. It does not matter.


It is pretty apparent now from this guide of GTA v stunt jump $500k how exciting and easy a challenge it is. Making easy money of $500k is promising in stunt week. All you need to do is to perform five different stunt jumps, and you can achieve this challenge by cars or bikes or both it’s your choice.

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