Snacks in GTA 5: Where To Get, How To Eat?

Snacks are great source of recovering health in GTA 5. Read our extensive guide on how to eat snacks and where to get them in GTA 5.

How to eat snacks in GTA 5
Guide: How to eat snacks in GTA 5

Gunfights during the heist missions in GTA 5 often degrade players’ health. Therefore, players need to quickly restore their health when injured to ensure the successful completion of these heists. However, applying health kits or bandaids is a time-consuming task. Players need to utilize every second of their time during heist missions.

Luckily, GTA has introduced an alternative to the outdated method. Players can now eat snacks to restore their health in GTA 5 quickly. It is a fun method and significantly less time-consuming. That is why most players prefer eating snacks over using medical kits.

Key Takeaways

  • Snacks are the best way to replenish your health in GTA 5, and it takes only a couple of seconds.
  • You can get snacks for a small price from any of the 20 convenience stores in the game. These cost a couple of dollars, and a limited amount can be carried simultaneously.
  • Apart from that, you can get snacks for free from the Executive office reception, Arcade bar, Facilities, and submarine kitchen. You can have as many of them as you want, and they will get automatically restocked, totally free of cost.
  • Not all snacks will replenish your health. Avoid having Redwood Cigarettes and Pißwasser, as they are sometimes detrimental to the player’s health.
  • The only snacks that will give you energy are P’s & Q’s, EgoChasers, Meteorite bar, and eCola.
  • The first way to eat snacks is by entering the interaction menu and selecting Inventory. From here, you can choose ‘Snacks.’
  • Moreover, you can eat snacks using the weapon wheel. Press and hold your weapon wheel key bind and press C to eat snacks in GTA 5.

You can eat snacks during a heist in GTA 5
Eating snacks during a heist in GTA 5

Eating snacks come later; first, you must know how to buy snacks in GTA 5. There are a few ways to buy snacks in GTA 5. Moreover, players can keep them in their inventory to eat these snacks later in GTA 5.

You will either get these snacks for free or have to pay for some snacks in GTA 5. Players can follow our step-by-step guide, given below, to learn how to buy snacks in GTA 5.

How To Get Snacks In GTA 5

There are multiple ways to get snacks in GTA 5. Snacks are available at some places for free. While in other areas, you will have to pay for them. Some of the methods to get snacks in GTA 5 are elaborated on below:

  • Players can buy snacks from the 24/7 convenience stores in GTA 5. Players can locate these stores quickly as they are marked on the GTA 5 map. Enter the store and walk up to the cashier. There will be a prompt, and players can select whatever snack they want to buy in GTA 5.
Convenience store location in GTA 5
The convenience store location is shown on GTA 5 map
  • Executive offices, the purchasable property offices in GTA 5, have snacks on their front reception desks. Players can eat these snacks to replenish their health in GTA 5.
Receptionist in GTA 5 Facility property
You can get snacks from the receptionist in one of your properties
  • Facility properties have proper vending machines in their main lobbies. Players can grab some snacks from there. These facility properties have multiple other essential purposes in GTA 5. If you plan to invest in one of these facilities, our guide on RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA 5 will benefit you.
  • Players can now use the snacks from their Weapon Wheel. The snacks are available in the armor hotkey of the weapon wheel in GTA 5. It is the quickest way of replenishing health in GTA 5.

All these places, except the convenience store, give free snacks to the players. Moreover, these snacks will be automatically restocked for future use, that too, without any cost. So there are multiple options available for players to choose from. But what is the best snack to eat in GTA 5? Let’s dig into it.

What Are The Best Snacks In GTA 5?

There are multiple types of snacks available in GTA 5. However, not all of these help to recover health. Therefore, players should prioritize using only those snacks that can considerably increase their health in emergencies.

Beginners usually have no idea what snacks can recover health and what not. Without guidance, they will have to test these eatables on their own during heists or gunfights in GTA 5. It is a risky task. To help beginners avoid this risk, we have provided a list of the best snacks to eat in GTA 5:

  • You most probably have eaten M&Ms in real life. Interestingly, GTA 5 has introduced similar snacks for players; P’s & Q’s are based on real-life M&Ms. These are the most widely used snacks in GTA 5.
  • EgoChasers energy bars are chocolate bars in GTA 5. They give a quick energy boost to players when they eat these snacks in GTA 5.
  • Another famous snack in GTA 5 is the Meteorite bar. These are energy bars filled with melted chocolate and peanuts inside. Players can obtain these energy bars free from their properties or buy these snacks from the convenience stores in GTA 5.
  • Players can also buy energy drinks in GTA 5. eCola, for example, is one such energy drink in GTA 5. In addition, players can purchase stocks of the eCola company as a secure investment.

