High On Life: How To Beat Nipulon

Defeating the second-in-command of G3 cartel is not going to be an easy task and you would certainly need our guide below to beat Nipulon in High on Life.

how to beat Nipulon in High on Life
How to Beat Nipulon in High on Life

Your second last task would be to beat Nipulon in High on Life once you defeat most of the G3 cartel. After you come back alive from the Blim City invasion, immediately get ready to face off against the mantis-head boss. Nipulon is the second-best boss in High on Life; therefore, it will not be an easy task to beat him. But do not worry; our guide is here to make your bounty a fun yet exciting mission in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Nipulon is a mantis-head alien and the second-in-command of the G3 cartel in High on Life. He runs an exotic drug lounge in Port Terrene.
  • Being the most feared boss in the G3 cartel, he has unique ways of dealing with his opponents. His primary strategy includes hallucinating his opponents and confusing them by cloning himself. This way, he can then kill them easily.
  • However, you can beat Nipulon in High on Life if you are consistent and plan a decent strategy. Moreover, a few crucial tips regarding his identification can make defeating him in the game easier.
  • Curing the Goop monster by providing him with medicinal flowers will ensure you can enter Nipulon’s residence in a disguised appearance. Entering his office through the golden door will instantly start your fight with Nipulon.
  • The fight occurs in four phases, and each stage will be more difficult than the other. Moreover, the intensity of attacks from Nipulon will increase with each passing phase. You can counter his attacks and fail his strategies by staying consistent with your attacks. Deal the final blow with Knifey to finally beat Nipulon in High on Life.

Defeating Nipulon takes you one step closer to the secret ending of High in Life. You can learn more about the whole sequence in our extensive guide on High On Life: Secret Ending.

Nipulon In High On Life

Nipulon is a mantis-head alien in High on Life who is also the second-strongest boss of the G3 cartel. While also the most fearful character in the G3 cartel, he is the Chief of Customer Liaisons. Moreover, in his residence in Port Terrene, he runs a drug lounge where prominent convicts of the game come and get high off human drugs.

Nipulon in bounty walkthrough
Nipulon’s introduction poster during Bounty Walkthrough

Your fight against Nipulon will be very unconventional, so beating him in High on Life will not be easy. Moreover, he is right-hand to Garmantous, the game’s final boss. During your fight, he will try to hallucinate you in any way possible. But that is not it; he will attack you in ways not seen before.

We will tell you how to deal with him in High on Life. However, before the final face-off happens, players must fulfill a few requirements to proceed with the storyline. Let’s get a brief walkthrough of our bounty mission.

Bounty Walkthrough

Before reaching the final four-stage fight to beat Nipulon in High on Life, players must reach him by going through the designed storyline. A few of the critical things you would need to do before fighting the dreadful boss are explained below:

  • After the Blim City invasion, use the Bounty-5k to take the Nipulon bounty and teleport to Port Terrene.
  • In order to secure your entrance into Nipulon’s lounge, you would need to sneak in as a disguised character. Goop Monster provides the primary help you need in High on Life. Unfortunately, he is very sick, and to get his help, you will need to cure him first. The Goop monster will guide you about it. Secure your entry into Nipulon’s house by finding medicinal flowers to heal the Goop master.

    goop monster
    Goop monster in High on Life
  • You can find the medicinal flower on the other side of the Terrene Ravine. However, to reach there, you will have to make a bridge. Obviously, you cann0t do it on your own. You will find Mackincheese brothers there who will help you build the bridge and cross it. All you need to do is convince Papa Mackincheese and tell his kids, “Your dad loves you.” They will create a rainbow bridge for you, and you can find medicinal flowers easily.

    Mackincheese Brothers
    Mackincheese brothers in High on Life
  • Once you are gooped, start your journey toward Nipulon’s lounge in High on Life. While on your way, you will meet a few G3 units. You can either kill them or sneak past them. Inside Nipulon’s lounge, use the elevator to go to the private booth and kill the alien smoking humans. Go to the upper levels of the building using magnetic walls meanwhile fighting waves of enemies.
  • Finally, enter the golden door, and you will find Helen, the receptionist at the front desk in Nipulon’s office. You will have to wait for some time before finally meeting Nipulon to beat him in High on Life.

    aliens getting high on humans life in Nipulon lounge
    Aliens getting high on humans.

