High On Life: All Secrets & Locations

High On Life feature some of the craziest secrets and our guide lists them all and how to achieve them.

High On Life Secrets and Achievements
High On Life Secrets and Achievements

Every game has some secrets that can’t be achieved very quickly, either triggered by players trying to find those secrets or by accident. Like any other game, High On Life is bursting with secrets waiting to be discovered, and this list will be dedicated to showcasing the unknown and showing how you can achieve those High On Life secrets you might have missed while playing the game.

Key Takeaways

  • High On Life Secrets are hidden in the corners of its vast semi-open world and sometimes in your own hands. Witness these secret moments triggered on special occasions; see Suit-O and the Gatliens’ reactions to your confident choices.
  • High On Life Secrets can also be found inside the exact tutorial game, which is itself a Doom reference. You know a game is good when it’s filled with this much love when creating them.
  • After the tutorial comes the intro, and it isn’t behind the tutorial with secrets and has some good humoring secrets of its own if you stand around a little to chill in this vast crisis.
  • The game’s wide-open world is waiting for you to explore it and finds its secrets hidden within. High On Life Secrets can be found everywhere in the game, from Blim city to the very outskirts of Port Terrene. You can read the already-discovered secrets of this game here to know if you have missed any.
  • High On Life Secrets aren’t all for nothing, and some are vital to complete 100% of the game to earn that completion trophy; why these achievements are a secret is easy to explain as they don’t just get completed by just speed running through the main quest and require some special kinds of activations that the player needs to perform to achieve those secrets.
  • The game is filled with many references to movies, other games, music, anime, TV shows, etc., and much more. Some references are easy to get, some aren’t, and some are easily missed, so check them out and see if you missed any.

In today’s era, there isn’t a game that comes out and doesn’t have a single secret. All games feature some kind of secrets waiting to be discovered by players. These secrets include secret achievements, easter eggs, and secret dialogues.

You might have already found some of them by mistake or on purpose, and others you might have missed. Here is an article to help you find all the secrets in the game.

High On Life Secrets

Suit O Reactions

Going To High On Life Early

In this High On Life secret, if you go to the High On Life store too early in the game, you’ll get a specific dialogue from Suit-O. He says that you, the player have cheated and weren’t supposed to do that. But he does assure us that there will be no penalty for it. Of course, that’s not the case in the second dialogue. There are two different dialogues about the situation that trigger randomly.

If you attempt the same act again after reloading your save file, you can witness the other dialogue where Suit O tells you that you will be punished by getting your name listed on the bad people list of Squanch Games.

It sounds innocent at first, but he further tells you that it’s going to be pasted inside the urinals; YES they will be pasted inside the urinals of the bathrooms at High On Life. So if that’s true or not is not known yet as there is no video or photo evidence of it happening but they might.

Skipping Detective Mode

Suit-o is very enthusiastic about detective work and suits up for it as well; he does the same in other special moments, too; he just gets energetic to get into detective mode and let his skills shine. You can skip this sequence and try to go straight to Giblets. But you cannot advance no matter what cause the door is sealed shut, and there’s no way to get past it unless you do the sequence right.

Hence Suit-O tells you that he doesn’t know what is behind the door; maybe it is Giblets, but you should complete the detective mode sequence first. And that is all to the interaction, and there isn’t any other dialogue if you try to do it again.

To get this interaction, jump onto the red container and use your jetpack to go up to the second floor from the container. But as we said before, it’s effortless, and all you get out of it is an extra secret dialogue and no achievement so just do it for the interaction if you want.

Buck Thunder Tutorial Secrets

High On Life does a great job with artistic beauty and uniqueness in its game, and they don’t hold back on the tutorial either. A unique feature like this in a game hooks up the player right away to see more of it. And even the tutorial contains secrets from Easter eggs to memorable dialogue. Here are all secrets in the Buck tutorial.

