GTA 5: How To Change Targeting Mode

There are several targeting modes that the players can select in GTA 5. So here is a detailed guide on How to Change Targeting mode in gta 5

How to change targeting mode gta 5

If you are a shooting game enthusiast, you are well aware that you will have to change the targeting mode in the game from time to time. The targeting mode choice depends on whether you are playing with a controller or a mouse and the type of mission you are trying to complete. Sometimes regardless of all this, the reason for choosing a particular targeting mode might be just a personal preference.

Like any other excellent shooting game, Grand Theft Auto 5 also provides the players with a range of targeting modes. In GTA V, the player can select one of the following targeting modes:

Assisted Aim- Partial, automatically aims at the nearest enemy to wherever you are looking. But using this mode, you have to aim repeatedly to point at other enemies.

In Assisted Aim- Full mode, while you keep the aim key pressed, it keeps on pointing at the enemies, and you can switch the aim to other enemies just by moving your joystick or mouse without having to press the aim key again and again, like in Assisted Aim- Partial.

On the other side, Free aim gives you the complete freedom to aim wherever you want using your controller stick or the mouse. But use this mode only if you are an expert at shooting and do not need any assistance.

Free Aim-Assisted, mode gets your aim where you need to be but does not remain locked onto the enemy like assisted aim.

How to Change Targeting Mode in GTA 5?

Story Mode

GTA V allows players to select from a range of targeting modes for shooting and aiming.

If you are playing Grand Theft Auto V in story mode, then you can easily select your preferred targeting mode by following these simple steps:

  • Open the Pause Menu
  • Go to “Settings
  • From the menu on the left side go to “Controls
  • From the menu, go to “Targeting Mode
  • Select your preferred targeting mode
Changing the Targeting Mode in GTA 5
Changing the Targeting Mode in GTA 5

Now you have successfully changed your targeting mode in the game.

GTA Online

You can easily change your targeting mode while playing GTA V offline or in story mode. But if you play GTA Online, you may face difficulty changing the targeting mode. It is because when you play GTA Online, you join a lobby and play as a crew, every lobby has a fixed targeting mode that cannot be changed during gameplay, and all the players who have joined your lobby will have the same targeting mode as you.

Generally, the game automatically puts you in a lobby with the same targeting mode you are playing in the story mode. But if you want to play the game in your preferred targeting mode, you can create your lobby with your preferred settings.

A step-by-step guide to doing so is given below:

  • Go to the pause menu and go to the “Online” section
  • Go to the “Creator” mode
pause menu gta 5
Pause Menu
  • In the creator mode, select the type of lobby you want to create
Creator Menu gta 5
Creator Menu in GTA Online
  • Go to the Settings for that lobby
  • Select your preferred “Targeting Mode” from the menu in the bottom right corner
Changing Targeting Mode in GTA Online
Changing Targeting Mode in GTA Online
  • Go to “Online” from the menu at the top
  • Simply click “Go,” and the game session will start with your selected targeting mode
Starting the GTA Online session
Starting the GTA Online session

The reason for putting all the players in the lobby with some targeting mode is to create a balanced playing field where all the players will have equal opportunities to compete. No one will have any upper hand over another.

GTA V is about providing you with complete control over your character‘s life in the game. In the game, you can not only shoot others but can also shoot yourself. You can visit the How to Shoot Yourself in GTA V guide to easily escape trickier situations.

Tips And Tricks For Targeting Mode

If you are a pro in shooting games, you will choose to play with the Free Aim mode in GTA 5. However, you will have to get your hands set on the sensitivity of the aim. Mostly, it depends on your console or mouse’s movement. Although, you can still change it to accommodate the speed of your console.

Here is how you can do that in GTA 5:

  • Open the Pause Menu by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard. If you are a console player, press the Start button on your console to open the Pause Menu in GTA 5.
  • From there, move to Settings Menu. You will find many options on your left side, the first being Controls.
  • In the Controls menu in GTA 5, while the top option is to change targeting mode, you will find two options to change your aim sensitivity.
    change targeting mode in GTA 5
    Change your aim sensitivity from here.
  • Depending on the perspective you are playing in, change the aim sensitivity.

If you change your targeting mode to Auto Aim in GTA 5, you might as well have to change your targeting priority in the game. Because the auto-aim will target everyone in sight, you will need to put some restrictions on it to save your friends. Here is how you can do it:

  • Access your Interaction Menu by pressing the M key on your keyboard. PlayStation players can access it by pressing the Touchpad on their consoles. Xbox players should press the View Button to open this menu.
    targeting priority
    Targeting priority settings in GTA 5
  •  Scroll down to the Player Targeting Priority option and choose your desired option.

There will be three options here. Choose your desired option after taking the guidance below:

  • Everyone: This option will target everyone, whether it is your friends, the general public, or anyone.
  • Strangers: Choosing this option will target only those people who are not your friends.
  • Attackers: This option will target only those who try to attack you in the game.

You have changed your Targeting mode to the Free Aim and customized your aim sensitivity. However, how do you know the sensitivity you chose is good enough? You can only check it by testing it on some targets first. Here are a few recommendations to perfect your aim in GTA 5:

  • Using Franklin or Trevor as your main characters during combat missions will help you set your hands on sensitivity. As Michael is already a skilled shooter, you could not get help perfecting your aim from him.
  • You can put your skills to the test by going to the Ammu-Nation shooting ranges spread across the map. These are the best locations to check and perfect your aim sensitivity in GTA 5.
  • Moreover, upgrading your weapons at Ammu-Nation stores improves the stability of your weapons. Consequently, you get more control over your weapons.


Grand Theft Auto provides its players complete control over the protagonists’ lives in the game, and it lets the players play by their own rules. Even for a trivial thing like targeting mode, the player can choose from a range of options. In this guide, we have tried our best to cover everything about Changing the targeting modes in GTA V. We hope you find this helpful guide.

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