High On Life: All Secrets & Locations

High On Life feature some of the craziest secrets and our guide lists them all and how to achieve them.

High On Life Secrets and Achievements
High On Life Secrets and Achievements

For me, a game only qualifies as top-tier if it’s filled with secrets, as they pose a real challenge. High on Life checks out as it is packed with secret achievements, easter eggs, and secret dialogues.

You might have found some of them by mistake or on purpose, and others you might have missed. Here is an article to help you find all the secrets in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find these secrets everywhere in the game, from Blim City to the very outskirts of Port Terrene
  • Secret moments are also triggered on special occasions; see Suit-O and the Gatliens’ reactions to your confident choices.
  • Some secrets are vital to completing 100% of the game to earn the completionist trophy.

Suit O Reactions

All  Suit-O Secret Unlocks

Going To High On Life Early

There are two different dialogues about the situation that trigger randomly. The secret is only unlocked if you go to the High On Life store too early in the game. Here is how it will pan out:

  • Suit-O will tell players that you cheated and you was not supposed to do that. 
  • If you attempt the same act again after reloading your save file, you can witness the other dialogue where Suit O tells you that you will be punished by getting your name listed on the bad people list of Squanch Games, pasted inside the urinals.

 I will leave the second one as a surprise for you to try, as there is no photographic evidence of the event. 

Skipping Detective Mode

Suit-O is very enthusiastic about detective work and suits up for it as well; he does the same in other special moments, too; he gets energetic to get into detective mode and let his skills shine.

You can skip this sequence and try to go straight to Giblets. But you cannot advance no matter what because the door is sealed shut, and there’s no way to get past it unless you do the sequence right.

  • Suit-O will tell you he doesn’t know what is behind the door; maybe it is Giblets, but you should complete the detective mode sequence first. 
  • To get this interaction, jump onto the red container and use your jetpack to go up to the second floor from the container.

Note: The interaction will only happen once; if you try again, you won’t get any dialogue.

Buck Thunder Tutorial Secrets

Not Moving When Told

As you enter the Buck Thunder game, you will be asked to look around with your mouse or controller’s Right Thumb Stick and move with WASD keys or the controller’s Left Thumb Stick. Two things can happen:

  •  If you don’t do both and stand still for a few seconds, you meet up with some additional dialogue from Phil, the divorce attorney, who will tell you to move.
  • If you keep doing it, there will be more of the same kind of dialogue that I thought was very fun rambling and would recommend experiencing.

There is not much else from this interaction, but the dialogues are pretty funny, so if you want to, you can get a little on his nerves.

The Splinter Cell Reference

Don’t we all love a game with references? For me, this is where High on Life peaked. 

  • Phil criticizes the whole crouch thing when you reach the place where you can’t double jump and have to crawl through the vent. He asks what kind of person prioritizes crouching instead of a double jump.
  • Right after crouching into the vent, you will automatically turn on night vision, and there’s even a three-lens night vision goggle that Buck throws onto his face, which is a signature of Splinter Cell.

Aside from this sequence, there is no other place where this happens, so it’s not a feature of the game but a reference.

High on life Buck thunder splinter cell easter egg
This is how your screen will look in night vision, and you can see Buck wearing Sam’s signature goggles.

Not Shooting

In the sequence where Phil, the divorce Attorney, gives you a tutorial on how to shoot, there is a special dialogue in store for you if you don’t. Don’t shoot and hide behind the cover to avoid getting your HP drained. You will get a dialogue after a few seconds if you refuse to shoot, and it’s just about why aren’t you shooting them.

The attorney keeps yelling at you to shoot your wife’s boyfriends, and it’s a hilarious dialogue that you should check out if you missed it.

Secret Trap Room

Now is the part that I enjoyed the most! There is a secret room in the last part of the tutorial, and it’s straightforward to get inside it, but it is still not something you can find if you are in your first playthrough.

  1. All you need to do when you open and enter the last part of the tutorial is go straight into the acid on the left and get on the platform.
  2. The trap door is located there but won’t open just like that.
  3. Just jump off the platform and go to the slope to the upper floor.
  4. Just when you get on the slope, look back, and you’ll see that the secret room is open, and you can get inside it.

Once entered, you cannot go out. But don’t worry; you just need to wait until the tutorial ends.

What you will find in the Trap room isn’t something special, but it was chilling for me to see out of nowhere. You’ll find a corpse in pieces at the end of the room, and once you go back to get out, you’ll find graffiti painted with blood insulting you.

Secrets In The Intro Section

The intro is also filled with hilarious hidden secrets that are not straightforwardly triggered and require some special needs to be activated. 

Kenny Reacts To Not Shooting

For this secret, you pick up Kenny, the talking gun. You must meet with some hostiles immediately to see some essential shooting action of the game. 

  • If you refuse to do what Kenny wants you to and sit very still for a minute, you’ll meet with some new dialogues from Kenny to mash all buttons and try to shoot.
  • Pausing the game and resuming will unlock more dialogues criticizing you for not knowing how to play a game with universal controls.

Listening To Neighbors

Once you enter the ship in the intro and exit it, you can meet your neighbors right off the ship and see that they are arguing about something.

The couple is quarreling about saving the earth from Aliens, and the husband is hilarious and says he will be the guy to save the world and everything.

Going To Your Room During The Invasion

Kenny isn’t the only one you annoy during the intro; I also got some extra words from Lizzie. When you return to Lizzie, you’ll find that she has already done with an alien and is complaining about the whole process and the liquid she’s covered in.

Kenny will ask you to find a microwave device. Here, instead of going to the kitchen, if you go into your room, Lizzie will share a unique dialogue saying, “How are you going to sleep during an invasion?” 

Blim City

Crystal of Ithecles

Crystal of Ithecles can be found in Mr. Keep’s pawn shop in Blim City. The story behind this is that it’s an easter egg and a reference to the first game of the Squanch game, Trover Saves The Universe. The Crystal Of Ithecles is in their first game and is a part of the main story where you go to find it and get it from Mr. Pop-Up.

high on life crystal of ithecles pawn shop
The pop-up was right; they were everywhere.

Secret Furgle

Just as you leave Mr. Keep’s Pawn shop, you can go left and jump onto the yellow platform’s roof. After getting on it, look to the left and jump onto the ledge. Here, you must head to the corner on the right, and you will see a Furgle at the end of it.

It is a creature that lives in the caves and is not something you’ll find inside an industrialized city unless it’s someone’s pet or food. But it’s neither of those and is used as a drug to get high on life(get it?). So, I guess this Furgle probably escaped and is hiding there so it doesn’t get consumed as a drug or something.

Bike Guy

It’s right near the UFO dinner; you’ll randomly encounter this guy during the day who is staring at his bike. Just go near him, and it will trigger a dialogue that says watch the guys bike in High on Life. Of course, you will have to do that once triggered.

All you have to do is look away from the bike for a second and look back, and you will find the bike is gone, and that’s when the guy shows up again and asks you where his bike is. Since you lost his bike, he will start crying about it.

High on life Bike guy quest
This is the guy you need to look out for and can be found in Blim city

Secret Achievements

The game is also full of Secret Achievements that require special actions to complete, and they are listed here so you can complete your achievements and get 100% completion on your game. For further information, read High On Life Secrets Achievements.

My Take On Secrets?

My favorite part was The Witty Remarks and the neat easter egg in the game’s tutorial.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the attention to detail present in every scene. Squanch Games does not fail to disappoint with the satire; that is what you expect when the creators have also put out Rick and Morty.

All these small secrets make the game more interesting. If you think we have missed out on any hidden content or secrets not mentioned in this list. I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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