GTA 5: How to Double Clutch For Speed Boost?

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How to Double Clutch in GTA 5
Guide: How to Double Clutch in GTA 5

The Rockstar Games’ masterpiece GTA 5 has six different racing modes. These different modes of racing are not only a great source of entertainment but also allow players to earn lots of easy money. Players use many techniques to get ahead of each other in these races. Like many different techniques, players should also learn how to double clutch to win races in GTA 5.

Speed is one major factor determining a race’s result in GTA 5. However, as there is a whole variety of super fast competitive cars available in GTA 5, the factors like speed and acceleration become subtle in determining the results of a race. Handling experience and technique become more important in this regard.

How to Double Clutch in GTA 5
Guide: How to Double Clutch in GTA 5

Players use many glitches or techniques to get ahead of their competitors in a race. The double clutch is one such technique, or you may call it a glitch, in GTA 5. Consequently, players often use this glitch to get a considerable advantage over their opponents in GTA 5.

Players exploit many such glitches in GTA 5 to their advantage. Glitch fighting is one of these legal glitches in GTA 5. You can check our guide on How To Glitch Fight In GTA 5 to learn everything about this glitch.

How To Double Clutch In GTA 5

The double clutch is a technique used by players in GTA 5 races. This technique allows players to blast off their vehicle at impressively fast speed. Consequently, they have more chances of winning the race.

In Bike racing, players can lean forward on their bikes to allow a smooth overflow of air. It makes an aerodynamic system that consequently increases the bike’s speed. However, the same is not possible for car racing.

Leaving behind opponents in a GTA 5 race
Surpassing your opponents in a race

GTA 5 has an enormous collection of cars from every category; sports cars, supercars, and race cars. You can learn more about these cars in our GTA V Best Supercar For Stunt Races guide. Choose a better car after reading our guide to winning all the races in GTA 5.

Which Cars Support The Double Clutch Transmissions?

The double clutch feature is undoubtedly an impressive technique to increase the chances of winning races in GTA 5. However, not all vehicles are eligible to perform this stunt in GTA 5. Primarily, the cars with the manual gear changing system support this feature.

Players can test their vehicles in Freemode to determine which cars support double clutching in GTA 5. The following cars are the best choice if you want to double clutch in GTA 5:

  • Banshee 900R
  • Imponte Dukes
  • Mamba
  • The Commet
  • Coquette Classic
  • Audi R8
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • McLaren 570s

All these cars are super luxurious and super fast. Moreover, they cost a fortune to own.

However, with these vehicles on your side, players can easily win all types of races. You can do multiple easy missions and earn money to afford these cars in GTA 5.

Muscle cars support Double Clutch in GTA 5
Muscle cars usually support Double Clutch in GTA 5

Well, earning enough money to afford these cars in GTA 5 can be a challenging task. That is where we come to help. Check out our guide GTA V Stunt Jump $500K to earn easy money. If you already have these cars in your collection, we can proceed to learn how to do double clutch in GTA 5.

Step-by-Step Guide To Double Clutch:

Follow our step-by-step guide if you have any of the vehicles mentioned above or any other car with double-clutch transmissions. Double clutching is not a complex technique. Players can master this technique by practicing in the Freemode. Our step-by-step guide is explained below:

  • If you want to double-clutch in GTA 5 on a PS4, ensure you have turned off the “auto-clutch” option in the settings.
  • Only those cars which support rear-wheel driving can perform this technique in GTA 5.
    Rear wheel driving cars
    Cars that drive on rear wheels can do Double Clutch
  • Press and hold the brake buttons when shifting from 1st gear to 2nd (or from 2nd to 3rd gear). Listen to the sound of the engine and wait for the shift.
  • Stop accelerating when the gear shifts. Hold the brake pedal or the hand brake for a brief moment.
  • When the gear has shifted successfully, smash the acceleration button quickly. The car will blast off at a faster speed. Keep repeating this process until you have won the race.
    How to Double Clutch in GTA 5 on keyboard
    Keyboard keys to double clutch

Practice all these steps in Freemode until you master this technique. Remember, practice makes perfect.

If you find it tough to learn double clutch in GTA 5, you can make it one of your hobbies to practice these steps in your free time. To learn more about hobbies in GTA 5, check our guide GTA V Hobbies And Pastimes.

Advantages Of Double Clutch Transmission

Quick acceleration is not the only advantage of double clutching in GTA 5. There are multiple other practical advantages of this technique in GTA 5. Some of these advantages are mentioned below:

  • Quick acceleration is the most obvious and widely recognized use of the double clutch in GTA 5. Timely use of this technique can make you victorious against your competitors during GTA 5 races.
  • Usually, there is a shift shock when you change gears on a manual vehicle. However, you don’t face this problem using the double clutching technique in GTA 5.
  • Additionally, players can learn how to double clutch and use this technique to drift their vehicles in GTA 5. Drifting is also a valuable technique during GTA 5 races. It allows you to turn around corners without losing speed.
    Drifting in GTA 5
    Drifting in GTA 5
  • Double clutching can extend the benefits of turbo even further. Combining turbo with Double clutch can give you exceptional results in GTA 5 racing. If you don’t know about turbo, you can check our guide on How To Use Turbo In GTA 5.

Disadvantages Of Double Clutch

The double clutch, even though very beneficial, has some disadvantages in GTA 5. These disadvantages are listed below:

  • The most apparent drawback of the Double clutch is that it is limited to manual vehicles only. Cars with automatic gear shift systems do not support this feature in GTA 5.
  • As only manual cars support double clutch in GTA 5, only a handful of vehicles can perform this feature.
  • Usually, the cars that can do double clutch are very expensive. Most players don’t have enough money to afford these cars in GTA 5.

That was all for our guide on How to Double clutch in GTA 5. We hope you liked our guide. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for us.

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