On the other hand, we strictly recommend players not eat Pißwasser and Redwood cigarettes in GTA 5 because they do not provide any energy to the players. Moreover, they can be detrimental to players’ health in some cases. Players should not buy these snacks in GTA 5, while the ones mentioned above should be encouraged to use them.

You can increase your chances of survival if you eat these snacks in heist missions. However, these do not guarantee 100% survival. Multiple other factors can create a life-or-death situation in GTA 5 heists. For example, armored cars in heist missions guarantee a greater survival rate. You can learn more about the best-armored vehicles in GTA 5 in our guide: Best Armored Car In GTA 5?

How To Eat Snacks In GTA 5?

Now that you know almost everything about these snacks, we can discuss how you can eat these snacks in GTA 5 on a PC and on a PS4. Eating snacks is not a rocket-science. It is a few steps easy process. You can check our step-by-step guide below to learn about eating snacks in GTA 5, whether on a PC or a PS4.

Mini map representing health of player
Minimap represents the health of a player

There are two methods to eat snacks in GTA 5, both on PC and PS4. You can learn detail about both these methods in our guide below:

Interaction Menu

It is the conventional method of accessing the stocked snacks in GTA 5. It is a relatively slower and less efficient way. Most people tend to use the other method. However, we can not neglect the importance of this old method of eating snacks in GTA 5.

The step-by-step guide on how to eat snacks through the interaction menu in GTA 5 on a PC, and on a PS4 is given below:

  • First, open the Interaction Menu in GTA 5.
  • Then, from the Interaction menu, select the Inventory option.
  • From there, you will find the option of Snacks.
Snacks option in inventory menu
Snacks option in the Inventory menu
  • Then, select any of your desired snacks, and the animation will show your player eating them in GTA 5.

It is relatively less efficient because players will not get enough time to go through this long process when doing a heist. Moreover, players will have to take a secure cover to open the interaction menu without getting caught by the opponents.

List of stocked eatables in inventory
List of stocked snacks you can eat in GTA 5

The best option, in this case, is to become invincible. Are you surprised? Yes, you can get invincible in GTA 5 by using the god mode glitch. If you don’t know anything about this glitch, we strongly recommend you read our guide GTA 5 God Mode Glitch

Weapon Wheel

Luckily, Rockstar Games introduced the Criminal Enterprise update in July 2022, in which players can access and eat their stocked snacks through the Weapon Wheel in GTA 5, both on PC and PS4 consoles. The step-by-step guide for you to eat snacks in GTA 5 through the weapon wheel is given below:

  • Press and hold on to the weapon wheel when in an emergency.
  • The wheel menu will pop up in front of you. You will find two further single-button input options there.
  • The first one will be a one-step guide telling you to press the C Button on any of your consoles to eat snacks in GTA 5. Next, press the said button and select from the available snacks to eat and recover health in GTA 5.
    Eat snacks in GTA 5 through weapon wheel
    Weapon Wheel in GTA 5
  • Make sure you have a feasible stock of snacks available before going into heists in GTA 5.

It is the easiest and quickest method of accessing and eating snacks in GTA 5. However, If you run out of snacks for recovering health and don’t have any weapons to defend yourself, hand-to-hand combat is the only option for survival in GTA 5.

Mastering hand-on-hand combat is a time-consuming task. Players often abuse glitches to overcome their weaknesses in this case. Glitch fighting has become a very famous glitch in GTA 5 to win hand-to-hand combats. If you are a newbie, you can check our detailed guide: How To Glitch Fight In GTA 5

Final Words

We conclude our extensive guide on how to eat snacks, where to get them, and what are the best snacks in GTA 5 here. You can comment below if you have any queries regarding this topic.

However, if you found our helpful guide, we suggest you also check our guide on Best Wheelie Cars In GTA 5.

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