How To Claim Mystery Prize GTA 5 In 2023 [DETAILED GUIDE]

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How to Claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5
How to Claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5

Our guide entails everything you want to know about How to claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5. The crime-oriented game has everything one can expect from a real-life criminal world. The most notable features of this game are killers, Gun and Melee fights, Heists, Mafias, expensive vehicles, and drugs.

Well, the list sounds incomplete without mentioning gambling. Players can enter a casino in GTA to get a rich gambling experience, multiple games, and achieve an ideal gambling experience. The most famous among these casinos is the Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA 5.

How to Claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5
GUIDE: How to Claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5

Players can visit these casinos to enjoy their pastimes. You can check our guide GTA V Hobbies And Pastimes to learn about numerous other hobbies to enjoy in the game.

Apart from that, let’s discuss how to claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5. Please read our guide till the end to learn everything about this topic.

Key Takeaways

  • Gambling and partying are essential parts of the criminal world of GTA 5. There are multiple casinos for this catering to this purpose in GTA 5, and the most famous of all is the recently added Diamond Casino and Resort.
  • While players can enjoy many fun activities in this casino, they can also get many useful and precious rewards by spinning the Lucky Wheel. Players can get many things, from RP to rare cars, depending on where the pin of the lucky wheel lands.
  • Any player can get lifetime access to this wheel when they buy a casino membership for $500 in GTA 5. However, players can only spin it once per day.
  • All the rewards are mentioned on the wheel except for one. With about 5% chances to land a mystery prize, it is rare in GTA 5. Moreover, it can reward players with special cargo, armor, a unique vehicle, or in some cases, any other rewards already mentioned on the wheel.
  • Once the wheel lands on the mystery prize, choose a personal property with some space to deliver your reward. Any delay in doing so would result in losing the prize.

Mystery Prize In GTA 5

GTA 5 Diamond Casino and Resort also feature a lucky wheel with a mystery prize, among many other rewards. Players might want to spin this Lucky Wheel numerous times until they receive their most sought mystery prize. This fascinating feature was introduced into GTA 5 in July 2019 with the release of the Diamond Casino and Resort update.

Diamond Casino Resort in GTA
Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA 5

Moreover, payers can also access these features daily in GTA 5. The Lucky Wheel is the most accessible and widely used mode of gambling in GTA 5. Players can get lifetime access to the Lucky Wheel by buying a $500 membership to Casino.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to test your luck and spin the lucky wheel once per day. One day in GTA 5 is about 48mins in real life. Although that does not sound much, if you are a regular player of GTA Online, you may be able to spin the wheel daily.

If you are lucky, you can land a Mystery prize in GTA 5. Once won, you will be able to claim all the prize from this mystery prize from the lucky wheel.

claim mystery prize by spinning the lucky wheel
Lucky Wheel in Diamond Casino and Resort

It is a relatively effortless method of getting unique and expensive items for free in GTA 5. Moreover, various other modes, like stunt jumps and races, are used by players to make money in GTA 5.

You can earn up to $500k by doing stunt racing. You can check GTA V Stunt Jump $500K to learn more about it.

All Prizes In Lucky Wheel Spin

There are various kinds of rewards one can expect to receive by spinning the Lucky Wheel in GTA 5. Look at all these rewards you can claim by spinning the lucky wheel.

Location of Lucky Wheel in Diamond Casino
You will see the Lucky Wheel shining bright in Diamond Casino
  • RP

There is a 25% chance that you will win an RP reward after spinning the wheel. You can get between 25,00 to 15,000 RP depending on your luck.

  • CASH

Players can win handsome cash by spinning the lucky wheel in GTA 5. Players can get up to $50,000 depending on their luck. Additionally, there is a 20% chance that the lucky wheel will land a cash prize.


It is the currency used in-game casinos. Players can buy these chips with in-game currency and vice versa. Players can get 10,000 to 25,000 chips with one spin. Similarly, there is a 20% chance of getting chips by spinning the Lucky Wheel.

winning casino chips on Lucky Wheel
Winning Casino Chips on Lucky Wheel in GTA 5

Players can win from 145 available clothes by spinning the lucky wheel in GTA 5. Mostly, players get items they already own, which may be one downside of this reward.


There is only a 5% chance of claiming a mystery prize in Lucky Wheel spin in GTA 5. It is the only reward that allows players to earn a massive pool of items.

lucky wheel has landed on mystery prize in GTA 5
Lucky Wheel has landed a Mystery Prize in GTA

Apart from the mystery prize, players also have a 5% chance of getting a rare vehicle in Lucky Wheel spin. Moreover, the game sometimes discounts a specific vehicle that the player can claim rather than a completely new car.

A podium car is given to players if the wheel lands on the vehicle. This car is the most difficult-to-get car in GTA 5. Players cannot purchase this car from anywhere else in the game.

