How To Download Counter-Strike 2 [Complete Guide]

A detailed guide on how to download Counter-Strike and what client you need to do so.

How To Download Counter Strike 2
How To Download Counter Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 is a new addition to the Counter-Strike series, which has overridden the old Counter-Strike Global Offensive for the new one. This article will give a detailed guide on how to download Counter-Strike 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Counter-Strike 2 can be downloaded from the Steam Client.
  • The game supports various Operating Systems. However, Mac Os is not supported.
  • You have to download the Steam client to download the game further.
  • To play the game, you must have a Steam account as well.

SizeRequirement Game PricePrime Status Price
Counter-Strike 285 Gigabytei5 750 or higher
GPU should be greater that 1 gb with being compatible with Direct X 11
Free15 dollars

Downloading Counter-Strike 2

There are a couple of steps to downloading Counter-Strike 2. However, to download the main game, you must first download “Steam.” Since Valve is the creator of Counter-Strike 2 and Steam, they present their game as an exclusive to only Steam users.

  • Here is the Steam client download website link where, in the top right, you can download the client and make an account.
  • Although using the Windows operating system is recommended, you can also play the game in a different OS called Linux.
  • The Linux and SteamOS require “AMD GCN+ or NVIDIA Kepler+ with up-to-date Vulkan drivers. Support for VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library is highly recommended” for the GPU.
  • In contrast, the Windows OS requires “Video card must be 1 GB or more and should be DirectX 11-compatible with support for Shader Model 5.0,” with almost the exact requirements for the two operating systems except for the GPU.
  • For reference, “SteamOS” is the operating system made by Valve for their handheld console Steam deck. Furthermore, it runs the game at approximately 30-35 fps for the recommended settings of the Steam Deck console. However, it cannot be played by Mac users as of yet.
  • Once you download the Steam Client and make an account, you can search for Counter-Strike 2 by typing the name here.
How to Download CS2
Search Bar – Image Credits: Gamesual

This is found in the store tab at the top left of the page. Once you see “Counter-Strike 2” below the search bar, you can click on it and then click on “Play Counter-Strike 2,” which will show you the amount of space the game takes. 

how to download Counter-Strike 2
Download Page – Image Credits: Gamesual

Under the Press to Play, you will find “Prime Status,” which will be the topic of discussion after this. First, we must discuss the size of the game, which is 85 GB for all Operating Systems (SteamOS, Windows, and Linux).

However, it must be kept in mind that the game is not available for Mac Operating System. Also, you should try downloading the game on an SSD if you have it because it can significantly reduce the Load times. You might face several problems when you try to run the game. If you ever meet them, please check our guide on “Counter-Strike 2 Game Not Launching.”

Counter-Strike 2 is more GPU-intensive than the old Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Although it is a Competitive game, it is CPU and GPU intensive, and as it is a new game with poor optimizations, so be careful about whether your system can run the game.

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