High On Life Secret Achievements [Unlock Guide]

Struggling to complete the game because you can't get your Gamerscore to 1000? Here are 7 achievements you have missed!

high on life secret achievements
High on Life Secret Achievements

Combining satire with sci-fi adventure, High on Life has got to be the most binge-worthy game to be released. Even though the playthrough is only 8 hours long, with its dark humor and witty details lying around every corner, it’s hard not to get distracted and miss secret achievements in High On Life.

If you’ve spent all your holidays watching Rick and Morty, High on Life is just the game for you. Live your intergalactic bounty hunter dreams by getting paired up with talking guns and fighting the toughest yet absurdist of battles against an alien cartel that wants to get high off humanity.

Key Takeaways

  • High on Life also features secret achievements that are pretty easy to miss, as players can encounter them between other achievements or require a particular order to follow. Make sure to follow orders for the secret achievements.
  • You can kill Slumsy to unlock an achievement, even though Kenny doesn’t let you do it on the first few tries.
  • Submit to Knifey’s will and stab Gene when you get the chance. If you ignore this demand, you will miss another secret achievement.
  • Pay for your food at Applebee’s before leaving in a rush, as you will have missed a secret achievement otherwise.
  • Attempt the Douglas bounty before you attempt the Krubis bounty, as you need Sweezy to unlock an achievement during the Krubis mission.
  • When Kenny offers himself up for sacrifice, please do not listen to him and sacrifice another gun instead.
  • Accept Stan’s disgusting gift and carry it till the end of the game in your inventory to complete a secret achievement.
  • A few previous bugs in the game have been updated, so if you have collected all 32 cards, re-open the game save to complete the achievement.

The premise of the game is an alien invasion on Earth. The user starts a quest to fight off disgusting-looking aliens that kidnap humans to get high on them. The players are also accompanied by brutally honest and sarcastic guns that help them fight off the said aliens.

The game contains five different Gatlian guns, which are indeed the game’s highlight.

  • Kenny, the first gun you get.
  • Gus, who’s just happy to be included,
  •  Bossy Sweezy.
  •  Creature, who fires his children.
  •  Lezduit, who says nothing else but Lezduit.
Guns in High on Life
Guns in High on Life

High On Life All Secret Achievements

Well, enough about the guns. Let’s get started on the actual challenges or, dare we say, achievements. Get your Gamerscore boosting with the following list of achievements. There are 32 achievements in High on Life that can bump up your Gamerscore to 1000.

So, if you want that dopamine, keep reading our complete guide on unlocking all the normal and secret achievements in High on Life, especially those that are easily missed and might keep you from completing the game.

Disclaimer: The following list also contains game spoilers, so if you’ve just started playing, beware of the risks.

Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This

This secret achievement comes early in the game and is the most jumped-over achievement. The achievement is worth 21 points. You have to kill Slumsy to unlock this achievement.

Slumsy is the annoying kid that harasses your character in the Slums area. It is also an important location where you pick up your first bounty for 9-Torg (boss). The alien kid provokes you to shoot him; all you need to do IS shoot. Kenny will refuse to shoot the kid, but after 3-4th tries, he will give up, and you can shoot Slumsy dead.

slumsy in high on life
Kill Slumsy by shooting 4 times.

Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds

For this secret achievement, you’ll need to unlock Knifey by completing the Bring a Knife to a Gunfight achievement. Once you have Knifey, start the 9-torg bounty.

After defeating 9-torg, you will return home with Knifey, to Gene on the sofa. While conversing with Gene, you will briefly have the opportunity to stab Gene in the gut by pushing in the right stick.

Make sure to submit to your stabby friend’s will, as this will help unlock the achievement and gain 20 points. Stabbing Gene will not cause much harm in the game, so you must do it because the opportunity only presents itself the first time.

stab gene secret achievement high on life
Stab Gene using Knifey

Gunning For Your Job

This secret achievement’s worth 20 points but tends to get uncomfortable. For this achievement, ensure that you do the Douglas bounty first. This will also unlock you, Sweezy, who is necessary for this achievement.  Attempt the Krubis bounty next, and in the administrative services office, dialogue with the receptionist(Helen) keeping Sweezy in hand.

