High On Life: Secret Ending [Unlock Guide]

Sad that you're finished with the game? Brighten up because there is a secret ending awaiting you.

High on Life Secret Ending
High on Life Secret Ending

Released this December, High on Life has been this year’s early Christmas present. A sci-fi adventure combined with satire and a hint of gore, High on Life is the complete package.

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If you’ve covered all the achievements but don’t want to put the mouse down. Well, there is still one more surprise for you, THE SECRET ENDING. You’ve probably heard of the secret ending; let’s dive into how to unlock it. Unlock the secret ending by obtaining the Human Haven keycard.

Key Takeaways

  • High on Life also features a secret ending related to the Human Haven keycard that you can discover after completing the Nipulon bounty.
  • The Human Haven keycard is essential to discovering the secret ending, so players must obtain it from Clugg’s office.
  • The secret ending is based inside the Human Haven. For that instance, players must portal to Unknown Sector and choose Human Haven to reach the secret ending.
  • Additionally, the secret ending reveals Cluggs dirty secret and a surprise at the end.
  • You will be able to complete the Sequel Bait achievement once you start the sequence for the secret ending.

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Means To The End

After defeating Garmantuous, the final boss, if you’re revisiting past areas, there is one achievement you should now proceed to do, the ‘Sequel-Bait,’ which involves a certain keycard known as Human Haven Keycard. Focus, because this isn’t just any ordinary keycard; this is the missing piece you have been looking for.

The first step towards the secret ending is to get your hands on the Human Haven keycard. Keep reading below to find out precisely the Human Haven keycard and how to get to the secret ending using this particular card.

According to the unlock sequence, you can go about this achievement after you have completed the Nipulon bounty, which happens later stages of the game.

After completing the bounty, head back home and interact with Bounty 5000 by navigating to the Portals tab, selecting Nova Sanctis, and then selecting Clugg in the Mayor’s office. Once you’ve ported to the office, you will discover that Clugg isn’t there.

cluggs office high on life secret ending
Portal to Clegg’s office.

Once in the Mayor’s office, you will find the Human Haven keycard lying on his table. Grab it and add it to your collection. Now you may Portal back home.

human haven keycard high on life secret ending
Grab the keycard

After you’ve returned home, interact with the portal machine again and navigate to the Portals tab. Select Unknown Sector, and then select Human Haven. This will portal you to Human Haven, wherein lies your secret ending and the significance of the keycard you have just obtained.

portal to human haven high on life secret ending
Portal to Human Haven

The Human Haven is a minimal cylindrical area with all the humans you have saved. It contains windows to different places around the Earth, like Alabama and Cornfield.

Now is an excellent time to take out your jetpack. Use the jetpack to venture on upwards. You can stop on the ledges in-between to regain power. You can see several platforms up ahead and jetpack through them to get to the final ledge with a blinking red light.

Once at the top, you will find a door that says “No Trespassing.” You can unlock this door using the keycard you have just obtained. All you need to do is to go through the hallway to begin the Secret Ending. Once you have completed the sequence, you will have unlocked the Sequal Bait achievement.

door high on life secret ending
Unlock the door using the keycard.

Don’t worry about the game ending after this sequence because a portal will open toward the end. The portal will allow you to continue to the rest of High on Life and resume where you were in the game after the sequence has played out.

The Secret Ending

Once you’ve unlocked the door, the Secret Ending will reveal itself.

The secret ending is essentially discovering Clugg’s dirty secret. Once in the hallway, switch to Sweezy to go through the spinning fan ahead. This will drop you down to another hallway.

 secret ending high on life use sweezy for fan
Use Sweezy to slow the fan in the hallway.

Follow the linear path; a second fan will require Sweezy again. Drop down and shoot at it to slow it down so that it doesn’t shred you to pieces. You will drop into a very disturbing room with dead humans lying around. The room is the same as where you were supposed to be teleporting the humans from.

Leave the room, and go into the hallway again. You will reach another room where Clugg interacts with another human body. As soon as Clugg sees you, he will start running away. Chase him through two doors, and he will lead you into the final sequence.

clugg with human bodies secret high on life
Find Clugg’s secret.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead; stop here if you do not want to ruin your final ending.

The room reveals a new character, Dr. Gurgula. Clugg tries to plead his case, telling you that this is what he thought was best. He immediately gets shot down by Dr. Gurgula. After that, he introduces himself to you and asks to cut you open and experiment on you.

secret ending character high on life
The new character, Dr.Gurgula

Dr.Gurgula reveals that he is responsible for the plague that wiped out the Gatlians and has been researching the human brain structure to unlock the secrets of the universe. He leaves you at a cliffhanger, commending you for the services in wiping out the G3. After that, Dr. Gurgula portals away.

After this sequence has played, go downstairs to the Human Haven lobby. Here you will be faced with Clugg’s sons, who reveal that he was truly, evil. They further go on to tell you that they are on your side, taking care of the humans, ensuring they reach home safe and sound. Finally, they thank you for your services, advise you to head back home, and congratulate you for making it to this secret part of the game.

clugg sons high on life secret ending
Interact with Clugg’s sons

Now you may Portal back home and to the Mayor’s office. You have now experienced the secret ending, which essentially hints at a sequel.

Final Words

Well, that was about everything regarding the secret ending. High on Life has proved to be a mind-twister from start to finish, leaving us all wanting more after this cliffhanger of an ending. What are your thoughts about the secret ending in High on Life? Share with us in the comments section down below.

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