Baldur’s Gate 3: Helldusk Armor [Location & Stats]

Let's dive in Baldur's Gate 3 Helldusk Armor as we explore this armor's lore, benefits, and the challenges you will face in your quest to obtain it.

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Helldusk Armor Baldur's Gate 3

Helldusk armor is under the possession of Raphael and requires significant playthrough progression to reach the quest known as “Free Orpheus.” 

Key Takeaways

  • The Helldusk Armor is a special protective gear classified as “Heavy Armor.”
  • You can obtain the armor by completing the “Free Orpheus” quest during Act 3. 
  • This Armor is quite valuable, priced at 8000 in the game’s currency.

Armor TypeChest Armor
Weight ClassHeavy
Armor Class21
Skills / Spell UnlockablesFly
Armor EffectHelldusk Armour: You are Proficient while wearing it.
Infernal Retribution: When you succeed a Saving Throw, the caster receives Burning for 3 turns.
Prime Aegis of Fire: You have Resistance to Fire damage. You cannot be burned. You take 3 less damage from all sources.
Features of Helldusk Armor Baldur's Gate 3
Features Of the Helldusk Armor

Location For Helldusk Armor

Escape the Deal Quest
Escape The Deal

This quest serves as the main gateway to get the Helldusk Armor. It would be best to start this quest to get to the locations or interact with the characters essential for the armor.

Getting The Helldusk Armor from the House of Hope.
House Of Hope
  1. The first step is accessing the Inside of the House of Hope.
  2. This house is in the Underdark, north of the Goblin Camp.
  3. There are different ways to get in:
    • Sneak past guards: This is often easier with good stealth.
    • Bribe the guards: This costs more but can be more straightforward.
    • Fight the guards: This is harder but can give good loot.
Speak to the Hope

Inside the House of Hope, there’s a prisoner called Hope. She gives details about the House and where to find a contract. She also mentions the Orphic Hammer, which can free her.

Save Hope In Baldur's Gate 3
Save Hope

If the Orphic Hammer is on hand, use it to break Hope’s chains. If not, the quest can still be completed, but Hope remains trapped.

Raphael's Archive in Baldur's Gate 3
Raphael’s Archive

The contract is in the Archive, an extensive library in the House. I must warn you because several demons are guarding it. 

But fighting through them leads to the contract in a waterproof sphere. The barrier around it can be removed with the password “Hope.”

Destroying the Contract
Tearing Up The Contract

After removing the barrier, the contract can be torn apart to end the deal with Raphael.

Escape the Deal quest Completed
Quest Completed

For those looking for a challenge, they can face Raphael directly. It’s a tough fight, but beating him gives valuable loot and experience.

Following these steps, the deal with Raphael can be broken, and players can avoid handing over the Crown of Karsus. However, it may make Raphael upset.

The boss fight might not be what most are used to, as Raphael features one of the most intense health pools. I mostly tried to focus on him, but the two minions on his side can make the boss fight even more painful. Once defeated, you will receive the Helldusk armor; however, the rest of the pieces can be obtained separately. 

Obtaining parts of the Helldusk Armor
Parts of Helldusk Armour

Helldusk Helm

  • Location: House of Hope. Specifically in the boudoir.
  • Key Challenges: Facing off against the incubus, Haarleep. Defeating him is the only way to get the helm.
  • Perks: This helm protects you from enemies’ critical hits, gives you the power of the “Immolating Gaze” during combat, lets you see in darkness with “Infernal Sight,” and adds a bonus against magic with “Magical Durability.


  • Location: House of Hope. You will need to locate a safe opposite the boudoir.
  • Finding Them: Pass a Perception Check on a particular gemstone to locate the safe. Following this, pass both Arcane and Investigation Checks to access it.
  • Abilities: These gloves enhance your spellcasting (“Infernal Acuity”), add fire to weapon attacks (“Infernal Touch”), allow you to use “Rays of Fire” in combat, and strengthen your resistance with a bonus to Strength Saving Throws.

Helldusk Boots

  • Location: These are outside the House of Hope, specifically at Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, top floor, northwestern corner.
  • Attributes: The boots give you a new combat action, “Hellcrawler.” They also let you turn a failed Saving Throw into a successful one using “Infernal Evasion” and offer protection against various terrains and spell effects with “Steadfast.”

Consequently, the Helldusk Armor in the gameplay is a big deal. It’s tough to get, but it’s worth it because of its robust features. Using this guide can help players get this fantastic armor. 

Should You Obtain It?

Helldusk is one of the best armors available in the game, yet obtaining it might not be easy. In my experience, I first obtained the armor piece from Raphael and later got my hands on the individual pieces. I recommend you do the same because, with the armor set, you will be able to receive enhanced defenses, Fire Resistance, and a passive feature known as Infernal Retribution.  

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