High on Life: Watch The Guys Bike [Explained]

Learn how to watch a bike for a random alien in High on Life.

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High on Life watching the guy's bike

You would never have guessed that you would be reading about watching a bike in a video game, did you? Well, this unorthodox comedic game ‘High on Life’ is filled with stuff you could never predict. This game has some random stuff that may or may not affect the story’s outcome.

High on Life consists of some very interesting NPCs, and the guy who asks you to watch his bike is definitely one of them. Keep reading if you want to know all about this unique and random interaction with the NPC and find out if it impacts the story or not.

Key Takeaways

  • While playing High on Life, players will be able to interact with the alien which will force them to watch his bike.
  • Whatever you try to do, you will permanently lose his bike, and he will return only when you lose it.
  • This interaction does not impact High on Life’s main story.

The Guy With The Bike

High on Life brings a lot of weird and unusual features to the table. And when you are exploring Blim City, you will see many of those strange things happening in your surrounding. One of those things in High on Life is this alien who asks you to watch his bike.

This guy will be standing next to a trash can, with his bike resting in a bin of some sort. This alien will always be there with a different appearance every time. He will always have the same voice and dialogue despite being green, yellow, purple, or orange.

Alien standing next to a bike in High on Life
NPC standing next to the trash will be watching his bike.

If you go close to him, you’ll see an option to interact with him. If you interact with the alien, he’ll ask you if you can keep an eye on his bike for just a minute and that he’ll be right back. You don’t have the option to say no since your Gatlian gun will always say yes and agree to help the guy.

After that, the guy is extremely thankful that you agreed to watch his bike and calls you a lifesaver. While also jokingly warning you that you shouldn’t let anything happen to his bike. After exchanging these words, he runs off, leaving you to take care of his bike.

Can You Keep His Bike Safe?

After accepting his request to keep his bike safe, you may wonder what is tricky about it. You’re on your way to saving Earth and becoming the most excellent bounty hunter in the galaxy. Surely keeping a bike safe can’t be that hard.

I hate breaking it to you, but keeping his bike safe is impossible. It is not your fault, though! After the NPC runs out of sight, you are responsible for keeping an eye on his bike. But the problem arises that he never returns if you keep your character’s head pointed at the bike.

High on Life watch bike next to trash can
Watching bike in High on Life.

As soon as you do a full rotation or change your field of view and look away from the bike, the bike vanishes into thin air. Once the bike vanishes, it cannot be retrieved. You may look around and try to find who took it and where it could go, but all in vain. The bike is lost forever.

The guy who trusted you with his bike returns just after you lose his bike, and he will not be happy about it. Initially, he asks you where his bike is and then gets mad at you for letting someone take it. Your Gatlian weapon then tries to convince him that it wasn’t your fault.

However, this doesn’t console the guy; he starts crying and talking about how vital this bike is to him. After he has gone through all the stages of grief, he starts to curse at you relentlessly.

Man crying for his lost bike in High on Life
Guy crying after you lost his bike.

The cursing goes on for quite some time. He does not forgive you and will continue to stay salty even through the post-game.

Don’t feel bad about not being able to watch his bike since it’s impossible to do so. This interaction does not have any impact on the main storyline. It is just another useless, funny little detail developers added to the game, in addition to the fact that you can watch entire movies like Tammy and The Trex in High on Life.

Closing Remarks

High on Life is filled with rather bizarre interactions, often just to make the game more funny and engaging. Watching a bike for a random alien is a prime example of that peculiar exchange.

Justin Roiland has created a fantastic comedic game, and its randomness is one reason why it is so funny. However, the game is funny, has cool visual effects, and is a unique FPS game.

Apart from that, High on Life has indeed made interacting with NPCs way more fun than it should have been. With all these features added to the game, you may also check out our guide answering High on Life how long to beat?

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