How To Beat Nipulon In High On Life

Your fight with Nipulon will start immediately after you meet him in his office. Start the action by firing at him as soon as he enters the room. However, the fight is not going to be easy. Therefore, you must strategize your attacks by comprehending the situation and dealing maximum damage to the boss.

The fight is divided into four phases, each more intense than the other. Only the first round of the fight will be accessible. The remaining three phases will test the players’ experience and abilities in the game. Players can find the details of these phases and the best strategies to beat Nipulon in High on Life below:

Helen is the receptionist of Nipulon in High on Life
Helen is Nipulon’s receptionist in High on Life

Phase 1

The first phase of the game starts after you open fire at him in his office. He will attack you in response, however; his attacks will be very slow. Not only that, but his movements are also very slow. Therefore you can attack him easily even if you don’t have a sharp aim. Additionally, you can defend yourself from his attacks by hiding behind his office furniture.

Nipulon lacks mobility, but there is one thing he has more than other villains of the game. He is very resistant to your attacks and takes very less damage. That is why it is a frustrating task to beat Nipulon in High on Life. Moreover, once his health bar drops by a quarter, he will enable a protective shield around himself. Thereby making your attacks more useless.Nipulon will release a hallucinating gas after you beat his health by one fourth in High on Life

Not only that, but he will also fill in the room with a hallucinating gas. Phase two of the fight starts once you are out of the effects of the gas. During the first interluding period, the hallucinations will take you to chat with Gene in High on Life. To get out of it, jump into the black hole appearing amid the area. It will bring you back into the fight against Nipulon in High on Life.

Phase 2

During your hallucination, when you are exchanging dialogues with Gene, you will see a beam of light. Jump into it, and you will officially enter the second phase of your fight against Nipulon. Once you are out of the dream, you will see many replicas of Nipulon. You don’t need to beat all these replicas of Nipulon in High on Life. Ignore them as they are harmless clones and move on to identify the original boss.

You can easily identify the original Nipulon by locating where the bullets are coming from at you. Moreover, his skin tone will be different from the clones. Therefore, identify him as soon as possible and blatantly attack him. Keep attacking until his health bar drops to nearly 40%. The third phase will start from here.

multiple replicas of Nipulon
Multiple replicas of Nipulon

Phase 3

Like the previous phase, phase three starts with a hallucination. This time, you will find yourself in a loop of dreams about your house. You will be chatting with Lizzie around the kitchen. Once again, jump into the black hole appearing in the midst of the area and get ready to fight.

Nipulon will once again clone himself into many copies. However, this will be different as the clones can attack you with laser beams in a highly disciplined manner. Dodge their attacks and try to find the original peach-colored Nipulon. Bring your gatlians in action and beat the Nipulon in this phase in High on Life until his health bar drops to 10%. The final phase will start from here.

meeting lizzie around the kitchen
Meeting Lizzie around the Kitchen during hallucinated dreams

Phase 4

The fight has the final phase now, and you are about to beat Nipulon in High on Life. However, even at 10% health, Nipulon gets more dangerous. Therefore, you will need to bring all your guns into action. Collect all four weapons scattered around the area and use them simultaneously to counter the various deadly clones and the original Nipulon.

In a hallway full of clones attacking you, keep moving ahead while ravaging through the clones until you reach the end. The original Nipulon will be there. To finally beat the Nipulon in High on Life, deal the final blow with Knifey. After killing Nipulon, collect his DNA and use Bounty-5k to go back.

Dead Nipulon in High on Life
Your final strike with Knifey will kill Nipulon in High on Life

Before returning, don’t forget to open the Luglox chest around his office. Moreover, you can also find the hint to Dr. Gurgula in High on Life on one of the screens there.

We hope our guide helped you to beat Nipulon in High on Life. What do you think of this boss fight? Was it easy to defeat him, or did it take some tries? Tell us in the comments.

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