How To Build A Sink In Minecraft [Redstone]

Bored in the world? Use the Redstone dust to get your creativity going and learn how to build a sink in Minecraft.

how to build a sink in minecraft
How to Build a sink in Minecraft

Exploring Minecraft’s creative potential has been a fascinating journey for me. This has increased even further with the addition of Redstone in the 1.5 updates. With Redstone, you can take your crafting skills to the next level. Build doors, farms, computers, and sinks; if you have Redstone dust, nothing can stop you from spreading your creative wings. If you are also one of those creative players who are seeking to learn how to build a sink in Minecraft, then you are at the right place.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can find Redstone dust by mining Redstone ores.
  • Achieving the goal of building a sink in Minecraft starts with acquiring necessary items like slabs, trapdoors, dispensers, tripwire hooks, and Redstone.
  • Build the counter using Quartz slabs or trapdoors. Dig and place a dispenser in the middle where you want the sink to be. Use a tripwire hook for the tap.
  • Place Redstone dust behind the sink by digging in the middle. Wire the connections till another block of glass or concrete is. You can also place hoppers on adjacent sides and place Redstone dust inside them. Once built, you could use this as your sink or go one step further by using a command block.
  • Place two command blocks to add options to your sink. Write down the commands for hot and cold water in the command blocks.
  • Activate the buttons on the first tap, after which they will provide hot or cold water respectively according to the button pressed.

Redstone, The Wonder Element

In my Minecraft adventures, the discovery of Redstone has been a game-changer. Introduced in the 1.5 updates, Redstone has dropped all bounds to creativity. It is the key element used in most creations for the smooth operation of items. Also known as the “Magic Powder,” Redstone can power mechanisms.

Meanwhile, Redstone dust makes wires, torches, and traps. It can also be crafted into a storage container.  When placed in the world, it transforms into a wire, which can be placed in various locations. Due to its transmission capabilities, it is used to drive mechanical systems.

Players can discover Redstone by mining a Redstone ore, although you can also obtain it by trading, looting, or killing witches. Once acquired, you can repurpose it for a variety of uses, such as building a unique sink in Minecraft.

While not all Redstone projects are useful, they are still fun and add something witty to your build.

Building A Sink In Minecraft

Now, when it comes to building a sink in Minecraft, my exploration led me to discover a fully functional sink powered entirely by Redstone. Our sink is run and entirely powered by Redstone. From the wiring to the command block, we used Redstone in every component to build an efficient sink. With that said, let’s start building!

Items Required

To build your sink, you need first to have all these items.

Items required placed in a field to build a sink in minecraft
Collect all of these items to build your sink
  • Quartz Slabs
  • Quartz Stairs
  • Buckets of Water
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Stone buttons
  • Hoppers
  • Redstone torches
  • Redstone dust
  • Redstone comparator
  • Command block


Once you have all of these items in one place, let’s get building!

Find A suitable location to build

After acquiring all the necessary items, your first order of business should be to find a place where you want to build the sink.

Build the counter using Quartz slabs

Build a counter using the quartz slabs. Remove the block in the middle and dig into the ground. Place a dispenser in the middle. Then, place one slab in the middle and surround it with quartz stairs all over until you get a sink. You can also use trap doors to make the boundary.

Sink using Quartz slabs in Minecraft
Place Quartz stairs to make the counter

Place the tripwire hook

Next, place a tripwire hook in the middle of the wall. Place two buttons on either side of the hook. We’ll use the command block to modify the buttons so that hot water comes out of one and cold out of the other.

trip wire hook on a wall in minecraft
Placing the tripwire hook on the wall

You could stop here if you don’t want to build a fancy sink.

Just go behind the sink, and place a concrete or grass block to the side. Dig in the middle, two blocks deep, and place Redstone inside and till the block. If you go to the sink and press the button, water will appear in the sink, and you have a fully functional sink.

putting redstone dust underneath the sink in minecraft
Place Redstone dust until the grass block.