While speaking to Helen, the third option for dialogue appears. You must select the “I’m the new Boss” option as it is imperative to the achievement. You will miss this achievement if you select any of the other two options. After selecting the dialogue, Helen will guide you to the next door, where you can boss around three other Moplets.

You will be given six dialogue options that you can select however you like. After the sequence has been played, you will unlock this achievement.

Dialogue box during Gunning for your job high on life
Dialogue box during Gunning For Your Job

A Starfish Is Born

Worth 45 points, unlock A Starfish is born a secret achievement by helping an alien name Globo reach stardom. You will need a drum for this, which is collectible for 78 pesos at the pawnshop. Identify Globo, a butt-eyed alien who makes fart sounds when talking, next to a building wall close to your house in Blim City. Give him the drum and go about completing your bounties.

The first time you return to the location you found Globo, you’ll see a massive crowd around him. You won’t find him the second time as he is on his way to stardom, and you are closer to completing the ‘A starfish is born’ achievement. Complete more and more bounties, and you’ll see Globo’s career progress, and when you finally see him performing on TV, you will have complete dgthe achievement.

posters on wall high on life
Globo’s posters on the wall during his rise to fame

Carried Stan’s Load To Completion

A little disgusting but worth 30 points, be sure not to miss this secret achievement. For this, you need to have unlocked the Jetpack, so be sure to complete the ‘Are You Packin” achievement. Once you have unlocked the jetpack upgrade, Stan, a shift-looking alien, will be introduced and will call you as soon as you are near him. You will need to buy a product from him.

Although it won’t be worth anything you want, you’ll need to choose the dialogue option of buying the product if you want to unlock this one. Be sure not to lose it, as it needs to be in your inventory till the end of the game. Grab it from Stan before the end, and you will get those points added to the Gamerscore.

dialogue box during stan's load to completion ahcivement
Buy alien cum from Stan.

Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood

Get 20 points by paying the bill at Applebee’s. This secret achievement unlocks after you have defeated the Skrendel brothers and Dr. Gibltes. On your return home, Gene informs you that Lizzie has gone missing, which starts the mission Blim City Invasion. During the mission, you order food at Applebees, where you meet with Kenny.

On receiving your third dish, you will be rudely interrupted by Lizzie, which causes you to leave the restaurant. This is the part that most people will miss. Before standing up from the table, make sure to look at the bill, which will cause you to interact with it.

Once you pay the bill, your achievement will be complete. Make sure to get it the first time, as you will not be able to pay it later if you exit without paying first.

bill at applebees in high on life
Pay the bill at Applebee’s

Playing Favorites

Lose a weapon and earn 45 points off this secret achievement. During a late-game boss fight against Garmantuous, you must sacrifice one of the Gatlians. Kenny will offer himself up for sacrifice.

All you have to do is ignore his gallantry and choose any other weapon to sacrifice. You do not need to worry about losing whichever weapon you choose to sacrifice as you won’t lose them.

choose a gun to sacrifice high on life
Choose a gun to sacrifice.

Now that you know all the secret achievements and how to unlock them, let’s look at all the normal achievements to complete your completionist playthrough of High on Life.

All Achievements In High On Life

Are You Packin’?

For this achievement, you’ll need to obtain a Jetpack. The Jetpack is a necessary part of your equipment as a Bounty Hunter. After completing the first three bounties: 9-Torg, Krubis, and Douglas meet Clugg, the mayor.

After meeting him, visit the Pawnshop to buy a reservation for the jetpack. Next, you’ll have to go and rest in your bed for the jetpack to arrive. When you wake up the following day, you’ll have a jetpack and 20 points added to your Gamerscore.

jetpack in high on life
Obtain Jetpack

Cold-Blooded Driller

This one’s not likely to be missed. To complete this achievement, you’ll have to defeat Krubis. Use Kenny as your pistol for this.

Towards the end of the mission, you’ll be dropped into a cave where the boss fight occurs. It is a relatively straightforward fight consisting of three phases. For the first phase, The Damage Phase, you can use Kenny’s Glob Shot to stun Krubis and then use Knifey to stab him at close range, which deals with high damage and gets the health down.