Once you have won a car in Lucky wheel spin, it will be delivered to one of your warehouses in GTA 5. Consequently, make sure to buy spacious warehouses that can hold more vehicles. If you need help, read our guide: Best Vehicle Warehouses in GTA V. It will surely help you.

Additionally, players can get a 10% discount to buy their favorite vehicles in any of the dealerships available in GTA 5. However, the discount is only for 48mins (one in-game day). So head to the dealership and buy your favorite car as soon as possible by availing of this handsome discount.

  • Ammo And Armor

Players can get a supply of ammo to use in their online heist missions. Moreover, there are high chances of getting armor as well. Both of these can be useful for players’ defense during the adventurous heist missions, gang fights, police chase, and other clashing events of GTA 5.

  • Snacks

Snacks are a great and quick way to refill your health bar in GTA 5. While you may not be able to claim the most exquisite prizes like the mystery prize or the podium car in most of your lucky wheel spins, you can still get some free snacks and enjoy them in GTA 5.

  • Cargo

It is one of the best rewards you can get by spinning the lucky wheel in GTA 5. Usually, the cargo prizes are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes even millions. We can confidently say it is the third-best prize you can claim after the mystery prize and the podium car in GTA 5. However, selling the cargo to earn money could be challenging as there is a risk of losing it during the process.

  • Refill For Businesses

Businesses in GTA 5 need consistent supplies for their smooth functioning. Ensuring your businesses don’t run out of supplies could be hectic. Luckily, players can get their businesses refilled for free as a reward from the lucky wheel spin. The lucky wheel has covered you whether it is a bunker, Motorcycle Club, or warehouse.

Rewards Of Mystery Prize

Players only have a 5% chance of landing a mystery prize in a single spin of the Lucky Wheel in GTA 5. Consider yourself fortunate if you have won one. As the name suggests, the Mystery Prize is an unknown prize from a massive collection of available rewards.

The winner will receive a random reward from the pool of prizes. The prizes include many desirable items in GTA 5. You can get one of these things depending on your luck:

All rewards in Lucky Wheel
All rewards in Lucky Wheel
  • One thing from all of the rewards mentioned above
  • Armor or Ammo
  • Special Cargo
  • Vehicles

There is a total of 130 vehicles in the prize pool. These vehicles are not exclusive; players can buy them from any dealership. However, one vehicle, Lost Slamvan, cannot be accessed from anywhere except the Lucky Wheel spin. It makes it one of the rarest cars to get in GTA 5.

If you already have these cars in your collection, you can sell these cars to get some cash. If you don’t know how to sell a car in GTA 5, you can check our guide on How to sell cars in GTA 5 story mode.

Claim Mystery Prize In GTA 5

It is very effortless to claim a mystery prize in GTA 5, especially if you are a regular player of Casino mode. However, if you are a beginner, you may face some problems. For example, sometimes, people get confused about where their reward is delivered. This is where our guide comes in handy to assist you in receiving the rewards.

  • Enter the Diamond Casio and Resort in GTA 5.
  • Head to the Lucky Wheel and press the button on your keyboard. It will pull the lever, and the wheel will start rotating.
Press L to spin Lucky Wheel
Press L to spin Lucky Wheel.
  • There will be a prompt saying, “Congratulations! You won a Mystery Prize.” when the wheel stops on the mystery prize.
Claim your mystery prize in GTA 5
You can find the description of your Mystery Prize in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • A menu will appear on the top left corner of your screen. You can choose any properties where the mystery prize will be delivered in GTA 5. Remember that only the physical rewards are given to the selected properties. Money, RPs, or Coins will directly go into your account.
  • Choose a property with enough space to accommodate your new reward. A little negligence may result in losing the rewards from the mystery prize.
    select property to claim a mystery prize in GTA 5
    Select a Property to claim your Mystery Prize in GTA 5
  • Moreover, if you delay claiming the mystery prize in GTA 5 by not picking any property and you walk away from the Lucky Wheel, you may lose your reward.
  • Hence, choose it wisely and quickly. Later, go to your selected property in GTA 5, and you can find the mystery prize you claim by spinning the lucky wheel.

What if you land on the mystery prize and cannot claim it because you have not received the notification in GTA 5? Well, many players face this issue, and we have a solution for it:

  • Open the pause menu and look for the Info tab there.
  • From there, you will find the Notifications tab.
  • You can find all your recent notifications here, including those you missed. Tap on any notification to open it for details.
  • Moreover, opening notifications with the lucky spin rewards will allow you to claim your mystery prize in GTA 5. Follow the instructions above to claim and store it in your properties.

That is our guide on How to Claim Mystery Prize in GTA 5. Do you find this guide helpful for testing your luck to spin the lucky wheel and win the mystery prize in GTA 5? What are your thoughts on the rare Mystery Prize? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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