Not Moving When Told

As you enter the Buck Thunder game, you are asked to look around with your mouse or controller’s Right Thumb Stick and move with WASD keys or the controller’s Left Thumb Stick.

So if you don’t do both and stand still for a few seconds, you meet up with some additional dialogues from Phil, the Divorce Attorney that tells you to move. If you keep doing it, there will be more of the same kind of dialogue you should experience cause its just funny rambling. It is not much else from this interaction, but the dialogues are pretty funny, so if you want to, you can get a little on his nerves.

The Splinter Cell Reference

High On Life is full of easter eggs and references to different games, movies, actors, and much more. And the Buck Thunder being a Doom reference was not enough for the game that they threw in one of these references to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. How this reference goes, if you missed out on noticing, is that Phil criticizes the whole crouch thing when you reach the place where you can’t double jump and have to crawl through the vent. He says that what kind of a person prioritizes crouching instead of a double jump?

That’s not even the extent of what confirms it as a Splinter Cell reference, though. Right after crouching into the vent, your character automatically turns on night vision, and there’s even a three-lens night vision goggle that Buck throws onto his face, which is a signature of Splinter Cell. Aside from this sequence, there is no other place where this happens, so it’s not a feature of the game but a reference.

High on life Buck thunder splinter cell easter egg
This is how your screen will look like in night vision, and you can see Buck wearing Sam’s signature goggles

Not Shooting

In the sequence where Phil, the divorce Attorney gives you a tutorial on how to shoot, if you don’t, there is a special dialogue in store for you. Don’t shoot and hide behind the cover to avoid getting your HP drained. You will get a dialogue after a few seconds if you refuse to shoot, and it’s just about why aren’t you shooting them.

The attorney keeps yelling at you to shoot your wife’s boyfriends, and it’s a hilarious dialogue that you should check out if you missed it. It’s not much, but if you want to see your divorce attorney yell at you to kill your ex-wife’s boyfriend, then be our guest and step into the game to annoy your divorce attorney.

Secret Trap Room

Now even the tutorial doesn’t go without having a Secret room or a compartment. This High On Life secret room is located in the last part of the tutorial, and it’s very easy to get inside it but is still not something you can find if you are in your first playthrough.

All you need to do when you open and enter the last part of the tutorial is go straight into the acid on the left and get on the platform. The trap door is located there but won’t open just like that. Just jump off the platform and go to the slope to the upper floor.

Just when you get on the slope, look back, and you’ll see that the secret room is open, and you can get inside it. Once entered, you cannot go out. But not to worry, you just need to wait till the tutorial ends.

What you will find in the Trap room isn’t something special but kind of chilling to see out of nowhere. You’ll find a corpse in pieces at the end of the room, and once you go back to get out, you’ll find graffiti painted with blood insulting you.

Secrets In The Intro Section

The intro is also filled with hilarious hidden High On Life secrets and stuff that are not straightforwardly triggered and take some special needs to be activated.

Kenny Reacts To Not Shooting

In this High On Life Secrets when you pick up Kenny the talking gun of the species named Gatlians. You meet with some hostiles immediately to see some essential shooting action of the game. But if you refuse to do what Kenny wants you to and sit very still for a minute, you’ll meet with some new dialogues from Kenny to mash all buttons and try to shoot.

You can even take it up a notch and pause the game. After pausing the game and resuming, you’ll meet with more dialogues criticizing you for not knowing how to play a game with universal controls. That’s just about it for this particular interaction, which has no achievement or reward. But just a little extra dialogue.

Listening To Neighbors

Once you enter the ship in the intro and come out of it, you can meet your neighbors right off the ship and see that they are arguing about something. The couple is quarreling about saving the earth from Aliens, and the husband is hilarious and says he will be the guy to save the world and everything.

He just has his head filled with this fantasy. It’s like the developers are laughing at people’s thinking of being heroes and telling them not to act brave just because they want to be heroes. If you stop and listen to the two go at it, you’ll make Kenny a little upset as it’s the part you need to hurry.

