High On Life: How To Find And Use Warp Crystals

Our extensive guide details everything about Warp Crystals and how to use them in all new High on Life.

Warp crystals in GTA 5
Warp crystals in High on Life

Warp Crystals are glowing pink crystals in the game, and they primarily spawn on warp bases pretty early in the game. Players can defeat the enemies and capture these crystals at the top of the warp bases. While they cannot be used immediately, players should collect them wherever they find these crystals for future use.

Key Takeaways

  • Warp Crystals are pink crystals used to buy Warp discs.
  • Warp discs unlock new game locations.
  • These crystals are found in Warp bases.
  • You’ll need to defeat enemies in these bases.
  • Zephyr Paradise has four warp bases, and Port Terrene has three.

a warp crystal
A warp crystal

How To Get Warp Crystals

I found two central locations in the gameplay to get my hands on warp crystals.

  • Zephyr Paradise
  • Port Terrene

Warp crystals locations in High on LifeAll locations in Zephyr Paradise

Zephyr Paradise

In Zephyr Paradise, there are four locations with warp bases and warp crystals:

  1. Behind the Alien Bears’ camp, near the mines, defeat the enemies to access the warp crystal.
  2. After encountering the Alien bears in the sludge area, you can find a warp crystal after defeating warp enemies.
  3. During the bounty mission to defeat Krubis in a vast arena, you’ll discover a warp base with a crystal.
  4. In the Jungle Clearing section of Zephyr Paradise, go left to find two warp bases with crystals.

I highly recommend replaying these missions to collect multiple warp crystals for purchasing warp discs.

a warp base spawning in a fieldA warp base spawning in a field

Port Terrene

In Port Terrene, there are three locations with warp bases and warp crystals:

  1. At the G3 Recruitment Center while on the Douglas mission, defeat enemies near the semi-transparent purple walls to find a warp crystal.
  2. Opposite the first base, you can discover another warp crystal on top of it.
  3. Towards the end of the mission, after battling tiny aliens and a monstrous alien to avoid the recruitment process and reach Douglas, you’ll find a warp crystal before exiting the location.

Defeating enemies in warp basesDefeating enemies in warp bases

Luglox Chests

Luglox chests are another valuable find in High on Life. Scattered around different locations in the game, they are filled with mystery rewards. Even I was surprised to find warp crystals upon initial discovery.

While you will find pesos in these chests most of the time, there still are high chances of getting warp crystals in these Luglox Chests in High on Life. You can find even more rare items in these chests. Therefore, take every chance to open these mystery rewards in High on Life.

Uses Of Warp Crystals

I used these crystals only for one purpose. That is to buy Warp Discs. These discs are essential in the game as they allow players to visit unusual and undiscovered locations

  • Players can use these crystals and buy the warp discs after defeating Krubis and Douglas. Defeating these villains will allow access to the Blorto’s food stand in Blim in High on Life. The food stand is located just in front of your house.
  • You can see a food stall featuring an octopus on top while a reddish alien stands in it. That reddish alien is Blorto, who can give the warp discs in return for warp crystals.
A warp base in High on Life containing warp crystals
A warp base in High on Life
Blortos food shop
Blorto will sell you Warp discs.

Detail of these discs and how you can buy them with the warp crystals is below:

  • Movie Theater Disc – bought with three warp crystals, allows players to watch a movie in the game.
  • Trolly Tracks Disc – players can buy it for five warp crystals and decide however they want to kill the aliens.
  • Toilet Disc – players can buy it for five warp crystals and solve the fun and exciting pipe puzzle.
  • Skate park disc – players can buy it for eight warp crystals, and it allows you to speak to three strange aliens and perform some stunts mid-air to earn easy points.
  • Quiet Cottage Disk – players can buy it for ten warp crystals, allowing you to open reward boxes with exciting rewards.

The sixth one is the Cutie Town disc, and players can get it without spending any warp crystals. Find the warp locations in the game and use your warp discs to transport yourself into a distant world.

All warp discs in High on Life
All warp discs

Our Take On Warp Crystals

During my experience, Warp Crystals is a fun aspect that encourages players to explore the in-depth world. I enjoyed searching for them in places like Zephyr Paradise and Port Terrene. Also, finding them in the Luglox Chests was an exciting surprise. 

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