How To Add Friends On GTA Online [Explained]

Learn how you can add and invite your friends to your session in GTA Online.

How to add friends on GTA Online
How to add friends on GTA Online

The core theme of any multiplayer game is to make it enjoyable for players to play among friends. This factor also applies to GTA 5, which determines why this game is still popular even years after its release. Making friends can also be beneficial in GTA 5 in many situations. However, players need to know how to add friends on GTA Online and invite them to their sessions.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a few approaches to adding someone as a friend in GTA Online. Both PC and consoles have the same way.
  • The most standard one is adding them from the Rockstar Social Club, PlayStation, or Xbox ID. This is if you can manually add them.
  • In-game options are also available to add someone as your friend. The most basic one is through Contacts on your phone. Simply go to any of the players’ names and select Send Friend Request option. Or you can also select the Show Profile option and add him as a friend from there.
  • If you are a mission host, you can add anyone as a friend who has joined you on the mission. Simply go to his profile, and the options will be available.
  • Later, you can invite them to your session or missions to have fun together or complete difficult missions.

Adding Friends On GTA Online

There are a few possible ways to add friends in GTA Online. Subsequently, these methods will probably be the same for consoles and PCs. However, one thing to remember is that cross-platform play is unavailable for GTA Online. Therefore, only the players of the same device can befriend each other.

Moreover, GTA Online is extra rewarding for players who prefer playing it with friends. The reason is that whenever you perform missions with friends, each player will receive a bonus amount of cash and RP for every individual present.

Furthermore, players can create a lobby where friends can play together without interference from a random player. You can check out our guide on How to make a Private Lobby in GTA 5.

Add Friends On PC

As for the PC, a Rockstar Social Club account is a requirement to play the game. This account will also be valid for making lots of friends in GTA Online. A few methods exist to add someone as your friend in GTA Online.

Add friends in GTA Online
Add Friends Through Rockstar Social Club – Image captured by Gamesual.
  • Knowing his/her Rockstar account’s nickname, you can add someone as your friend. You can press the Home key and go to the Social tab. Then go to the option Find Player and write down that player’s name. After the search, an option to add him as a friend will be displayed along with other profile options. 
  • Another way, and the most convenient, is to add someone through the Contact list. However, an important factor is that the contact list will only display the names of players currently in the same session as yours. Press the Up Arrow key and go to the Contacts. Click on the player’s name, who you wish to add as a friend, and select the option “Send friend request.” You can also select the Show Profile option, which will take you to the player’s Rockstar account. 
  • Yet another way to visit a player’s profile is through the Pause Menu. In the pause menu, there will be an option by the name Players in the Online tab. Go to that option, and every player’s list will be displayed. Click on any player, and an option to reach his profile will eventually appear.
  • A host can also send a friend request to players who have joined him on his job or mission. Simply view the player’s profile from there and add him as a friend.

Add Friends On Consoles

For console players, the method for adding friends does not change. Players can view each other’s profiles through various methods. 

Add friends from pause menu
Send Friend Request From Pause Menu – Image captured by Gamesual.
  • Players can add friends through contacts where all the players in the session will be shown.
  • From the Pause Menu, the Online tab will have the option name Player. You can access the profile of players and add them as friends.
  • If a player joins you on your job, you can view his profile in the preparation phase and send him a friend request.

However, one factor to note here is that, unlike PC, profile options for consoles will direct you to the player’s PlayStation or Xbox account. 

Inviting Friends To GTA Online

The purpose of having friends in GTA Online is to use them for your benefit. This is because some missions are quite hard to take on your own. Explicitly, supply missions for your business are better off performing with your friends. It is because multiple supply vehicles can spawn simultaneously, and the delivery is to be done within a specified time. 

Invite friends to mission in GTA Online
Invite Friends for the Missions – Image captured by Gamesual.
  • If you prefer playing with friends rather than a random player, invite them to your current session via the Pause Menu. Simply go to the Friends option in the pause menu and send the game invite to any friends you wish to play with. 
  • You can invite them through their Rockstar, PlayStation, or Xbox ID.
  • If you play on a PC, your friends can join your session by pressing the Home key. The pop-up will display the option to Join the Game along with your ID. 
  • You can also invite friends straight to the missions. During the Invite phase, select the My Friends option and invite your friends to tag along. 

Final Words

To conclude, a multiplayer game is best enjoyed playing with friends. A relishing and much exciting experience for multiplayer unravels when a group of friends tries to make a mess or create exciting memories.

Moreover, GTA Online creates an overhaul for its community, promoting teamwork rather than solo playthroughs. Its missions are based on such dynamics that a player will find it difficult to fulfill their objectives all by himself. 

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