The next phase involves Krubis jumping behind a window so you can’t damage him. You’ll have to fight off three enemies, which he summons. Go around these steps. Once his health is low enough, he will go into a frenzy mode where he jumps out of walls and floors, trying to hit you.

All you have to do is avoid the red laser beams, and when you get the chance, deal further damage and knock him down. You will be able to unlock the achievement once he is down.

killing krubis high on life
Deal damage with Kenny

Creature Feature

For this achievement, you need to obtain Creature from the labs. Worth 20 points; you hear a “crying in pain” audio cue during the Skrendel Bro bounty mission. Here you just have to keep your ears open, and you will have unlocked the unique Creature gun.

creature gatlian gun high on life
Creature, the gun which kills its children.

Epic Legendary Prize

Though long and a little tedious, get this achievement to gain 40 points. For this, you need to watch a specific commercial on TV. An easy way to do this is to go to your house, turn on the TV, and keep loading the last checkpoint till you get this specific commercial in which a robot is talking about prizes. Once you get the commercial, you’ll just have to sit through the end of it to unlock the achievement.

watch tv commercial high on life
Watch a TV commercial.

Eye Scream, You Scream

This is a pretty easy achievement to unlock. For this one, you need to pop 20 Grunt eyeballs. Grunts are creatures with one singular eyeball on their head. Headshot them as much as you can so it pops their eyes out.  Eventually, the achievement will complete.

grunt eyeballs
Shoot Grunt eyeballs using Kenny

First Bounty Down

This achievement involves defeating 9-torg, which can be found at the very end of the slum area. She will have a circular boss arena with acid flooring.

All you have to do is damage her and avoid the acid until she dives into the water. The water level will rise because of this, so you will have to use Knifey’s tether ability to keep yourself out of the toxic water until the ground appears again. Keep rinsing and repeating these steps until her health decreases.

Before dying, she will try one last attempt at killing you with the laser blast; dodge and use the tethering ability until she dies, and you will have unlocked the achievement.

9-torg bounty high on life
Defeat 9-Torg

G3 Graduation

Attempt this achievement before the Krubis bounty to not miss the “Gunning for your Job achievement.” For this achievement, you need to defeat Douglas to get Sweezy first. Douglas can be found at the end of Dreg Town during his bounty mission. You will enter an arena where you will have a boss fight with him. He is a little agile, so he will be bouncing around.

You can get him on the floor and stab him with Knifey by first using the alternative fire mode on Kenny by using the right bumper. This will slow down time. You can also hit him with a Glob Shot which will knock him down after which you can continue the sequence with Knifey.

Once you have dealt damage to Douglas, he will activate the high-voltage panels on the ground. Do your best to avoid these, in case you get hit, all you need to do is dash or jump in a different direction.

Grunts will eventually start spawning and firing at you, but you do not need to pay attention to them as they end up killing themselves by the traps they set. Repeat until Douglas is defeated and bump up the score by 20 points.

douglas high on life
Defeat Douglas

Hardest Battle In The Game

Found in the Deep Jungle, for this achievement, you need to defeat Dr.Gibblets. This one’s a little tricky and long, so buckle up. First of all, once you have obtained the Jetpack, you will have access to new bounties. One of the bounties is Dr. Gibblets contract. Accept the contract and begin the investigation.

Next, ask around Blim City for his whereabouts, and go down to Blim City to find the ‘High on Life’ store. You will have to defeat the mixed group of G3 Grunts and Ant Goons outside. Moreover, you must also investigate by grilling the store employees. Eventually, your investigation will reach a dead end, so you just head back home after retrieving the Mag Boots off of Dabey Glutes.

When you reach home, you will encounter third-party investigators who will lead you to Clegg’s office, where the mayor will hand you the information about Dr.Gibblet’s whereabouts. You will find Dr. Gibblets warp base in the area of Zephyr Paradise. Investigate the base and meet him atop. All you will need to do is harvest his DNA, upon which you will be shunted down into an arena trap.

You need to survive this trap until you are released. One trick specifically important in this elaborate boss fight is using height to your advantage. Secure the central platform once it rises during the latter stages of the fight. After surviving the trap, collect Lezduit before returning to turn in the bounty.