However, for this guide, we are making a sink that supplies hot and cold water on command. To achieve this, follow the steps below.

Fill the sink with water.

Select the water bucket and place it on top of the slabs. Minecraft now allows you to place water blocks.  This will give you a realistic sink to look at.

Create a command block

To make the sink functional, you need command blocks. Open the chat box and type the following command in.

/give your_minecraft_name comm (which auto-fills to Minecraftcommand_block)

selecting command block in minecraft
Adding command block

Place the Redstone torches

Redstone can be crafted to make torches. These torches will give a Redstone signal to the command block. Go behind the sink and place two Redstone torches on either side behind the two buttons. The torches can be turned off and on to your choice.

Redstone torches on a wall in Minecraft
Place two torches on either side.

Place hoppers side to side

The next step is to place two hoppers side by side on either side of the torches.  You want both the hoppers to be connected thus, place the two hoppers, destroy the first one and connect one to it.

hoppers in minecraft placed side by side to build the sink
Hoppers placed on either side

Use the Redstone dust.

Grab your Redstone dust and place it on top of both hoppers. This will deactivate the hoppers.

Place an item inside the hoppers.

Select the hoppers and place exactly one item inside them. You can place the Redstone dust inside it. With your back against the sink, place two Redstone comparators on either side inside each hopper. Redstone comparators are used to maintain signal strength; placing them inside the hoppers will ensure the smooth functioning of our sink.

Since we are using the command block, the comparators come in handy as they store the output of the command block. As the command block outputs the same signal until it’s given a new signal, the comparator returns the same signal strength even when the command block is turned off.

Redstone placed in two hoppers in minecraft
Redstone inside both hoppers

Use the command blocks.

The command block is the real star of our sink. We have used the command block to input commands for the sink to give hot and cold water. We set the type to “Repeat” so that it is activated once, as long as it has the Redstone signal. The buttons send this signal on either side of the sink.

Place two command blocks at the end of each comparator. Change the “block type” of the command block from “Impulse” to “Repeat.” This is done by right-clicking on the command block and toggling the “Impulse.” The command block will now appear purple.

command block options in minecraft
Changing the command window options
command blocks appearing purple
The command blocks will appear in purple

Type a command inside the command block

It’s time to put the command inside the command blocks finally. Right-click on each command block and paste the following command inside the Console Command.


[1] /particle minecraft:dripping_lava ~-2 ~0.85 ~3.90 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3

[2] /particle minecraft:dripping_water ~2 ~0.85 ~3.90 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3


[1] /particle minecraft:dripping_lava ~-3.90 ~0.85 ~-2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3

[2] /particle minecraft:dripping_water ~-3.90 ~0.85 ~2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3


[1] /particle minecraft:dripping_lava ~2 ~0.85 ~-3.90 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3

[2] /particle minecraft:dripping_water ~-2 ~0.85 ~-3.90 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3


[1] /particle minecraft:dripping_lava ~3.90 ~0.85 ~2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3

[2] /particle minecraft:dripping_water ~3.90 ~0.85 ~-2 0.02 0.02 0.02 0 3

Command [1] is for the left block, and command [2] is for the right one.

type code in command block
Type code for each block

Activate The Buttons

Stepping in front of the sink and personally pressing the buttons adds an interactive element to the whole process. You will see the water come out and then stop. Press the button again, and the water will start running again and won’t stop until you press the button again. The first press is required to activate the buttons; once done, you have a fully functional sink with hot and cold water.

water coming out of this sink in minecraft
Tap on the button to let the water flow

My Recommendations

In my opinion, this is what Minecraft is about. Creating anything and everything that might not serve a purpose during your playthrough, but is a nice addition to your house. Therefore, I hope this guide will help you craft a  fully functional sink that supplies hot and cold water. If you enjoyed building a sink, you could learn how to build a working dispenser or even a bathtub!

If you’re new to Minecraft and are looking for exciting projects to get started on, check out our article on How to craft and use punch enchantment in Minecraft.

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