Counter Strike 2: How To Change Crosshair Styles [Explained]

Learn how to change the crosshair style in the new Counter Strike 2.

Counter Strike 2 Crosshair Styles [Explained]
Counter Strike 2 Crosshair Styles [Explained]

I think Crosshair has always been a critical and match-turning point of the Counter Strike games, and with the new release, changes in certain styles are also being implemented. This guide will explain how to change crosshair in Counter Strike 2, bringing the most fruitful impact to your gameplay and giving you the edge over your opponents.

Key Takeaways

  • You can change your crosshair settings to Settings -> Game -> Crosshair.
  • Factors to consider while designing a custom crosshair include Color, Size, Thickness, Experimenting, and Playstyle.
  • The console can also be used to customize the crosshair, thus allowing for more customization options and the ability to share crosshair styles with others.
  • Players can import crosshair codes used by pro players or friends to try different styles.

How To Change Crosshair

With changes in your crosshair’s size, color, and style, your aim can improve significantly. You could spot your enemies perfectly from far away if you figured out the perfect crosshair.

  1. Go to the settings (Gear icon) on the top left.
  2. Choose In-Game settings.
  3. Scroll down a bit to find Crosshair below Radar/Tablet.
Crosshair settings
Crosshair Style settings in-game options – Image Credits: Gamesual

If you prefer the old-school way, like me, you can edit the crosshair directly through the console and customize your desired style. To get started, I recommend learning how to open the console in Counter Strike?

Using the following commands, you can change your crosshair’s color, size, thickness, gap, style, and alpha by changing their values according to your needs. It can be easily done using the console:

  • cl_crosshaircolor
  • cl_crosshairsize
  • cl_crosshairthickness
  • cl_crosshairgap
  • cl_crosshairstyle
  • cl_crosshairalpha

Designing Crosshair

Picking up the correct color of your crosshair is the most crucial part of the game.  It has a massive impact on your complete mind presence and visibility in the game. Bright colors are preferred when accuracy is demanded, But Counter-Strike has many bright daylight maps, such as Dust 2, so green is hard to spot sometimes.

Picking up red or blue can be a good choice because it provides the most accuracy and will always be visible. You can play with other colors and select the one that goes the best with your eyes. Like all great things, using red or blue also has its side effects; gaming for long hours will strain your eyes directly due to extensive focus. So you should select the color of your crosshair very carefully.

Red Color Crosshair
Red crosshair in Counter Strike 2 – Image Credits: Gamesual

Size & Thickness

Crosshair’s size is a significant factor that can massively affect your gameplay and, eventually, the game output. The overall small size of the crosshair is preferred because it increases the aiming accuracy. While pro players usually like their crosshairs to be small, you should resize them according to your needs. 


I think Experimenting with different styles and codes is another crucial part of finding the best crosshair. Keep playing with one crosshair for a few days and then switch to another; keep track of your previous performances. You can then analyze your best overall performance at the end, and that specific crosshair would be perfect for your play style.


As you move up your way in Counter Strike 2, you will develop your favorite playstyle, whether a sniper or an aggressive cavalry and choose your favorite weapons. Each weapon has a different range and recoil. These things significantly impact your crosshair, eventually impacting your gameplay. 

Default Crosshair Styles

If trusting the game developers is your choice, Then there are three Premade Crosshair styles in Counter Strike for you to try. You can give these styles a go in case any of these match your liking:

ModeSplit DistanceInner/Outer Split Split Size Ratio
Classic StaticNoNoNo
crosshair default modes
Legacy mode in crosshair styles – Image Credits: Gamesual

Default Crosshair Styles:

  • Classic
  • Classic Static
  • Legacy

As I mentioned, all three modes are great; the newly added classic static mode is outshining, providing great aiming accuracy. The crosshair syncs with the weapon’s recoil while standing still; the pros love the new default mode. Classic static provides great accuracy and control, thus proving a great option to get into the game quickly.

But this mode can be pretty hard for beginner players, so new players can try the legacy or classic mode; this mode improves the aiming capabilities of new players over time,  or you can try customizing your crosshair style.

Crosshair codes
Import crosshair style code through the console – Image Credits: Gamesual

You can either try different crosshair codes from pro players or go through different settings, changing the size, color, and thickness of your crosshair, finally finding that perfect one that unleashes your inner demon. Don’t forget to have fun while going on a killing spree after you have found the perfect crosshair for yourself.

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