Street Fighter 6: How To Block [Tips & Tricks]

Learn how to block in Street Fighter 6 and enhance your gameplay experience by claiming victory in each fight.

Street Fighter 6 How to Block
Street Fighter 6 How to Block

Street Fighter 6 is now here, revolutionizing 1vs1 and bringing fierce competition. But before diving in, one must know and master the fundamental skill of Blocking. A good defense combined with a relatively good offense can be a key factor in deciding whether the battle ends in victory or defeat in Street Fighter 6. So, grab your controllers, channel in your inner Ryu, and dive right into the world of defense in Street Fighter 6!

Key Takeaways

  • Players can master two basic types of blocking in Street Fighter 6: Standing Block and Crouching Block.
  • Players can master two primary types of block timings in Street Fighter 6: Normal Blocking and Late Blocking.
  • Optimal positioning and control over the space between you and your opponent is also essential in learning how to block in Street Fighter 6
  • Advanced Techniques like the “V-Reversal, Parry, and Guard Crush” are essential defensive mechanics to enhance your blocking capabilities. 

Know Your Options

Standing Block Street Fighter 6
Normal Block while standing up- Image Credits: Gamesual

There is not one definite way to block Street Fighter 6. There are multiple ways to block against your opponent’s barrage. The most basic form of blocking is holding the joystick in the back directly on your joystick or pad.

This technique is called “Standing Block” and is highly effective against high and mid-level attacks, But be aware that this leaves you vulnerable to low attacks.

Crouch Block in Street Fighter 6
Normal block while in the crouch position- Image Credits: Gamesual

To protect yourself against the low attacks, use the “Crouching Block.” You can block low attacks by holding down and back on your joystick or pad. This stance will expose you to overhead attacks, so be prepared to switch to the standing block.

Timing Is Everything

Effective blocking requires precise timing. Merely holding back or down-back will not be enough against skilled opponents. Pay attention to your opponent’s attack patterns and anticipate when to execute your block.

Street Fighter 6 has two primary block timings to master: normal blocking and late blocking. Normal blocking is when you block just as the opponent’s attack is about to connect. The timing is essential to block most attacks effectively.

Late Blocking in Street Fighter 6
Blocking at the last possible moment with precise timing – Image Credits: Gamesual

On the other hand, late blocking involves waiting until the last possible moment before initiating your block. Doing so can minimize the chip damage received from blocked special moves. However, late blocking requires impeccable timing and can be risky, as mistiming it may leave you vulnerable to damage.

Focus On Footsies And Spacing

Blocking is not solely about holding back or crouching; it’s also a strategic element of the footsie game. Footsies refer to the battle for optimal positioning and control over the space between you and your opponent.

Mastering footsies lets you control the fight’s pace and effectively block your opponent’s advances. Keep an eye on your opponent’s movement patterns and attempt to maintain a good spacing where you can effectively counter their attacks.

Footsie game
Space awareness between you and your opponent in Street Fighter 6- Image Credits: Gamesual

Moreover, understanding the ranges of your attacks will help you anticipate your opponent’s movements and respond with the appropriate blocking technique. You can swiftly punish your adversary’s mistakes by keeping the right distance and precisely blocking.

Utilize Advanced Defensive Techniques

Street Fighter 6 introduces new defensive mechanics to enhance your blocking capabilities. Familiarize yourself with these advanced techniques to gain an edge in battle.

For countering any attack from an opponent with offense and gauge meter consumption- Image Credits: Gamesual

Firstly, the “V-Reversal” allows you to counterattack while blocking an opponent’s attack. Expanding one segment of your V-Gauge can interrupt your opponent’s pressure and create breathing room for yourself.

Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6
Perfect Parry in Street Fighter 6

Secondly, the “Parry” technique returns in Street Fighter 6, offering the opportunity to turn defense into offense. Timing your parries correctly allows you to nullify an opponent’s attack and unleash a powerful counter.

Guard Crush with special combo in Street Fighter 6
Executing special combos at the right moment for the opponent’s armor break

Lastly, make use of “Guard Crush” opportunities. Opponents may become vulnerable to a “Guard Crush” attack when they are overly defensive and have their guard continuously pressured. Recognize when your opponent’s guard is about to break and unleash a devastating combo to capitalize on their weakness.

In Street Fighter 6, a solid defense is just as vital as an explosive offense. By mastering the art of blocking, you can tip the scale in your favor and thwart your opponents. Remember to explore the various blocking options, hone your timing, and understand the strategic aspect of claiming ground space using footsies.

Embrace the new defensive mechanics introduced in Street Fighter 6, and with practice and determination, you will become an impenetrable fortress on the battlefield. So, fellow warriors, let’s raise our guards and march to victory!

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