Once all this is done, you return back to your mission of defeating Dr. Giblets. Unfortunately, Dr. Giblets’ death is scripted. There is no boss battle. Instead, when you greet him while working, there will be an accident leading to him bleeding out before any boss battle can occur. So the main part of this achievement is just finding Dr. Giblets and surviving the arena trap.

After Dr. Giblets’ death, you will be awarded the achievement for all your troubles. Though very elaborate, this achievement will reward 45 points, so stay patient and complete it.

dr giblets high on life
Dr. Giblets

Legendary Bounty Hunter

In this achievement, you need to defeat the last boss, Garmantuous. Try to maximize damage and get it over with as soon as possible, as there will not be much to work with. Start with Lezduit; try to utilize him as much as possible; once the boss is about to go down, switch to Kenny to get additional damage during recharging. Try to avoid the projectiles the best you can. Eventually, he will start stomping the floor, which will cause waves of toxic gas and water. Make sure you are dodging these to ensure the survival of your character.

Keep repeating the sequence of avoiding the projectiles until you get his health down. During this fight, you must ignore Kenny when he proposes sacrificing himself to set off the explosive device on Garmantuous’s bottom, as you will miss the “playing favorites” achievement. Sacrifice any other Gatlian, and you will unlock 60 points.

garmantuous final boss high on life
Garmantuous, the final boss.


Obtain 20 points by acquiring Lezduit. After defeating Nipulon, you will arrive back home. When you agree to return to earth, you may want to pick up Lezduit to receive the achievement.

lezduit high on life
Obtain Lezduit

Luglox Genocide

This one is also relatively long; you can unlock this after completing the entire game, as it is NOT a missable achievement. For this one, you have to find and open every Luglox chest around the game. We recommend doing this achievement at the end of the game, as you will have unlocked all the Gatlians and will have all the required zones to unlock all the crates. Use the small radar on your HUD if you struggle to find all the crates.

The game consists of 222 marked and five unmarked Luglox’s across the game. Check the progress of Luglox’s on Bounty 5000( warp machine) at your home. A detail of the whereabouts of Luglox within the three worlds is as follows:

  1. Nova Sanctus- Blim City (15), Slums (26)
  2. Zephyr Paradise- Deep Jungle (34), Upper Valley (32), Jungle Clearing (28)
  3. Port Terrene- Dreg Town (36), Nipulon‘s Office (08), Old Town (27), Outskirts (16)

Unmarked Luglox’s (6): Gatlis, Quiet Cottage Warp Disc, Skate Park Warp Disc.

Mods Please Ban

Worth 60 points and is a lot of work; for this one, you need to unlock every post in the Bounty Hunter forums. The following is a list of all the locations:

Blim City Banter

  • Three locations in Downtown: Your House, Pawn Shop, and Blorto’s.
  • Five locations in Slums: This will come naturally as you progress through the game.
  • 5 Hints about Dr. Grugla- Duglas’s Office (1), Dr. Giblets Lab (2), Weapons Lab (1), Top of Crust Lord in Blim City (1), Nipulon’s Main Office (1).

Zephyr Paradise

  • 8 locations in Zephyr Jungle
  • 6 locations in Mines Area
  • 9 locations in Skrendel Labs
  • Buy 6 Vendor Items- Supply Station 1600 Pesos (2), Mineshaft 680 Pesos (2), Kitchen opposite Clone lab 3000 Pesos (2)
  • Port Terrene Hangout

Kill 90 Greebles

  • 3 locations in Old Town
  • 3 locations in Outskirts
  • 9 locations in Dreg Town
  • Buy three vendor items- Station 1000 Pesos (1), Dreg Underbbelly Arena 2000 Pesos (2).

Then there will also be Combat Tactics and Strategies.

locations in downtown high on life
Locations in Downtown

Playing Card To Get

You must collect all 27 playing cards in one sitting to unlock this achievement without quitting the game. The game had a bug previously due to which players could not unlock the achievement upon collecting all 27 cards. If you have previously collected a card, you need to load up the game save, and you will be able to unlock the achievement.

