High On Life: All Luglox Locations In Deep Jungle

This guide entails all the details you need to know about thirty four locations of Luglox chests in High on Life.

All luglox locations in High on Life
All Luglox Locations in High on Life

There are hundreds of Luglox chests scattered around various locations in High on Life. Players can explore these locations and open chests to get exciting rewards. You may miss a few unintentionally because there are multiple locations in High on Life with these chests. Therefore, our guide enlists most of these locations so you wouldn’t forget to open these chests whenever passing by them in High on Life.

The Rundown

  • Almost all locations or major landmarks in High on Life have Luglox chests scattered around them.
  • These chests contain essential to advanced loot for players, and players can sometimes get rare items in these chests.
  • Most of these chests can be found in the three portals of Zephyr Paradise. There are over one hundred Luglox chests in different locations of Zephyr Paradise. Deep Jungle has thirty-four locations with Luglox chests in High on Life containing versatile rewards.

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High On Life Luglox Chest Locations

Luglox chests are valuable finds at many random locations in High on Life and contain many unique and mysterious rewards. While most hold pesos, a few can also reward you with rare finds like a warp crystal in High on Life. Usually, players become eligible to open these chests once they defeat 9-Gorg using the Knifey in the game’s first boss fight.

all locations
All planets in High on Life

The vast map of High on Life is divided into many different portals. Moreover, each location has its missions and troubles, which players can eliminate to unlock fascinating rewards. Players will find the Luglox chests randomly while playing through these missions in High on Life.

Deep Jungle In Zephyr Paradise

The Zephyr Paradise is the first planet in High on Life and is rich with exciting rewards and interesting missions. At the same time, it is crowded with Luglox chests in High on Life. The following three portals of the Zephyr Paradise feature over one hundred Luglox chests:

  • Deep Jungle
  • Upper Valley
  • Jungle Clearing

Deep Jungle is the first portal of the Zephyr Paradise, and it has about thirty-four Luglox chests scattered around thirty different locations. Make sure you get the most out of it by exploring all these locations:

Zephyr Paradise Portals
The three portals of Zephyr Paradise

1st Location

Players can find a Luglox chest beside a huge tree root, facing the Deep Jungle Warp Portal in Zephyr Paradise. This chest usually rewards players with 100 pesos. Don’t forget to open it whenever you are passing by.

2nd And 3rd Location

You might have seen the Large Ramp when you enter the Deep Jungle of Zephyr Paradise. Well, lucky because you can find two luglox chests containing 100 pesos each without switching locations in High on Life. One of the chests is located beside the Green lake, which comes before the Large Ramp. While the other is available on a ledge after finishing the Glob Shot puzzle.

4-8 Locations

Do you remember where you saw the fan plants passing by the Lower River Canyon? That’s where you need to go again if you want to find a Luglox chest with 100 pesos inside. You can find two more chests beside the river before meeting the moplet. At the same place, another Luglox chest rests below a magnetized ledge. This specific chest will reward you with a warp crystal in High on Life.

8-10 Locations

Furgle warren has many locations with luglox chests in High on Life
Furgle Warren has many Luglox chests in High on Life

The Furgle Waren has a secret tunnel, and you can open three Luglox chests in nearby locations of this tunnel in High on Life. You can find the first one just before you enter the Furgle Waren, right on a ledge. However, the second chest is hidden deep in the secret tunnel.

The third one is easily traceable behind a fan plant in Furgle Waren. All these chests reward players with 100 pesos each.

11th Location

You will see a small cliff facing the location, where you will meet small warp pods of the G3 soldiers. A Luglox chest also lies there, awaiting you to open it and claim 100 free pesos. However, there will be a big gap between you and the chest location. We advise you to use the fan plants and clear the gap without any hurdles.

12-16 Locations

Moplet Village in Deep Jungle is home to five locations with Luglox chests in High on Life. You can find the first one behind foliage on the entrance route to the village. The second one can be located on the bank of the river, close to the warp base, on the route taking you out of the village. It will require some struggle while visiting every home in the village to find the third chest. All three chests will reward you with 100 pesos each.

Another can be found in the hanging houses above the village, containing 100 pesos. The most precious of these all Luglox chests is the fifth one containing Sweaty Sam, the second Trash Bag Baby in High on Life. Players can use Gus’s Disc shot to reach the hot-wall above the village. Moreover, they will also have to use the zipline before shooting the Disc shot. Finally, they will reach a ledge, and above that, they will find the unique luglox chest.

sweaty sam in high on life
Sweaty Sam found in a Luglox Chest in High on Life

17-23 Locations

Upper Falls has five locations with Luglox chests in High on Life. At the entrance to the Upper Falls, you will see a catapult. Here you can find a chest with 100 pesos in there. Another one with 200 pesos can be located at the top point of the G3 facility. You can use the jetpack to fly to the destination point.

The remaining two chests contain unique rewards. Therefore, players should not miss the opportunity to open them in High on Life. These chests contain a Sweezy Ammo Sac; the fourth chest can be found underneath the central platform covered by the fan plants. Using a jetpack, players can land on the roof of the Supply Station and find the luglox chest containing Return of the Ravenous Fangbeast.

The storage container alongside the zipline contains 100 pesos, while a ramp leading to the G3 facility has another chest below it with 100 pesos. The bridge at Upper Falls also has a Luglox chest with 300 pesos and can be located in the floor opening.

ammo sac find in High on Life
Ammo Sac find in a Luglox Chest

24-26 Locations

Back Canyon has three locations with Luglox Chests in High on Life. At Back Canyon’s left is a tunnel supported by two metal beams. You can find a Luglox chest with 100 pesos between these two metal beams.

You might have seen a cave with two openings in the Back Canyon. There is a luglox chest inside the cave with 100 pesos in it. You will also see a climbable wall and a large old tree side by side at the bottom of the canyon. Here you can find a chest on a ledge beside these two landmarks with 200 pesos ready to claim for yourself.

27th Location

There will be a luglox chest where you finish the Globshot puzzle next to the large ramp. However, you will have to look for it at the ground level.

28th Location

When entering the Deep Jungle, you can easily discover some ramps around the location. Beneath one of these ramps, you will find a Luglox chest containing 100 pesos.

All luglox locations in High on Life
Most of the Luglox chests contain pesos

29th Location

A rare luglox chest containing Beyond The Stars #9Who’s That At The Door lays at the river’s end beside the bridge.

30th Location

While roaming around different locations in Deep Jungle, you will come across certain storage boxes with Luglox chests in High on Life. However, you will have to clear some crates blocking your way to the chest to reach these boxes. An easy way out is to crouch down these boxes and open the chest to receive 200 pesos.

31st Location

If you notice any light posts and there are crates nearby, run over and jump on the crates to find a Luglox chest with 100 pesos inside.

32nd And 33rd Location

These two are crucial Luglox chest locations in High on Life, as they reward players with a Warp Crystal. Whenever you are visiting Marshall’s shop in Deep Jungle, look for the fan plants around there. You can find the Luglox chest behind these plants, probably towards the right side.

Players can find the other one concealed on the roof of Marshall’s shop.

34th Location

There is a location around Marshall’s shop, and fan plants cover it. You will find a cave behind these plants, and inside the cave, there will be a Luglox chest containing a Chronoliver.

rare item in a luglox chest in high on life
Luglox chests can reward you with rare rewards sometimes

These locations in Deep Jungle contained Luglox chests in High on Life. Did you collect all these chests? Which location do you find most attractive in High on Life? Tell us in the comments.

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