High On Life: How To Beat Nipulon

Defeating the second-in-command of G3 cartel is not an easy task. Here is how I did it.

how to beat Nipulon in High on Life
How to Beat Nipulon in High on Life

Nipulon is the second-best boss in the game; therefore, beating him will not be easy. Here is my journey of defeating this monster in High on Life.

Key Takeaways

  • Nipulon is a mantis-head alien and the second-in-command of the G3 cartel. He runs an exotic drug lounge in Port Terrene.
  • Curing the Goop monster by providing him with medicinal flowers will ensure your entrance into Nipulon’s residence.
  • Entering his office through the golden door will instantly start your fight with Nipulon.
  • The fight occurs in four phases:
    • 1st Phase: Relatively easier, lasts until Nipulon’s health bar drops by a quarter.
    • 2nd Phase: Nipulon creates many harmless replicas. After identifying real villain, drop his health bar to 40%.
    • 3rd Phase: Clones attack with laser beams. Identify the real villain and drop his health bar to 10%.
    • 4th Phase: Attack him with all your weapons and deal the final blow with Knifey.

Nipulon in bounty walkthrough
Nipulon’s introduction poster during the Bounty Walkthrough

How To Beat Nipulon?

Your fight with Nipulon will start immediately after you meet him in his office. Start the action by firing at him as soon as he enters the room.

The fight is divided into four phases, each more intense than the other. While I could pass the first phase easily, the remaining three tested my nerves and command of the game. Here is the detail of these phases and my experience of overcoming the challenges:

Helen is the receptionist of Nipulon in High on Life
Helen is Nipulon’s receptionist in High on Life

Phase 1

  1. The first phase of the fight starts after you open fire at Nipulon in his office.
  2. He will attack you in response; you can attack him easily even if you don’t have a sharp aim.
  3. You can defend yourself from his attacks by hiding behind his office furniture.
  4. Nipulon lacks mobility, but there is one thing he has more than other villains of the game. 
  5. Once his health bar drops by a quarter, he will enable a protective shield around himself. Thereby making your attacks more useless.Nipulon will release a hallucinating gas after you beat his health by one fourth in High on Life
  6. Not only that, but he will also fill in the room with a hallucinating gas. Phase two of the fight starts once you are out of the effects of the gas.
  7. During the first interluding period, the hallucinations will take you to chat with Gene.
  8. To get out of it, jump into the black hole appearing amid the area. It will bring you back into the fight against Nipulon.

Phase 2

  • Once you are out of the dream, you will see many replicas of Nipulon. 
  • Ignore them as they are harmless clones and move on to identify the original boss.
  • I easily identified the original Nipulon by locating where the bullets came from. You can also locate him by his skin tone, which differs from the clones.
  • Keep attacking until his health bar drops to nearly 40%.
multiple replicas of Nipulon
Multiple replicas of Nipulon

Phase 3

  1. Like the previous phase, phase three starts with a hallucination.
  2. This time, you will find yourself in a loop of dreams about your house. You will be chatting with Lizzie around the kitchen.
  3. Once again, jump into the black hole appearing amid the area and get ready to fight.
  4. Nipulon will once again clone himself into many copies.
  5. It was quite challenging for me this time as the clone attacked me with laser beams in a highly disciplined manner.
  6. I only suggest dodging their attacks and trying to find the original peach-colored Nipulon.
  7. Bring your gatlians and beat the Nipulon until his health bar drops to 10%. The final phase will start from here.
meeting lizzie around the kitchen
Meeting Lizzie around the Kitchen during hallucinated dreams

Phase 4

  1. Surprisingly, at 10% health, Nipulon gets more dangerous. That is why I recommend bringing your best arsenal to work during this phase.
  2. Collect all four weapons scattered around the area and use them simultaneously to counter the various deadly clones and the original Nipulon.
  3. In a hallway full of clones attacking you, keep moving ahead while ravaging through the clones until you reach the end. The original Nipulon will be there.
  4. To finally beat the Nipulon, deal the final blow with Knifey.
  5. After killing Nipulon, collect his DNA and use Bounty-5k to go back.
Dead Nipulon in High on Life
Your final strike with Knifey will kill Nipulon.

Before returning, don’t forget to open the Luglox chest around his office. Moreover, you can also find the hint to Dr. Gurgula on one of the screens there.

My Thoughts On This Fight

This was seriously a tough fight. Nipulon tested my nerves, and I had to replay it a few times to beat him in the game, finally. What I think could be the most useful suggestion during this fight would be to constantly keep your eyes on the real Nipulon and damage him as much as possible while dodging his attacks.

If you still have confusion over the fight, let me know in the comments section and I will be happy to answer your queries. 

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