Evil West: How To Earn Bucks [Farming Guide]

Weapons and Upgrades in Evil West are going to cost you a lot of bucks. So here are some best tricks on How to earn bucks in Evil West.

How to earn bucks in Evil West
How to earn bucks in Evil West

Evil West is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite action-packed video game experiences we have seen in a while. You embark on an adventure ride full of gore and deadly combats as “Jesse Rentier” to conquer the deadly world of Evil West. But to survive here and for a successful face-off with your enemies, you will need the best weapons and power upgrades.

Weapons and Power Upgrades in Evil West cost you a lot of Bucks (the in-game currency). It can be exhausting to come up with the Bucks required for your upgrades if you do not know how to play your cards well. Unfortunately, there are few ways to earn money in Evil West, and the Bucks in the game are infrequent and limited. So you must know all the right tips and tricks to make some big bucks in Evil West. So we have compiled for you some of the best ways to earn bucks in Evil West.

Key Takeaways

  • Although Evil West offers very linear gameplay, sometimes, while playing a mission, you might miss some bucks and collectibles.
  • The primary way to warn bucks in Evil West is to explore the map location thoroughly.
  • You can find bucks by looting hanging dead bodies, behind breakable walls, in boxes, and in places like alcoves.
  • Another way to find bucks and collectibles is to access the secret locations that often contain bucks and upgrade chests. So keep an eye open for glowing chains or posts.
  • Lore Menu tells you how many bucks and collectibles you have missed while playing a mission. You can replay that mission to collect all of the items this time.

How to Earn Bucks in Evil West

The primary way to earn bucks in Evil West is to thoroughly explore the whole map of the Evil West’s world. The map is neither too complex nor too large, so it is not difficult to examine various portions of the map.

Your character will be able to discover the bucks lying around the massive stretching map of Evil West. Moreover, while playing a mission, you might often miss some of the bucks or collectible items are hidden in the location. So, thankfully, you can also replay the missions to again thoroughly explore the sites.

A Player Finding Hidden Bucks From a Location
A Player Finding Hidden Bucks From a Location

Although there are not many ways to come up with bucks in the game, even following these methods can make a handsome amount of wealth you need for your upgrades. Here is a detailed description of some of the methods that can help you earn bucks in Evil West:

Look For Secret Chains And Posts

All of the collectible chests and bucks are not readily available to you directly at every mission location and are hidden at some place in the area. So you have to look for it. These secret items often include hidden chests containing various upgrades and loot.

So at every mission location, keep an eye open for some post or hanging chain that might lead you somewhere. Whenever you approach such a secret location, you will have to perform some interaction (Most of the time, shoot something) to unlock the path to the hidden collectibles.

Exploring Secret Locations in Evil West
Exploring Secret Locations in Evil West

Are you a beginner at Evil West, still haven’t mastered it, and suck at it? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We have compiled some of the best tips and tricks that will make you a master of Evil West in no time. Just follow these simple tricks, and you will be thanking us. To know about these, you can visit our guide, Evil West Best Perks.

Replaying The Story Missions

Each mission is completed at a certain location on the map, and at each mission location, there are a fixed number of bucks and collectibles that can be collected. You can track the number of collectibles and bucks to be collected from a mission location in the “Missions” tab in the Lore section Pause Menu. This lore menu gives you a description of every mission along with the number of collectibles in every mission.

Evil West features straightforward and linear-styled gameplay where it is easy to forget the exploration of the location, and each next mission starts just after one mission. So there is a high chance that you will miss a lot of bucks and collectibles, including the upgrade chests on the way. But thankfully, the Lore menu can check on how many of these collectibles you have missed.

If you notice that you have missed a lot of bucks and collectibles, you can replay that mission and collect them this time. Here is how you can replay a mission in Evil West:

To replay a mission in Evil West, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Pause Menu by pressing the “Esc” button
  • In the Pause Menu, go to the Lore section
  • In the Lore section, click the “Missions” tab
  • Select any mission you want to replay
  • Simply click the mission if you are playing on PC or press the “X” key on your console to replay the mission.
Evil West Replay Mission
Replaying a Mission in Evil West

Once the mission starts, now be vigilant in collecting all the bucks and collectibles from the mission location this time.

Moreover, the game has a frequent auto-save feature that allows you to jump to a previous checkpoint in a mission without losing much of the mission’s progress. So whenever you feel like you might have missed collecting some of the loot in the mission, pause the game and use the quick reload feature in your favor. It will allow you to explore a section of the map you have already traversed in the mission again thoroughly.

Exploring The Map Thoroughly

Whenever you are playing a mission, always be extra vigilant to explore the mission location thoroughly. Because besides looking for the secret locations (quite a few), the only primary way to find bucks in Evil West is to search the area on the map you are passing through. In particular, there are certain places in every area where you are most likely to find hidden bucks.

Places To Find Bucks In Evil West

Some of them are discussed here:

  • At various locations in the mission territories, you will see hanging items and corpses of people glowing in a yellow light when you look up. You can shoot down these corpses to bring them down and loot them. So whenever going through a place, keep an eye on the ground and above your head for any hanging items or dead bodies.
A Player Shooting Hanging a Dead Body to Loot It
A Player Shooting Hanging a Dead Body to Loot It
  • Moreover, you will also be able to find breakable walls in your mission area at various locations. Often behind these walls, you will likely find loot ranging from bucks and other collectibles. So whenever you find a breakable wall, destroy it to collect whatever is hidden behind it.
  • Besides this, you will often find bucks when you break boxes and in alcoves.

Although Evil West offers the players a very linear and straightforward gameplay where you will hardly find any secrets or easter eggs. But even then, you will likely find all the collectibles and bucks from a specific location in one go.

Keep track of glowing chains to ensure you have thoroughly explored a map section.


Although there may not be many ways to earn bucks in Evil West. Still, following the methods can help players earn sweet bucks to invest in weapon upgrades.

Excited about Evil West? We are as excited as you are. So stay tuned to Gamesual for more guides and reviews on Evil West.

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