Counter Strike 2: How To Change FOV [Answered]

Learn how you can change FOV for your playthrough of the latest Counter Strike 2.

Console Commands
How To Change Console Commands in Counter Strike 2

Wondering about how to change FOV in the new Counter-Strike 2? Well, wonder no more because we’ve covered you with comprehensive information and step-by-step guidance in the detailed guide below.

Key Takeaways

  •  FOV in Counter-Strike 2 cannot be adjusted within the settings.
  •  To change the FOV, players must activate the Developer Console.
  •  The Developer Console can be accessed during gameplay by pressing the “~key.
  •  Adjusting FOV from the Developer Console is not a bannable offense.
  •  Utilizing third-party software to adjust FOV is not recommended, as it is considered a bannable offense.

Menu FOV option not Available
Menu (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Regrettably, similar to the old Counter-Strike games, the new Counter-Strike 2 also lacks FOV options in the settings. Players can change the FOV from the Developer Console, which can be enabled in the Game tab in the settings menu. The Developer Console can be accessed during the game by pressing the “~” key.

How To Change FOV

Console Commands Effects
VIEWMODEL_FOV "54 to 68" Changes FOV to the desired value
VIEWMODEL_OFFSET_X "2 to 5" Alters placement of viewmodel horizontally
VIEWMODEL_OFFSET_Y "2 to 5" Alters placement of viewmodel Vertically
VIEWMODEL_OFFSET_Z "-2 to -5" Alters the depth perception of the viewmodel


VIEWMODEL_FOV how to change FOV in Counter Strike 2
VIEWMODEL_FOV (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • To modify your FOV, use the VIEWMODEL_FOV with a value between 54 and 68.
  • Once you’ve entered your preferred FOV value, press enter, and you’ll instantly observe a significant change in your field of view.


VIEWMODEL_FOV X Console Command
VIEWMODEL_FOV X (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • This command shifts the on-screen weapon to the right or left, determined by the added value.
  • This adjustment benefits players seeking an expanded field of vision by horizontally repositioning the weapon.
  • As evident in the accompanying images, the one on the right offers a slightly broader view than the standard positioning on the left.


VIEWMODEL_FOV Y Console Command
VIEWMODEL_FOV Y (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • This command adjusts the on-screen weapon’s position on the Y-axis by the specified value.
  • In the images, notice the weapon’s proximity on the left and its slightly increased distance on the right. These subtle changes markedly improve the overall viewing experience.


VIEWMODEL_FOV Z Console Command
VIEWMODEL_FOV Z (Image Credit: Gamesual)
  • This command modifies the weapon’s position on the Z-axis, altering the depth perception of the view model.
  • This distinction is evident in the images above. The left is the normal view, and the right is VIEWMODEL_OFFSET_Z -5.
Console Commands Values

FOV modification enhances players’ ability to observe the game more comprehensively and react precisely. This is how you change FOV in Counter-Strike 2.

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