Minecraft: How To Build Statue [12 Ideas]

Create magnificent and exceptional-looking statues to relish the outlook of your Minecraft world.

Minecraft statues ideas
Minecraft statues

Minecraft has a variety of materials that help you construct something of a particular idea. Following this, every player will intend to build something enormous which will outshine every other building in his world. Moreover, Minecraft favors a lot in this aspect where players can build an exquisite statue, with a design, straight out of their creative minds. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is best to consider building a statue in creative mode first. This is mainly due to the possibility that many resources might be needed to accomplish a certain structure.
  • Even if you are good with your craft, there might be issues with running low on resources or simply not getting the structure right on the first try.
  • To build a Minecraft statue, you must recognize the materials/blocks you need.
  • Due to the accessibility of various items in Minecraft, it is possible to build everything you imagine. Explicitly, this can be something from the game itself or any fantasy structures you imagine.
  • Players can build statues of mobs, items, or the components of the environment, such as trees. On the contrary, it will also be a flawless idea to carve something on the hills or mountainsides of the map.
  • A fantasy world structure, such as dragons and magical towers, can be surprisingly admirable for those whose craft is above the top-notch level.

Mob Statues

The most basic and astounding work of art in building Minecraft statues is the idea of creating the game’s entities. The best trait in building the statues of these creatures is that they can be friendly for even a starting-level player. It is because the pixelated textures of these creatures help better understand where to put a particular block to get accurate results.

However, a skillful player can add high-level details to his structure. Although, a basic technique of placing blocks in the y-coordinate can get the job done for a basic-level design. Players can stack certain blocks on top of each other in a particular way to obtain a base shape of the statue. Later, add minor details to complete the flattering look of their model.

Mobs statue in Minecraft
A cute and basic Statue of an Enderman

Explicitly, an Enderman statue will comprise any black-color block (Concrete or Obsidian) that players can place at a specific height. The Body, Legs, and Arms can use one block atop each other to fulfill the basic requirement. It is ideal to use a 3×3 block pattern for the head. Following this, players can build any mob of Minecraft by observing their textures and implementing them into building a statue.

If you need more similar ideas or to get rid of any confusion regarding mob statues, then head over to Zyyshan’s YouTube channel and take a gander at his creative mob statues ideas.

Hollow Knight Statue

Hollow Knight statue
Hollow Knight Statue by BitGardener

Minecraft’s creative environment welcomes a diverse audience from other fanbases. Surely, some would love to hone their skills to reflect their interest in other games. Hollow Knight is a simple-to-build statue in Minecraft and is quite famous in this example—a protagonist from the famous and fans-loving Indie game. 

The simplest method to form a Hollow Knight statue is quite formal. Players can casually build this Minecraft statue by acquiring a few blocks. Specifically, players would need:

  • Smooth Quartz
  • Gray Wool
  • Black Concrete

The Smooth Quartz blocks will help in shaping the head of Hollow Knight. It is because the color compliments the features of his head quite well. As for the body, Black Concrete will be most helpful in attaining accurate results. Furthermore, the Gray Wool will perfectly fit the clock it wears.

This explanation was rather for a simple Hollow Knight statue. However, you can put some major details to it with the help of the BitGardener YouTube channel.

Pickaxe Statue

Build Pickaxe statue Minecraft
Pickaxe Statue by Pozzy

A statue idea for those players who are responsive to learning and getting skillful at crafting. Sincerely, players who put much effort into building unique and enormous structures in Minecraft should probably have a statue like this. Explicitly, a Pickaxe statue would reflect a player’s interest in the arts of craftsmanship. 

A basic level of crafting this statue is to divide the structure into two components. Its wood-like handle and its head. Following this, players can build the base with the help of Wood Blocks. As for its pointy-edged top, the material would depend on which type of pickaxe you prefer. For example, Gold block if you want Golden Pickaxe or Iron block if you prefer having a standard, iconic Iron pickaxe.

Also, adding a stand at the base level would flourish the outlook of this statue. Regarding the base-holding structure, you can check the Pozzy YouTube video to get an idea of the whole framework of this statue.

