How To Dodge Punches In GTA 5 [All Platforms]

Get better at melee combat and beat enemies without getting a scratch, with our extensive guide on how to dodge punches in GTA V.

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How to dodge punches in gta 5

GTA 5 keeps the criminal action genre alive with new attention to detail with each playthrough. The game is based on a bunch of criminals trying to survive a crime-filled city, so being a law-abiding citizen isn’t an option. So, to excel in the game and improve your playthrough, you must learn to be the best in all fighting situations.

Although most of the time you will engage in a gun to fight off enemies, at times you may also find yourself without a weapon. Or maybe you want to save your bullets and have a straight-up melee fight.

To do that, you need to know what kind of punches you can throw in the game and which are the most effective. You can also bring a melee weapon to increase your chances of winning a melee fight.

In addition, fair hand-to-hand combat always involves skills to beat your opponent. This is why dodging punches in GTA 5 is so vital. Your character‘s health is limited, and we must avoid taking damage you can do that quite easily after reading this article.

Key Points

  • Dodging punches in a fight is essential in winning a melee combat battle against tough opponents.
  • Hold down the aim button to go into a fighting stance, the aim button is Right Mouse click on PC, the L2 button on PlayStation, and the LT button on Xbox.
  • To dodge punches efficiently, you need to press the dodge button at the perfect time. Right when the enemy starts to move towards you to attack, press the Space bar for PC, Square for PlayStation, or X for Xbox.
  • There are a few different types of punches that inflict different amounts of damage, you need to find the best one for the situation.
  • There are a lot of mods out there that will boast your melee combat power and the best one of them all is the Super Punch Mod.

Punching In GTA 5

As a GTA player, we all have engaged ourselves in hand-to-hand combat with an innocent NPC and just started throwing fists at them for no apparent reason. However, we have also discovered that some NPCs are highly competent in returning more accurate punches that drain the HP out of your character. In this case, you need more than just straight-up fists to ensure the survival of your character.

So, to increase your chances of winning a fistfight against NPCs and real players, you need to be aware of what kind of punches you have in your arsenal.

How To Punch

Throwing a punch is a straightforward thing to do in GTA 5. It is the only attack you can use without worrying about the ammo or reload time. Different buttons on different consoles will initiate the punch, and these are:

  • Press the “R” button or Left Mouse Click on the PC
  • Press the RT or B button on Xbox.
  • Press the R2 or Circle button on PlayStation.
Man punching some other man
Punching in GTA 5

Types Of Punches

GTA 5 is a very intensive and detailed game which means that we were able to throw a few different punches during our time. These include simple, quick punches, knockout punches, and running punches.

In addition to that, some punches deal the same damage, but there are a couple of different animations for them. So that players don’t get bored by repeatedly watching the same dull punch.

Quick Punch

This is the most basic punch with the least amount of damage. But it is beneficial because it is also the quickest jab you can throw. You can catch your opponent off guard with this quick punch by simply tapping the punch button once. So if you want to land a punch quickly, we recommend sticking with a quick punch.

Knockout Punch

This is the hard-hitting punch that hurts and stuns your opponents. However, this does take a little more time to hit, so the chances of it landing may be little if you have a good opponent.

Therefore, if your opponent gives you the opportunity, we suggest sticking them up with this knockout punch. All you have to do is hold onto the punch button. To increase the chances of landing the punches, hold down the aim button to target your enemy.

Knockout punches have some cool animations, including the uppercut, the backhanded slap, the simple slap, and the powerful punch.

Man upper cutting a woman and knocking her out.
Uppercut Knockout punch in GTA 5

Superman Punch

This is our favorite way to punch the enemy into oblivion. It is swift, plus the enemy cannot dodge it. Moreover, it does significant damage and is the most used melee attack by experienced gamers.

Doing this is a little more complicated than the other 2 punches, so read carefully.

Press the aim button to go into a fighting stance. It is

  • Right Mouse clicks on PC.
  • L2 button on PlayStation.
  • LT button on Xbox.

