GTA 5 Online: How To Equip Rebreather?

Our extensive guide on Rebreathers contains step by step process on how to equip them, their uses and variants.

How To equip rebreather in GTA 5
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We don’t lie when we say that the action-rich game GTA 5 is closer to real life than other video games. The epic game allows you to explore the fantastic world of Blaine country and Los Santos, where you will have to complete many quests and missions as you make your way through the main narrative. One such mission is to get a Rebreather in GTA 5 Online. Therefore, our guide today will show you how to equip and find the Rebreather in GTA 5.

GTA 5 is known for the extensive missions it has. Therefore, finding necessary equipment like a Rebreather In GTA 5 is not an easy task. It is where our guide comes to help you out. If you are new to our site, you should know we write incredibly comprehensive and helpful guides for our readers. If you are curious, we suggest you read our guide: How To Change Your Character in GTA?

How To equip rebreather in GTA 5
Guide: How to equip rebreather in GTA

A rebreather is an essential piece of equipment in GTA 5 and is also part of the Cayo Perico heist mission. It is not just used for cosmetic purposes, but you will also need it when you are going underwater to complete your quests. 

Our guide today will focus on how to equip a Rebreather in GTA 5 online for Cayo Perico heist, where you can find it, and its uses and effects.

How To Equip Rebreather In GTA 5

A Rebreather is one of the critical items released in the Heists Update of GTA 5 Online, released in December 2015, and it is also a part of a set that consists of a scuba suit and gas mask. It will essentially allow players to swim underwater for an extended period when they are out for missions or curious souls simply exploring the map.

how to equip Rebreather in GTA V Online
Rebreather in GTA V Online

The Rebreather looks very similar to a gas mask that you can find in GTA 5 online. Moreover, the carrying capacity of the Rebreather is quite a lot, and you will be able to carry around 20 air canisters that will supply you with air constantly while you are underwater. 

Players can equip a rebreather along with their scuba set in GTA 5. Scuba sets are quite interesting suits that can help players explore the ocean world of GTA 5. In addition, there are other unique suits in GTA 5, usually introduced in event updates. If you are interested in learning more about these suits, we recommend our guide on Best Halloween Costumes In GTA 5.

Working Of A Rebreather

Rebreathers are essential tools in GTA 5. Unfortunately, most beginners are unaware about the working of rebreathers. If you are one of those beginners, our step-by-step guide explaining the working of a rebreather given below will be beneficial to you:

  • When you use the Rebreather, a white bar graph will pop up on your screen. It will be located in the bottom right corner of the HUD. The icon will represent that how much air supply is left in the currently equipped container. It will also show you the number of containers left to use.
  • going to the submarine
    Using the Rebreather
  • As soon as the line gets depleted, you will automatically equip another rebreather in GTA 5, and that number will go down by one. Furthermore, the line will be filled again, representing that a new container is being used. 
  • Therefore you will not have to come up to the surface every time your canister finishes, and you can refill automatically while below the water. The players can go as deep as they like and then hide in case of a bounty on their heads.
  • A Rebreather is undoubtedly a great alternative to a submersible in case it is unavailable in the spawn region. However, it might not be as effective as submersible as the players will be in direct contact with water and the canisters have a limited capacity. 

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Time Duration Of A Rebreather

Every rebreather you will equip will allow you to dive for 30 in-game minutes in GTA 5 online. It will be equivalent to one real-life minute so that it can last quite a good time. However, if your canister stands at total capacity, you can dive into the water for ten in-game hours.

In real life, it will be equivalent to 20 minutes. Since the scuba suit is now available as of the doomsday heist update, using a Rebreather is somewhat obsolete. However, we still recommend you have a Rebreather in your inventory as there might come a time when you will need this equipment. 

Rebreather In GTA 5 Online 

In the humane lab’s raid finale, a ground team will use a set of Rebreathers during the raid. The Rebreather also appears in offshore assets, and the salvage team will have four of them during their expedition. You will also see them lying around in a crate in the Heist Prep Kosatka.

unlock method
Appearances of the Rebreather

Unlocking The Rebreather

Unfortunately, Rebreather does not come as a reward if you complete a mission. The only way you can get the Rebreather is by buying it from the Ammu Nation, and it will be available for purchase for $5000.

Rebreather in GTA V Online
Equipping Rebreather in GTA V Online

While it might seem expensive, it is entirely worth your money to buy and equip a rebreather in GTA 5, as it will allow you to stay in the deep water for a significant time. Moreover, it can help you hide in case you get in trouble. If you are short on the bucks, you can always consider GTA V Stunt Jump 500K guide to make quick money and purchase a rebreather. 

How To Get A Yellow Rebreather In GTA 5 Online

Using a glitch in GTA 5 online, players will be able to equip the yellow Rebreather, which is a variant of the original one. However, getting the yellow rebreather is not easy as it is only obtainable by triggering a particular glitch in GTA 5 online.  

Rebreather in GTA V Online
Yellow Rebreather in GTA V Online

All you need to do is enter the Casino Heist: The Big Con. To complete this mission, you will need a friend. Put on the Debugger outfit and navigate to your interaction menu.

Look for the style option and go to the limited clothing section. Now make sure you scroll through this menu for a good minute, and then you can press the Xbox button for home. Wait for about 15 minutes, and you will be kicked from the session for being idle.

Now you need to go to the telescope, and you will find your yellow Rebreather by the beach in GTA 5 online. Merge it into any of the outfits you have. We recommend you equip this rebreather with a scuba-suit outfit in GTA 5 Online. However, it might not be this functional as you got the mask through a glitch. 

How To Equip A Rebreather In GTA 5 For Cayo Perico Heist

Now that you know almost everything about rebreathers in GTA 5, let us move on to the next part. You can easily equip the original Rebreather for Cayo Perico’s heist in GTA 5 by following the easy step-by-step process below. 

  • The first step is to navigate to your interaction menu. To do so, hold down the touchpad on PS4. However, if you are using an Xbox to play GTA 5, you must hold down the view button. For PC users, simply hold down the button, and you will be good to go. 
  • For the next step, you must open up the Style Selection menu and navigate to the Gear option. 
  • Now we can easily equip the Rebreather and use it for diving into the deep waters of GTA 5 online. 

A Rebreather is an essential piece of equipment if you want Easter eggs or collectibles in the deep waters of GTA 5 online.  

It was all for our guide on how to equip rebreathers with their uses and variants in GTA 5. Make sure to leave down any queries in the comment section below. If you have read our guide this far, we recommend you continue reading our other guide on How To Use Turbo In GTA 5.