How To Drop Weapons In GTA 5 PC: Dropping Weapons On PC

Weapons are a part and parcel of the GTA experience. Here is a complete guide on How to drop weapons in GTA 5 PC.

How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC Cover

Grand Theft Auto is a gaming title that has gained cult status in the gaming community. It is no doubt one of the most successful gaming titles ever made. Its immersive and surreal open-world gaming experience has made it the talk of the town.

And it has been the case since its initial release in 2013. GTA 5 provides one of the most detailed and justified open-world gaming experiences. Guns and Cars are part and parcel of the GTA experience. Here is a guide on How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC. 

How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC Cover
How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC

In GTA 5, you will spend a lot of time roaming through Los Santos. You may have to engage in combat with your enemies or blow up things to complete various missions in Story Mode.

During all this, you need to have a great weapons inventory, and you need to be aware of all the techniques regarding weapons to be at the top of your game. In this guide, we have explained how to drop weapons in GTA 5 PC.

Weapons In GTA 5

Weapons are one of the most aspects of the GTA experience. Whether you are roaming around Los Santos or completing missions in the Story Mode, you will need a lot of weapons. You also need to know what weapon is suitable for a particular job.

All of the GTA games feature a gun store named “Ammu-Nation.” Multiple Ammu-Nation stores at various locations assist players with their ammo needs.

Ammu-Nation in GTA 5
Ammu-Nation in GTA 5

You can buy and modify your weapons at Ammu-nations stores as shown below:

gta 5 weapons drop
Purchasing Weapons at Ammu-nation in GTA 5

Players can carry all weapons at once, choosing from the melee weapons and firearms available, in contrast to prior installments where the player could take only one weapon from each weapon category. Numerous attachments are available for customizing firearms, which impact their overall performance (i.e., zooming scopes). They are still maintained for later use when the player reloads their weapon.

How To Drop Weapons In GTA 5 PC

While playing GTA 5, you keep buying and getting weapons, and your weapon wheel keeps getting increasingly crowded. It can be annoying for many players because once the weapon wheel becomes crowded, it becomes difficult for players to search and choose their desired weapon.

So, players often need to eliminate the extra weapons from their inventory. This guide covers everything you know about How to Drop weapons in GTA 5 PC.

An overcrowded weapon wheel with multiple weapons in each category in GTA 5

To get rid of Unwanted weapons in GTA 5, a player can adopt one of the following methods:

Standard Method

Press the “Tab” key to open the weapons wheel in Grand Theft Auto V.

Then select the weapon you want to drop and press the “F10” key to drop the weapon and the “F9” key to drop the weapon’s ammo.

One of the plus points of this weapon-dropping option is that if you are playing Grand Theft Auto Online with your squad, you may drop a weapon for your friends, and your friends can pick them.

Gun Locker Method

First, to unlock the option to drop your weapons, you must have a gun locker at one of your homes. For this, open your phone to browse the internet and go to the DYNASTY 8 Executive website. Go to the renovating to your home option and purchase a gun locker for your home.

gun locker gta 5
Renovating your home and getting a Weapons Locker in GTA 5

After purchasing a weapon’s locker, press the “M” key to open the interaction menu. Go to the “Inventory” option in the interaction menu and select “Enable Custom Weapon Loadout.” Then go to your home where you have placed a gun locker and access your gun locker. You can customize your weapons wheel from your weapons locker and hide the weapons you do not want on the menu.

gun locker gta 5
Gun Locker Menu in GTA 5

Download The “Drop Unwanted Weapons” MOD

If you have past experience modding GTA V, installing a mod provides you with the easiest way to drop unwanted weapons. Download the “Drop Unwanted Weapons [LUA] 0.3” mod from here.

Simply copy the downloaded files to the game directory where you have installed your GTA V. Now run the game and just press the “L” key to drop your equipped weapon.

Note: Modding a game can be dangerous as you may corrupt your game files. So use this method only if you have some past experience with modding games and you are good at it. But since GTA 5 is one of the most heavily modded games, it is doubtful that you will face any difficulty.

This article covers how to get rid of weapons in GTA V; sometimes you may also want to get rid of your own life in GTA V and find an easy way out if you get stuck somewhere. For this, you can check out our guide on How to shoot yourself in GTA 5

Permanently Throw Weapons In GTA 5

If you continuously keep on gathering weapons in Grand Theft Auto V, then a time may come that your weapon wheel may become too crowded and may annoy a lot of players. It is because if you have many guns, it becomes challenging to search for your desired weapons. So a player might want to get rid of some weapons for good. You can follow these steps to get rid of a weapon for good:

  • Open the weapon wheel by holding the Tab key
  • Select your unwanted weapon from the inventory
  • Go to the police
  • Get a one-level wanted star by punching or cursing the police officer
  • The police officer will arrest you and confiscate your weapon
  • You will permanently lose that weapon
police gta 5
Police officer arresting the player for cursing him in GTA 5

When you come out of police custody, a bail amount of money will be taken from your total cash, and you will permanently lose any armor or weapon you were carrying for good. It is often necessary to lose the weapons for good to clear out your weapon wheel when it becomes too crowded.

Some News On GTA VI

With Grand Theft Auto V ruling the gaming industry since 2013, the release of GTA VI is also just around the corner. It has been all over the internet that Rockstar Studios has started the development of GTA VI.

It is probably one of the most anticipated video games worldwide and is expected to be released in late 2024 or early 2025. But still, there has been no official announcement by Rockstar Games. We cannot tell you for sure when it is going to be released, but one thing we can ensure you is that it is going to be one hell of a game.


Weapons are one of the most crucial elements of the true Grand Theft Auto experience. You will need weapons if you want to attempt some heist, kill your enemies, or wreak havoc in the city. In GTA V, you can also trade or drop weapons. In this guide, we have tried our best to explain How to Drop Weapons in GTA 5 PC. We hope that our guide has been helpful to you.

What do think about this guide? Do let us know in the comments.

And as always, Happy Gaming!

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