High on Life: Should Gene Stay Or Leave?

Should the disgusting 3-Eyed alien be allowed to stay on your couch? Learn all about the different choices you have.

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What happens if you decide to keep the lazy alien in your house? And what happens if you don't want him around.

There is no doubt that Gene is a lazy couch surfer who is using you to have a place to stay. Is it worth keeping a foul-mouthed alien in your home who watches Tammy and the T-Rex all day? Does telling him to leave the house change the course of the story?

One thing is for sure, it’s that the developers of this game did a great job of keeping the game unpredictable and unique. High on Life gives you various bizarre options to choose from, including whether you want to stab your mentor or not or destroy a town filled with welcoming and carefree creatures.

In addition to that, another surprising choice you have to make in High on Life is whether you want Gene to stay or leave. We discuss what will happen if you tell Gene to leave or accept him inside your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Early in High on Life, you will be presented with the option to either let Gene stay or to make him leave your house.
  • No matter your choice, Gene will stay in your house either way. And this does not affect the main story in any way possible.
  • A series of dialogues will follow, in which you will either support Lizzie or Gene. However, any choice you make will not affect the story’s outcome. It will only lead to a different set of dialogues and jokes.

Should Gene Stay Or Leave?

After you defeat Krubis and return home, you will find Gene in his usual resting place, the couch, and Lizzie sits on a stool behind the couch. These two will be disputing each other, and Lizzie will ask Gene to leave her home immediately.

After that, a pop-up screen will ask you whether you will let Gene stay in your house or you’re kicking him out, and he must leave.

can Gene stay or leave in High on Life option
Decide if Gene should stay or leave the house.

If you decide he can stay, Lizzie will immediately get upset and tell you that you don’t know Gene well and that you should not side with him over your sister.

On the other hand, if you choose the other option and decide that Gene should leave your house, then Lizzie will instantly be relieved and tell you that she was scared you wouldn’t be on her side.

Moreover, Gene will accept your decision to kick him out of the house. However, he will state that he will take all his bounty-hunting equipment with him, thus leaving you without a way to beat the G3. So, as a result, Gene will still stay in the house no matter what you decide.

Is Gene Space Racist?

Even after it is evident that Gene will be staying in the house, Lizzie and Gene still don’t stop bickering with each other. Gene brings up Tweeg, an excellent alien friend of Lizzie, and says that his species should not be trusted. Lizzie gets defensive and asks you to have her back. This leads to another pop-up with a decision to make.

Option if Gene is space racist or not in High on Life
Choose if Gene is Space Racist or if Lizzie should listen to Gene.

You can either choose to tell Gene that he is a space racist or tell Lizzie to listen to Gene. If you favor Gene, he will appreciate your loyalty, whereas Lizzie won’t be happy about it. Lizzie will tell you how she feels Gene is using you, and you should not be siding with him just because he gave you some excellent equipment.

On the other hand, if you favor Lizzie and tell Gene he is a space racist, Gene will immediately accept his mistake. However, Lizzie will still not calm down and will keep ranting about how having Gene around is very annoying.

Picking a Side: Gene Or Your Sister?

The two of them still won’t stop arguing, and Lizzie will then tell how she is annoyed with Gene and does not want any more of him. The two will go back and forth before Lizzie asks you whose side you are on.

High on Life choices: Side with Lizzie or Gene.
Choose between siding with Gene or with Lizzie.

You either side with Gene or be loyal to your sister and stay on her side. If you decide to stick by your sister, Gene will instantly realize he is being a bother and apologize for his annoyance. Lizzie will accept his apology and tell him that he can stay until he finds another place to go to.

However, if you side with Gene, Lizzie gets even more upset. She explains to you how she is the only human you have left. On the other hand, Gene is quite pleased to hear you are siding with him.

So, whether you decide on letting Gene stay or making him leave, the main story of High on Life will not be affected at all.

Closing Remarks

As seen from the dialogue, your decision has no impact on the main story. Whatever you choose, Gene will always stay in your house and won’t leave your couch. Since you need someone to guide you and assign you missions, having him around is essential.

This is another one of Squanch game’s trolls, where they make you think you’re going to make a story-changing decision. But your choice does not even matter in the slightest. Your decisions will only affect the dialogues and set of jokes that follow.

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