All of the playing cards are found within the Luglox chests, except for two, which are present in the Pawn Shop. For that instance, players must start after completing the Nipulon Bounty so that they have all the means to collect the cards. Here is a list of all the locations where the cards are found:

Blim City:

Pawn Shop

#8 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts-568 Pesos

#9 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts-2300 Pesos


#6 Beyond the Stars


#5 Trash Bag Babies

Old Town

#1 Galaxy Goofiest Gifts

#2 Galaxy Goofiest Gifts

#4 Galaxy Goofiest Gifts

#6 Trash Bag Babies

Dreg Town

#7 Trash Bag Babies

#8 Trash Bag Babies

#9 Trash Bag Babies

#6 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts

#7 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts

Deep Jungle

#1 Trash Bag Babies

#2 Trash Bag Babies

#8 Beyond the Stars

#7 Beyond the Stars

#9 Beyond the Stars

Upper Valley
#3 Trash Bag Babies
#4 Trash Bag Babies
#11 Beyond the Stars
Jungle Clearing
#2 Beyond the Stars
#3 Beyond the Stars
#5 Beyond the Stars
#4 Beyond the Stars

Nipulon’s Office
#5 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts

#3 Galaxy’s Goofiest Gifts

get cards high on life achievement
Getting playing cards

RIP Davey Glutes

You will definitely want to unlock this one because Mag-Boots, which is essential in the game. It adds so much variety to the game; you can make the most of the environment around you by wearing these. As for the main purpose of these boots, they allow your character to stand and walk on magnetic surfaces.

During the “Investigate High on Life Store” task, you will walk into the High on Life store. After interacting with the Mayor’s bodyguards, you will find a dead alien outside the store. All you need to do to get the Mag Boots is to interact with the deceased alien.

magboots item high on life
Obtain MagBoots

Satisfied Gus-Tomer

This is part of the Krubis bounty. You can unlock this right after the cold-blooded driller achievement. After you have killed Krubis, interact with the body to obtain Gus. This Gatlian is a shotgun with a sawblade alternative fire mode.

gaining gus high on life achievement
Unlock Gus

Seeing All The Sights

For this achievement, you need warp crystals. You can learn about these items in our extensive High on Life Warp Crystals guide. Once you have about 31 crystals, head over to Blim City, buy warp discs from Blorto, and portal over to Zephyr Paradise Upper Valley. Turn your achievement tracker on because this one has reportedly been a little buggy. Go up the hill and start going through all the discs as follows:

  • Cutie Town.
  • Movie Theatre
  • Toilet
  • Skate Park
  • Trolley
  • Quiet Cottage
seeing all sights high on life achivement
Seeing all the sights once climbed uphill.


Defeat Nipulon to unlock this achievement. The boss fight has different stages. For the first quarter of his health, it is recommended to use Gus and Sweezy’s Time Bubble to slow him down. After the health decrease, the fight will get more challenging.

This is because the boss will activate his shield while releasing a drug gas that will hallucinate you into Blim City. Here, find and interact with ‘Gene Zaroothian.’ Follow Kenny’s instructions until you are back into combat mode. Later on, Nipulon will release decoys.

At two-thirds of his health, the hallucinations will start again. This time around, you have to find ‘Lizzie.’ Go down the black hole once you have talked to her. The fight with Nipulon resumes.

As it progresses, you will go into hallucinations for the third and final time. You will be transported to Nipulon’s original location, where you will have to shoot all his clones until you find the real version. Finally, use Knifey to stab him. The bounty will be complete, and you will unlock the achievement.

defeat nipulon high on life achievement
Defeat Nipulon

Series Wrap On Suit-O

Triggers during the last fight with Garmantuous at the end of the game. This one involves letting Suit-O say his goodbyes before the start of the boss fight. His final words are, “Buh-Bye! I love ya!”.