Sword Statue

Upraising the spirit of craftsman alone, with a Pickaxe statue, would be unfair because numerous players of Minecraft love to keep themselves engaged in combat activities. Also, people would love to glamour a sword statue in their Minecraft world to captivate players interested in slaying other players or mobs. Moreover, an enormous sword statue in the middle of the land would be admirable.

Like the Pickaxe statue, the Sword statue is also easy to build. Players can build their base (hilt and grip) with Wood blocks. Whereas the blade is up to the player which material they prefer. You can also follow the same base structure as the Pickaxe statue to build a more eye-catching Minecraft design.

Sword statue
Giant Sword Statue by LennyRandom

However, when it comes to swords, it is for sure that lots of creative ideas will hit the mind. Ideas that will be exceedingly particular and will prove to be astounding. Regarding this, players can take inspiration from other games and implement its design as a Minecraft statue. Following this, the YouTube channel LennyRandom can help you get much more thought-provoking ideas.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower statue
Clock Tower by Minecraft Fantasy Builds

An enormous project which will outshine any other magnificent structure you might create. A clock tower will surely be challenging as many curves and edges need a sharp turn. But, a better grip on creating complex structures will not stop you from creating a marvelous, admirable statue among all your crafts. If you are new to Minecraft, consider that you cannot create a functioning clock tower. Rather, it will be an idle structure similar to every other. 

Players should know there will be no restriction on using a specific block to build a statue, such as a clock tower in Minecraft. It is because its beautification depends on the player’s perspective. Meaning it is totally up to you how you want to shape it. Giving a basic concept over the clock tower, its base should be taller on a square pattern. Then, make it broad in the center and a pointy top to secure iconic medieval looks.

Much in-depth clock tower creation guide is done by Minecraft Fantasy Builds. Check out the guide to building an astonish-looking and detailed statue in Minecraft.

Dragon Skull – Nether Portal

Dragon Skull statue
Dragon Skull Nether Portal by MegRae

A dragon seems to be an intimating idea regarding the statue building in Minecraft. Or perhaps just a part of that dragon. A Nether dimension is truly a terrifying place to experience in Minecraft. However, its entrance does not hold any grim sentiments about it. Rather, it looks quite pale and not much eye-catching. 

To resolve this conflict of a dull impression of the Nether portal, players can try to maintain a ghastly-looking entrance for this dimension. Simply create a Nether portal and build a dragon’s skull around it. Surely, building such a complicated structure will not be a walk in the park. Therefore, a guide to creating such monstrous architecture is available through the MegRae YouTube channel. The innovation and creator of this unique idea.

Using White Wool or Smooth Quartz blocks can fulfill the need to build this statue.

Jade Dragon Statue

Jade Dragon statue Minecraft
Jade Dragon Statue by MoreTrixyBlox

Only a part of the dragon will not be much of an enticing sight. So, why not build a statue of an entire dragon? A dragon seems like a much more complex art to create in Minecraft. Therefore, if you are interested in decorating your Minecraft world with such a complex structure, then it will be best to try a Jade Dragon. This fantasy creature will not have much-complicated components, such as wings, to deal with.

Regarding the statue’s exterior, Blocks of Emerald are a material that comes to mind first. However, Prismarine blocks will generate much more accurate results to obtain the best-looking Jade dragon. Although, it’s up to you which block you prefer using to attain a Jade-like theme. The straightforward body structure of this dragon will not hold any complexities for most players.

Despite being a beginner-level design, making a detailed statue is possible. The MoreTrixyBlox will help you build a more exquisite Jade Dragon in Minecraft.

Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower statue Minecraft
Wizard Tower by DiddiHD

Minecraft is all about letting your imagination flow endlessly. So, rather than implementing a basic structure, players with high crafting skills should dive more into fantasy-like architecture. Due to this, a Wizard Tower seems to be a remarkable idea. As for a Minecraft player, it will be a symbolic place to store your enchanted items, weapons, and books. Such achievements or materials will relish the interior of this place.

It will be best to prioritize making this structure in creative mode. It is because there will be a requirement of lots of resources to build this unique statue. This fact is to consider if you are willing to make a distinctive Wizard tower and not a basic one. Usually, these arcanist towers have a much extraordinary design that comprises an unmatched beauty.