Then you tap the sprint button once or twice to gain momentum. The sprint button is

  • Shift button on
  • X button for PlayStation.
  • A button for Xbox.

After that, you press the punch button to hit the Superman punch. Repeat this repeatedly, and you’ll have your enemy on the ground in no time. Since the enemy cannot dodge this attack, we consider this an excellent learning technique.

Man running towards another man to punch him in GTA 5
Running superman punch in GTA 5

How To Dodge Punches In GTA 5

Now that you know all the types of punches players and NPCs can throw, you can learn how to dodge them easily. Defense is the best offense, although it may be tempting to go ahead and try to beat the enemy with entertaining melee weapons. From our experience, some fights can not be won without learning how to dodge an incoming attack.

Using “Aim” For Dodging Punches

The first step is to take out your melee weapon or fists and press the “aim” button. This, by default, is set to:

  • Right Mouse clicks on PC.
  • L2 button on PlayStation.
  • LT button on Xbox.

After you have done that, your player’s stance will change, and he will have a more “ready to fight” body language.

Man in mask standing in stance in front of NPC at side of the road.
Dodging stance after you press the aim button

Dodge Enemy Punches

Now the thing about dodging punches in GTA 5 is that it’s all about timing. Observe your enemy closely. Watch how they move their body and focus on them carefully. You should be facing them. Then, be ready when they move close to you.

Once you see a hit coming, that is when the dodging begins. To dodge an oncoming punch, these are the options we found:

  • Space Bar if you are on PC.
  • Square if you are on PlayStation.
  • X if you are on Xbox.
Person dodging a punch in GTA 5 from an NPC.
Dodging the enemy punch in GTA 5

You can also dodge punches in GTA 5 while you’re holding a melee weapon. This makes you super lethal, as you can strike a decisive blow right after you dodge someone’s attack.

In addition to timing the dodge right, you can constantly click on the dodge button to dodge punches in GTA 5. But this requires more effort and isn’t an efficient approach.


In addition to dodging enemy punches, you can also throw a counter punch right after dodging. This makes this tool even more useful and effective. Now you can click another button, and your character will instantly throw a powerful punch, taking the enemy by surprise.

Man punching back at enemy in GTA 5
CounterPunch after dodging your enemy punch.

You can quickly press the “R” button on the PC to counterpunch. You are going to press the melee button to counter punch, which is “B” for Xbox and “O” for PlayStation.

This allowed us to hit a nasty one-two on the opponent, surprising them. You can keep doing this until they can no longer fight and fall to the ground.

Super Punch Mod

The great thing about GTA 5 is the insane number of available mods. Thanks to the ever-increasing diverse community, we have a lot of different mods that improve punching power and add new punching animations to the game.

One of the best mods available for improving punching strength is the Super Punch Mod. This is what we consider putting Super in the Superman punch. It adds enormous force to all melee attacks, with the option to increase or decrease the force in each attack.

Truck flying away after man punches it in GTA 5
Super punches Mod in GTA 5

Thanks to this mod, you can send cars and trucks flying in the air with a simple punch. It also allows you to smash NPCs and bully them all the way you want without anyone standing a chance against your power.

Shows burning cars inside tunnel after man punches car
Super punches Mod in GTA 5

Mods are possibly the best thing that has happened to GTA 5. The immense creativity of the gamer community has allowed players to experience different games inside one game. Check out the best Mods in GTA 5 to read about the most fun mods that you should try.

My Opinion

The gritty streets of Los Santos in GTA 5 demand more than just firepower, and mastering hand-to-hand combat is a game-changer. Having delved into the intricate world of melee combat, I’ve learned that dodging punches is a vital skill for survival.

Whether executing a quick jab, a knockout punch, or the formidable Superman punch, each move has its strategic use – adapt your approach based on the opponent. When trying to dodge, timing is key, and mastering the art of dodging allows you to strike back with a powerful blow. 

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