Suit-o's goodbye achievement high on lie
Suit-o’s Goodbye

Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip Club

This is one of the hallucinations during the Nipulon boss fight. After meeting with your sister ‘Lizzie,’ you will jump down the hole where you have to spend 15 hours at an alien strip club. This is one of Nipulon’s attempts to tarnish your reputation. Just let the game play out, and you will have the achievement by the end of it.

alien strip club high on life achievement
Spend 15 hours at the alien strip club

Sweezy Like Sunday Morning

This one is part of the Douglas bounty. It unlocks after completing G3 Graduation. After defeating Douglas, interact with the body to loot Sweezy. It is essential to do this bounty before the Gunning For Your Job, as you need Sweezy to complete that achievement. Otherwise, it will be missed.

sweezy unlock high on life achievement
Sweezy Unlocked

We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie

High On Life has a movie theatre where you can watch entire movies. For this achievement, you need to unlock the movie theatre. You can start on this after you have completed the Douglas or Krubis bounty. Gain warp crystals. This is explained in detail in ‘Seeing all the sights’ achievement. Buy the ‘Movie Theater Warp Disc’ for three warp crystals from Blorto’s Kiosk.

After buying the disc, head back to your house and portal to Zephyr Paradise: Upper Valley. Head up the hill, interact with the warp location and change the mansion to the movie theater. The achievement will be unlocked, and you can watch a movie called Demon Wind for the next 1h30m.

You can also watch Tammy and The Rex on High on Life while spending quality time with your alien friends.

movie theater high on life achievement
The base warps into the movie theater

We’re All Very Impressed; Trust Me

All you need to do to unlock this achievement is juggle an enemy five times in the air. You can do this with Kenny or explosive barrels. Launch the enemy in the air using Kenny’s Glop Shot and hit them with five regular shots.

This will juggle them in the air, and you will have unlocked the achievement. Attempt this on bulkier enemies, as the small ones die before you can juggle them. You can attempt this early in the Slums with the Red Ants.

we're very impressed high on life achievement
Juggling enemies with Kenny.

Who’s The Boss?

Defeat the Skrendel Brothers to unlock this achievement. Skrendel Bros are the fourth boss in the game. They are a trio of siblings with distinct moves who coordinate with each other to turn into one combined fighting unit. Your first encounter will be with Jonathan, which will play out with Angela and Mona. After this, you’ll be faced with all three of them together. The following are some of the distinct moves you can avoid:

  • Jonathan’s Elbow Drop– Jump over the rings of sludge to avoid getting hit.
  • Jonathan’s Smoke Rings– The rings shrink during Bro-Tron mode, so go through them.
  • Angela’s Spit Spray– Use crates as cover.
  • Mona’s Spin Attack-Dodge and move in the opposite direction.

After you have taken down Mona, the bros combine to form Bro-Tron, who features more potent combos and attacks. Deal damage until it disassembles, and then focus on each bro separately. After killing one, the other two will again combine to form two-thirds of the Bro-Tron. Deal damage until they disassemble again. After the second time, kill the remaining bros to finish the fight and unlock this achievement.

When the bros are assembled as Bro-Tron, using Creature as his kids can also deal damage and home in on the boss; after disassembling, focus on one bro at a time to reduce the impact of the challenge.

skrendel bros high on life achievement
Skrendel Brothers

Bring a Knife To A Gun Fight

This achievement is unmissable and occurs during the 9-torg bounty. After you enter the sewer area, follow the checkpoint until you reach a wooden door. To unlock this achievement, knock on the door, which will lead you to a dialogue box. Choose any answer of your choice. Upon opening the door, grab the knife on the table. This will unlock Knifey, and the achievement will pop.

get knifey secret achievement high on life
Grab Knifey from the table


Complete this at the end of the game or right after the Nipulon bounty; the choice is yours. Start with teleporting to the Mayor’s office, approaching his desk, and picking up the Human Haven Keycard. Head back to the house and portal to Human Haven Sector. Jetpack to the very top of the cylinder room.

Regain power by standing on the ledge. When you reach the top, use the keycard to open the door at the top. You will have unlocked the achievement as soon as you head through the door. You can experience the entire Secret Ending following the hallway to the end.

secret ending high on life achievement
Enter the door for Sequel-Bait achievement.

Final Words

High on Life is a game full of wonders. Play it in any sequence you like, and replay it to achieve all the achievements you have missed. The game has a lot to explore, like the Secret Ending or missable achievements, even once you have completed it. We have covered all the achievements on High on Life, and I hope you finally get to the end of your completionist playthrough by unlocking all of the achievements.

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