GTA 5: How To Be A Cop? [Explained]

You can be a cop in GTA 5 while playing online, through the story or with mods

How to be a cop in GTA5
How to be a cop in GTA5

The freedom to steal automobiles, fire at strangers, and commit other crimes is one of the game’s greatest strengths in Grand Theft Auto 5. But the reality is that playing GTA 5 for too long can make people wish they were cops instead. You might be thinking about How to be a cop in GTA 5 if you’re looking for a fresh and distinct challenge. In all honesty, that’s not impossible, and it might add a whole new dimension of interest and complexity to the game.

Read on if you’re ready to give up your criminal ways and instead join the ranks of law enforcement. This walkthrough will show you how to join the police force in Grand Theft Auto 5 if you’re playing online, through the story, or with mods.

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 requires quick reflexes and adaptability for a cop.
  • It’s difficult to effectively play the role of a cop or aid your comrades when you’re in Director Mode.
  • Joining the police in Grand Theft Auto V is an excellent way to go around and participate in various missions and patrols.

Joining the police in Grand Theft Auto V is an excellent way to go around and participate in various missions and patrols. Like Rockstar Editor, you can jump into action by stealing a cop car from the Players > Emergency Services submenu. Most importantly, the LSPDFR mod can also be used to assume the role of the law enforcement officer.

There is no time limit after you begin your police career in Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should divide up your time as a police officer. Similarly to their male counterparts, the game’s female police officers also dress and usually act around the wide Los Santos.

Primary Police Station in GTA5
Primary police station location

For those wondering where to find the police station “primary” station is located in Mission Row. It is an excellent place to start for anyone interested in a career in police enforcement. The station has a limited supply of vehicles and equipment, although nearby stations are easily accessible by car or on foot if more is required.

No one knows how long Grand Theft Auto 5’s police career mode will keep the player occupied. The player can spend a considerable amount of time in the position of a police officer, as the game provides a wide variety of missions and duties related to that profession.

How To Be A Cop In GTA 5

Easiest way to be a cop in GTA5
Easy way to join the police force in GTA5

There are two ways to become a GTA 5 cop online or offline:

  1. Director Mode
  2. RPG Servers

Director Mode (Offline)

GTA 5’s director’s mode lets gamers be cops offline. Select Director Mode in Rockstar Editor. Open Emergency Services under Actors. Ultimately, select LSPD to become a cop.

Want to know more about Director Mode? Please visit GTA 5 Director Mode guide.

RPG Servers (Online)

Joining a role-playing server is another way to become a GTA Online police officer. These servers let you play the police and meet new people. RP servers have rules, so respect them, or you’ll be kicked. RageMP and FiveM are famous cop role-playing servers.

GTA 5 Offline Police Tutorial With Mod

You can role-play as a cop in the game’s offline mode after finishing the story mode. I recommend becoming a cop offline to fulfill your fantasy. Use the LSPDFR mod. The add-on lets GTA Online users become police officers and complete objectives. It gives GTA Online police role-players a whole new thrill (RP).

GTA 5 Police Mod Lets you:

  • Fast car chases
  • Pursuing 5-star criminals
  • Release felons (guilty or innocent)

Players can even create their police department, rearrange cars, and personalize weapons.

You can follow these steps to install the GTA 5 LSPDFR mod.

  • Install LSPDFR.
  • Ensure you extract every file from the LSPDFR package.
  • Place it in the game folder.

Next, check the game folder for these items:

  • A compressed LSPDFR file includes an audio folder, a char folder, and a data folder.
  • A Plugins folder includes LSPD First Response.dll.
  • Finally, look for RAGEPluginHook.exe.

Congratulations! LSPDFR is installed successfully.

How To Be A Cop With Mod In GTA 5

In this brand-new and fascinating game mod, you can assume the role of a respectable officer with the LSPD. Although It’s reminiscent of being a police officer in the real world, you might have more fun becoming one in GTA: Story Mode.

From high-speed chases to hazardous villains, this mod has it all. Furthermore, as a law enforcement officer, you will have complete discretion in your duties. It is possible to act in a dishonorable manner while serving as a police officer. In addition, You can arrest those who have done nothing wrong or have broken the law.

Overall, LSPDFR is very customizable and can undergo various changes. It’s a massive bonus to the game’s depth. This modification’s only drawback is that it must be executed on a computer.

Police in Grand Theft Auto V have all-black outfits consisting of long black slacks, black boots, and black police caps with black brims. Their jerseys also feature a logo. The female law enforcement characters in Grand Theft Auto V are the first to share the same mannerisms and speech patterns as their male counterparts.


As a result, Players of Grand Theft Auto 5 may now train like cops. In a video game, taking on the role of a police officer may be exciting and challenging, whether you play the main story or use game mods. You may genuinely immerse yourself in the realm of police departments. And you have a truly unique gaming experience by using a role-playing server with a police-themed setting, a few mods, and some exploring.

Your Grand Theft Auto V career as a police officer is complete, as you know how to be a cop in GTA 5. Grab your controller in your hand and start your journey as a cop. Best of luck, the young cop!

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