To get a more typical and outstanding idea about making a Wizard tower, check out the tutorial on YouTube by DiddiHD. You will learn the materials to make a Wizard tower in detail there. Moreover, this tutorial will have three parts. If you want to follow along in making this magnificent structure, then be sure to watch all three parts.

Legacy Of Light

Legacy of Light MInecraft
Legacy of Light by LighterAura

One of the most mind-boggling ideas for a statue is the Legacy of Light by LighterAura. This structure is worth considering as a monument in your pixelated world of Minecraft. It is because the idea of this structure is distinguished from every other building idea and is surely an exclusively remarkable craft. 

The purpose of including such uncommon architecture in this statue list is that players should know that the only limit is their imagination. Just think of an idea and try to implement it in the sandbox world of Minecraft. The Legacy of Light is a tall tower with an aura of arcane resemblance.

Its exposed structure from the center holds glamorous lighting around which the tower has its fragments tightly. This statue will be fitting the most with Stone blocks.

Giant Tree

Giant Tree Minecraft
Giant Tree Structure by GlitchNOut

Building a statue also means you can modify the in-game structures according to your needs or interest. This idea especially implements in the trees of Minecraft. Mainly because Minecraft trees, by default, are tiny. Their looks don’t captivate the viewer’s attention mostly. Following this, building an enormous tree like a statue would be plentiful. 

Resources can be kept basic that usually a tree is comprised of in Minecraft: leaves and Wood blocks. Moreover, players can benefit from this statue. Its huge trunk and soaring height can act as a repository or a safe house. The top of the tree can provide a favorable view of the environment. That is, if other small trees do not intend to block that precious view.

Players can follow the guide from the GlitchNOut YouTube channel for a better understanding of this project.

Pirate Ship

An iconic presentation when it comes to building a statue in Minecraft. A pirate ship will most likely have lots of models to build due to most players’ interest. A pirate ship is truly the most alluring statue to build in Minecraft. But also the most difficult to shape as well. Its curves and uneven-level of the deck are not possible for everyone. Surely, a practiced hand is a requirement to establish a structure as enticing as this one.

Along with its unmatched beauty, a pirate ship is a lively place to make it a home. Players can create cabins according to their needs. Although, less room would replicate much likeness to a real ship. But players can accommodate the space of a whole deck to themselves. So it is quite sufficient space to live for a single person.

Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship Model by Striker Gaming

Majorly, a pirate ship is comprised of Wood blocks. It is best to consider using Wool for the sails because its textures are much like cloth. To add minor details to the ship, Campfire is the best block to give your ship smoke effects. However, an artificial smoke effect can also occur by using Spider Webs irregularly. Adding Lanterns on every deck corner would be an authentic detail to copy here.

Among countless tutorials of a pirate ship in Minecraft, one is from Striker Gaming YouTube, which provides a detailed ship structure.

Roman Soldier Statue

Roman Soldier Statue Minecraft
Roman Soldier Statue by Trydar

Honor and glory await! A gigantic soldier statue to match your courage and determination on the field of battle. A Roman soldier statue is not an easy structure to build in Minecraft. However, if you are skilled enough to succeed in every statue mentioned above, then this Roman soldier will not be any trouble building. 

To maintain simplicity and good results, you should be more specific about the materials you use. Regarding this statue, players can divide the structure into three levels. Namely, these are weaponry, clothing, and armor. Weaponry will include its shield and weapons such as a sword or spear. A sword can replicate what you would build as an individual sword statue. At the same time, the shield should use blocks similar to the armor.

To attain the best-looking Roman attire, use Gold blocks and Red Wool. Gold blocks will suit best in place of the armor, helmet, and shield. The clothing area is best covered with the help of the Red Wool. This combination of colors will help achieve a classified look of a Roman soldier. 

In the case of modeling, the Trydar YouTube channel will help you in every best way to build a Roman statue in Minecraft. Although, do keep in mind that his tutorial on the Roman soldier statue is based on three parts

That is about it for our guide on how to build statues in Minecraft. If you have any questions or opinions, please share them in the comments section below.

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