Going To Your Room During The Invasion

Kenny isn’t the only one you annoy during the intro, and you can get some extra words out of Lizzie. When you return to Lizzie, you’ll find that she has already done with an alien and is complaining about the whole process and the liquid she’s covered in. Kenny asks that you find a microwave device, but instead of going to the kitchen, you go to your room, and then Lizzie will react, and you’ll meet with a dialog saying, “How are you going to sleep during an invasion.” She tells you to get down and go to find the microwave device in the kitchen.

Blim City

Crystal of Ithecles

The High On Life Secrets Crystal of Ithecles can be found in Mr. Keep’s pawn shop in Blim City. The story behind this is that it’s an easter egg and a reference to Squanch game’s first game Trover Saves The Universe. The Crystal Of Ithecles is in their first game and is a part of the main story where you go to find it and get it from Mr. Pop-Up.

Who says that these Crystals are everywhere? Hence if you notice that in the description of the crystals in Mr. Keep’s pawn shop, it says, “They’re ******* Everywhere.” It’s just a tiny reference but still a good one if you loved their first game.

high on life crystal of ithecles pawn shop
Pop-up was right, they are everywhere.

Secret Furgle

Just as you get out of Mr. Keep’s Pawn shop, you can go left and jump onto the yellow platform’s roof. After getting on it, look to the left and jump onto the ledge there. Here, you need to go into the corner on the right, and you’ll see a Furgle at the end of it.

Now Furgle is a creature that lives in the caves and is not something you’ll find inside an industrialized city unless it’s someone’s pet or food. But it’s neither of those and is used as a drug to get HIGH ON LIFE. So most probably, this Furgle has escaped and is hiding there, so it doesn’t get consumed as a drug or something.

Bike Guy

It’s right near the UFO dinner; you’ll randomly encounter this guy during the day who is staring at his bike. Just go near him, and it will trigger a dialogue that says watch the guys bike in High on Life. Of course, you will have to do that once triggered.

But don’t just stand still and keep staring at the bike, as that will not get you anywhere. You’ll be left entirely with it for hours in real life, and the guy won’t show up; all you have to do is look away from the bike for a second and look back, and you will find the bike is gone and that’s when the guy shows up again and asks you where his bike is.

He keeps crying about it, but there’s no quest about it; it doesn’t trigger a new quest to find his bike. You’ll just keep hearing his cries about his lost bike, and there isn’t anything else to it. But hey it’s great to see that developers put in small things like this to make the world more interactable and immersive.

High on life Bike guy quest
This is the guy you need to look out for and can be found in Blim city

Secret Achievements

The game is also full of Secret Achievements that require special actions to complete, and here they are listed so you can complete your achievements and get 100% completion on your game. For further information, read High On Life Secrets Achievements.

References That You Might Have Missed

There are tons of references in the game about other games, movies, Tv shows, actors, etc. to the point that this game could’ve been a sequel to Astro’s playground but for tv shows, movies, actors, and even games as well. But unlike Astro, High On Life’s secrets are sometimes not straightforward with references, and sometimes it is, but some people don’t get it, so here we will list all of the references, easter eggs, and cameo’s so you can know that you know that reference if you plan to replay the game.

Lucky’s Tale and Mario

Well, this one is obvious as it’s a dialogue in the main storyline by Kenny, which doesn’t require any particular action to trigger it, and who doesn’t know Mario? Most already might know Lucky’s Tale as well. Anyways the reference comes up during the Douglas bounty hunt and comes up at the electrical platforming sequence, and Kenny says it is something inspired by Lucky’s Tale or Mario.

Christopher Walken

You might have missed this one if you ignored the dialogue and didn’t know who Christoper Walken was. He’s an American actor known best for his supportive character in the Deer Hunter. He was also in movies like Catch Me If You Can and Pulp Fiction, but he was never really in the spotlight as he has done chiefly side characters and done them very well.

