High On Life: Should You Kill 5 Torg? [Explained]

Should you kill or spare 5 Torg in High On Life? Here is an explanation guide.

high on life 5 torg
5 Torg in High On Life

Should I kill 5 Torg in High on Life is an important question many players continuously ponder while playing the game. In fact, it is a choice given to the player early in the game to showcase that players are given a little sense of choice. Although 5 Torg is not a very special fight, your choice will lead to one thing or the other. So this guide will instruct you on what option leads to what and how to get to 5 Torg.

Key Highlights

  • Killing 5 Torg is a good option rather than sparing her because she is just as evil as 9 Torg and all the other Torg clones.
  • There’s unique bonus dialogue and other interactions from the talking weapons when you start killing 5 Torg by shooting or stabbing her.
  • Finding 5 Torg is relatively easy, but players must complete currently available side quests and explore to get the best out of her interaction.

High On Life isn’t a game with many choices; not all of them change the game’s final outcome and general objective. But the small choices in the game can lead to a few hidden contents like cutscenes and dialogues, so it’s wise to read up on them to get the best possible outcome. Exploring even those small choices is great if you plan to play the game multiple times.

High On Life is an FPS game made by Squanch Games while collaborating with Justin Rolland for his humor and writing. High On Life is more on the action side than the multi-choice games, with more gritty game mechanics.

Should I Kill 5 Torg In High On Life

5 Torg is a Secret Boss Fight and will be triggered once you shoot or stab her. After stabbing or shooting her for the first time, a health bar will appear on the top, confirming that 5 Torg is a secret boss fight. The fight isn’t a big deal, but instead it’s just straight-up a joke, quite literally. When you encounter her, she is tied up, cannot do anything even if you stab or shoot her, and floats there helplessly.

5 Torg isn’t just for targeting practice, though, and has some sets of dialogues. She explains that 9 Torg is one of the evil clones, and she will take her place as the crime lord if you let her go.

She also promises to make you a Torg and tries to make players sympathize with her or agree to her demand to let her go. She says that if the player kills her, another Torg clone will take her place, which is even eviler than her and will kill the player.

There is No Consequence To Killing 5 Torg in the game so far. Yes, killing her has no consequences and won’t change any outcomes or cause problems when you further progress in the game. Everything that she promised that would be inflicted on you is all a bluff and just anxious blubbering made by the character.

Sparing her is not a good idea either, even though there is no reward or achievement for sparing her. Still, it’s better to kill her rather than let her go free as she is just as evil as her clone 9 Torg, and it’s not known yet, but whatever she does will be something evil if you decide to kill her.

Unfortunately, the game does not provide standard or secret achievement in High on Life for killing or sparing 5 Torg, but in the end, it’s better to just kill her as she is evil, and if you decide not to kill her will just make you miss out on some satisfying dialogues from 5 Torg as you chip away at her health bar. Aside from the dialogue, there isn’t anything additional upon choosing to do it or not to do it in the end.

The choice is yours to make in the end, but there is no achievement to it, unlike the choices like letting Gene stay or leave in High On Life.

high on life 5 Torg kill or spare
Shooting 5 Torg once will pop up a health bar indicating that it’s a boss fight

How To Get To 5 Torg

Getting to 5 Torg is straightforward as she is just inside the boss fight arena of the first game boss, named 9 Torg. To get to 9 Torg, you must pick up your first bounty hunt from Gene.

Go through the quest, and it will lead you into the slums. You will need to fight with the Torg minions to achieve your objective. Upon reaching the objective, you will have to kill 9 Torg, one of the evil Torg clones and the crime boss you are looking for.

But one fun thing that you shouldn’t miss out on is Knifey, Gene’s knife. You’ll need to get Knifey before killing Torg to get the most fun out of the crazy dialogues in the game. Upon acquiring Knifey will also open up and pave the way for the predicament of whether to stab Gene or not and if Gene should stay or leave.

Also, you will need Knifey to unlock all the Luglox Chests in the game. Knifey is the only weapon that can open up the Luglox Chests inside the game, and there are no alternatives to unlocking all Luglox Chests in the game if you want to find High on Life all Luglox Chest to complete achievements.

Knifey in High on Life
Knifey in High on Life

Additionally, Knifey is a very energetic and crazy-sounding character that brings out the darkest and most fun part of the person outside. So acquiring Knifey will increase your fun during the Torg bounty quest and will open up a few more dialogues if you stab 5 Torg using Knifey. If you decide not to kill 5 Torg, there is no consequence, as discussed earlier, but you will undoubtedly upset Knifey if you spare her and create more joy for Knifey if you kill her.

Final Thoughts

In the end, another point proves that killing 5 Torg is a better option rather than sparring with her. The game is not very consequential if you loosen up on morality.

It’s filled with dark humor and questionable jokes with no society morals-breaking penalty in the game. So just going crazy and expressing your deep dark side inside High On Life will not bring any consequences in the game or outside.

That’s all regarding your top query: High on Life, Should I kill 5 Torg? The player’s choice matters, and you have the freedom to select any option without being concerned about any consequences, it is recommended you make your choices based on your surroundings, and as the theme of the game is just humor and dark jokes, it’s better to follow that and go wild.

If you liked the game just for this kind of theme, environment, jokes, and gameplay. Read up on our top 10 games like High On Life to get the best similar games in which you just need that fast-paced action, questionable humor, tremendous and original theme, etc.

If you have any additional queries about 5 Torg in High On Life or even 9 Torg, do comment down or just go through our guides on High On Life.

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