High On Life: Speedrun Reactions [Explained]

The game has some surprising dialogues to say when they notice that you're speedrunning in High On Life.

High on Life speedrun
High on Life speedrun

The developers have paid great attention to detail and have considered virtually everything that could make this game unique. One of those things is how the game reacts when you speed run or pause the game for too long.

Developers put much effort into creating a game and want the gamers to appreciate the graphics and details they worked on fully. So, no one wants you to speed run and skip some stuff they worked hard on.

However, in High on Life, the game will point out immediately if you speedrun. It’s pretty unexpected and may perplex you, but Suit-O will talk to YOU about speed running. Not the bounty hunter, but YOU.

Key Highlights

  • When you try to jump across rooftops to skip a chunk of the path you were intended to take, the game will notice. Suit-O will point it out and, surprisingly, not bash you for it and will support you and wish you the best of luck.
  • Later in Dr. Giblets Bounty in High on Life, Suit-O will not let you do that if you try to speedrun and go through the closed door right away. It will tell you first to scan a few objects; this shows that they don’t support speedrunning to that extent.
  • Moreover, the Ant enemies you are supposed to fight in Dr. Giblets Bounty will be pissed off that you did not want to fight them. They will tell you to come back and fight them, another way of the developers telling you to slow down and play the game in its entirety.
  • There are other instances where they don’t support speedrunning. Such as, when you constantly sprint, the Gatlians will tell you to slow down and appreciate the work that has gone into making that level.

How High On Life Reacts To Your Speedrunning

It’s kind of an unspoken rule that the game doesn’t talk to the gamer directly but instead talks to the character the gamer is playing. But High on Life completely breaks the traditional gaming norms and calls you out when your speedrun.

Suit-O Calls You Out

Suit-O ALWAYS notices if you do a portion of the mission faster than intended. And he will constantly let you know that he is aware of what you’re doing. But don’t worry, he won’t discourage you! There are multiple instances where he reacts to your speed running, and they are included below.

On Your Way To High on Life Store

During Dr. Giblets’ bounty, speed runners have discovered a way to skip a chunk of the mission’s intended path tactically. They do this by carefully jumping across rooftops, crossing slim window ledges, and using the jetpack effectively.

Jumping rooftops to get to destination fast
Jumping rooftops to get to reach the destination quicker.

Speed running will make you reach your destination way quicker. And by doing this, you don’t have to fight the G3 enemies you were supposed to kill. When you reach the HyperBong superstore, as shown below, Suit-O will have some exciting and surprising things to say.

If you did speed run and used the shortcuts you weren’t supposed to use, Suit-O will be talking to YOU directly! He says, “Are you trying to speed run? Are you speedrunning right now?”

It’s unexpected, and you may think he will bash you for it now. But instead, he says, “That’s ok, you can do that. We think that’s great!”. The developers support you and wish you the best of luck, which is encouraging.

In High on Life, Suit-O knows that you are trying to speed run and tells you its Ok
Suit-O notices that you are speed running and tells you its fine to do so

Suit-O also hopes you get a new world record, which is very nice to hear in his charismatic voice. In addition to Suit-O’s voice, every character in High on Life has a unique voice coming from famous voice actors in High on Life.

Investigating Dr. Giblet’s Base

Toward the end of Dr. Giblet’s Bounty, you will have to investigate the surroundings of his base to look for clues. If you try to skip the clues and go straight toward the door, Suit-O will point that out. And unfortunately, he won’t approve of it this time.

He’ll say that he can’t let you through that door just yet and that you will have to investigate before moving forward. He will notice that you already know where to go without even investigating.

You try to go to the gate directly but Suit-O will stop you.
If you try to go straight to the door before investigating, Suit-O will have something to say

Luckily, Suit-O won’t bash you for trying to speed run, but he will definitely notice what you are up to. Suit-O will understand if you’re trying to break the world record, right?

Using Jetpacks To Go Places

Using mobility mechanics to get from one place to another is essential to the game. However, when you use the jetpack and go to an area you are not supposed to go to, the game will call you out as a cheater.

It’s pretty harsh to say you’re a ‘cheater’ if you use the game’s mechanics to your advantage. This happens anytime you use the jetpack or any other mechanic to access an area you are not supposed to.

During the Krubis Bounty, Suit-O will label you as a cheater when you cross a long jump you weren’t supposed to and reach the destination faster. He says, “I know you cheated there,”  but further says, “But that’s fine; we encourage players to do whatever they want!”

Suit-O saying you cheated
Suit-O saying you cheated if you skip the path using your mobility

9-Torg’s Goons Are Bummed Out

The creators of High on Life want you to appreciate the hard work that went into the game entirely. So they will remind you to slow down through various other characters in the game.

When you run past the ant enemies and don’t kill them, they will be pretty salty about that. They want you to fight them and are bummed out that you decided not to engage with them. The Ants will say, You killed 9-Torg, but you won’t kill us!”.

They will also call you to “Come back!”, This is another way of the game telling you to play the game slowly and appreciate the effort.

Ant enemies in High on Life right before you speed run.
Ant enemies that you are supposed to fight but will skip if you want to speedrun

Final Words

It’s understandable how the developers would want you to appreciate every game aspect and not skip anything. If you constantly sprint in High on Life, even the Gatlians will tell you to slow down and look at all the work that went into the game.

We can’t say for sure if the developers support Speedrunning or if they are being sarcastic. There will be speed runners in every game, whether you want it or not. So why not be unique and make a little joke out of it?

High on Life has many unique comedic details that may be skipped if you speedrun. You may be interested in knowing High on Life how long to beat

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