Anyways this reference comes after you get Knifey during the 9-Torg mission. He says if you want to hear his Christopher Walken impression. The impression is, “Hey! I’m Walkin’ here; this is New York City”. It’s not much, but it’s just a joke about his surname Walken.

Frasier Tv Show

It references the Frasier Tv show during the Krubis Bounty hunt. The reference is called out during a dialogue between two of Krubis’s underlings. Frasier Tv show is a sitcom from 1993 starring Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane. It was about a Psychiatrist moving to Seattle to start afresh and accidentally becoming a radio psychiatrist somehow.

Jim Carrey And 23

It comes up during the Robot counting backward on a TV ad. How to get that was already explained above in the Epic Legendary Prize one. So during his counting, he comes across the number 23 and gives a shout-out to Jim Carrey and the movie The Number 23, in which Jim Carrey starred.

Nipulon Reference To Different Games

Nipulon boss fight is just crazy, and so are his references. He references multiple games in a row that aren’t hard to miss, as all of them are quite popular. He references:

  • Fortnite
  • Minecraft
  • Rocket League
  • Metal Gear Solid.

Especially Metal Gear Solid was in his talks multiple times; he even referenced the infamous Psycho-Mantis boss fight from Metal Gear Solid 1. And it seems his boss’s design was greatly inspired by him but in a more humouristic way.

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is a great movie from 2006 starring Sylvester Stalone as Rocky Balboa. Rocky is retired in this movie and is taking his life easy, but after defeating Mason Dixon in a computer game, he is challenged by him in a real fight. The reference comes up during Skrendel Bros boss fight where one of the Bros references Rocky Balboa as him being Rocky in the ring.

Owen Wilson

An American actor with excellent acting skills but not much acting these days. The only popularity he’s currently also got the attention of a new meme of his from Zoolanders where the two of the main cast stare down each other. The reference is found in the Human Haven when you visit before the endgame and talk to this fat guy with curly standing near the plants at the center.

He will start talking about Owen Wilson and how much he likes the actor and talk about two of his favorite movies of his, which also accounts for references. He mentions that Drillbit Taylor and Wedding Crashers starred Owen Wilson in the main cast.

Jack Black And Susan Sarandon

In this High On Life Secrets, It’s more than just a reference; it’s more of a part cameo and part easter egg. But it’s more of a cameo, as the original people voice their characters. You can also find out more details in voice actors are High On Life.

The cameo comes up during the Garmantuous boss fight where he offers you up to give you two of your most loved persons, which Kenny thinks is your parents, but it isn’t, and it’s Jack Black and Susan Sarandon.

He says he asked everybody, and they all love these two, but you, the main character, don’t. So he ends up murdering the two by blowing them up. There’s no way to save the two, and finding a way is effortless.

high on life Jack Black and Susan Sarandon easter egg
The lovely Jack Black and Susan Sarandon before they met their demise in High On Life

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This famous High on Life secret involves dialogue with Clug’s sons. Upon selecting the dialogue “you want us to kill him” you will get criticized with another dialogue that references the race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. telling you that you are fast to get it, but it was more of a sarcasm, so it wasn’t a compliment.

The God Father Movie

It comes up when you are in Clug’s office during Giblet’s Bounty hunt. Where the fat one references the God Father movie if you talk to him after his dad introduces you to the two of them, he talks about it very enthusiastically and also references Francis Ford Coppola, the director behind the great movie.

Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm is actually a rock band from the late 90s and 2000s. It was kind of a hit among the rock community for a while, but it was really just 2 or 3 songs that got popular. With popularity also comes hate for things. And just like that, the reference made about the band also is about hating them.

During the 9-Torg mission, you can hear Kenny say he always hated Alien Ant Farm when you are shooting the bugs, specifically the red bugs; maybe that’s the trigger of the dialogue, as the main theme of the band logo was black and red.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

It’s an iconic one that is easily understood, but at the same time, it’s not. In this High On Life Secrets, The reference comes up when you get the jet-pack upgrade and use it to jump from your house to the dome of the UFO dinner nearby. Kenny goes as you are just like Tony Hawk Dot Com Jet Pack Pro.

Some people might have gotten the reference, while others might not, and some might be mistaken as there’s more to it than meets the eye. The reference is mainly about the Jetpack mode in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the PlayStation. All you need to activate this cheat is to pause the game.

While holding L1, push the following buttons in order: up, up, up, up, x, square, up, up, up, up, x, square, up, up, up, up, and you will have activated the Jetpack mode. While using the “Jetpack,” hold the triangle button to hover, hit X to trigger the “Jetpack,” and push any up or down to move and left or right to steer.

Multiple References On The Elevator

High On Life secrets are just full of sarcasm and criticism. It criticizes a lot of things, including its own game. Like a sword that inflicts self-harm as well. So in this very reference, Kenny criticizes an elevator design and uses some references about it. All the References called are

  • Akira
  • Evangelion
  • Cartoon Network
  • Code Lyoko
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Resident Evil 2

The reference comes up during the side slope elevator sequence when you go for the Nipulon bounty. It’s very blunt and straightforward, but we will add it here as some might not know one of these titles.

Earlier, we said that they use a double-edged sword to inflict criticism about how original the elevator design is and how it’s just unnecessary to add it to the game. He also criticizes all of these titles about using this elevator design as it’s not convenient and is something you don’t usually use in real life.

Donut County

Kenny talks about an indie game named Donut County. Again it’s a very straightforward reference and comes up during the hallucination sequence during the Nipulon boss fight. Kenny says this hole reminds him of Donut County, published by a well-known indie games publisher Annapurna Interactive.

The game’s theme is that a guy finds a hole that increases in size when he throws things in it. Just throw objects inside it to increase its size. That’s the central theme, but it’s pretty addictive, so do hit it up, as Kenny is a guy with one hell of a good taste.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Among the famous secrets in High on Life, it is kind of a hidden one, not easy to see, and is well hidden unless you peep around a little and notice some little bits. The reference can be found in Clugg’s office; go there and look at the pictures on the wall, and you’ll find photos of previous CEOs, maybe, or the board members. But one of the guys in the picture is a green guy with a red cut-out blindfold mask on his eyes, a signature of the Turtles from the show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We don’t need to explain this show as it’s already prevalent, but if you have been disconnected from the entertainment industry and don’t watch much. You should hit up this show, especially the animated ones from 2012, or pick up the comic book.


So this particular secret in High on Life might be a reference and might not be a reference. Well, there’s no straightforward evidence that ties it to some franchise, and these days sandworms are an all-in-all common thing in desolate sandy alien planets type of settings. But among various High On Life secrets, we can speculate that it’s either Tremors or a Dune reference, as these two are the most popular when it comes to Sandworms.

You can find this Sandworm in the Port terrene Outskirts, and it’s easily missable if you don’t explore the area after entering it through the portal. All you must do after entering the site is to go the wrong way; in this case, the wrong way is on the left go to the left, and after walking a few meters and you’ll see warning signs up there warning you about the sandworm.

Just ignore them and keep going; the sandworm will appear out of the ground and kill you. Not instantly, but yes, it will end up killing you, and there’s no way to avoid getting killed.

Now, if you account for its structure a little, you’ll see that it has a face that it covers with its three shields that close into a triangular shape when it travels underground. The face isn’t terrifying at all, and it’s just a cartoonish looking one, just like the whole art style of the game. But one thing is that face might make it a Tremors reference, as the sandworms in that movie had a tentacle inside their mouths, so maybe it’s that or maybe not. It’s just speculation in the end.

High on life sandworm easter egg
A visual picture of how the Sandworm looks like

That’s all the High On Life secrets we have found so far for this guide. The game has made a marvelous world filled with these tiny fine details that were fun to explore and discover. Indeed these small secrets make the game more interesting. If you think we have missed out on any hidden content or secrets not mentioned in this list. Please comment on them to let us know.

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