GTA 5 Online: How To Equip Rebreather?

Lear step by step process on how to equip rebreather, their uses and variants.

How To equip rebreather in GTA 5

A rebreather is an essential piece of equipment in GTA 5 and is part of the Cayo Perico heist mission. It allows you to breathe underwater and is not just used for cosmetic purposes.

Key Takeaways

  • You can purchase a rebreather for $ 5,000 from Ammu Nation. You can carry up to 20 rebreather canisters.
  • Each rebreather canister will let you spend 1 real-life minute underwater, up to 20 minutes with 20 canisters. This equals 10 in-game hours.
  • Open the Interaction Menu and use Style Selection > Gear to equip the Rebreather. Select Rebreather.
  • Rebreathers allow you to explore underwater for collectibles and Easter eggs.

How To Equip Rebreather

Make sure you have already purchased a rebreather. You can only get the Rebreather by buying it from the Ammu Nation, and it will be available for $5,000.

  • Open the Interaction Menu and go to Style > Gear. 
  • Select and equip Rebreather.
how to equip Rebreather in GTA V Online
Rebreather in GTA V Online.

Every Rebreather you will equip will allow you to dive for 30 in-game minutes. It will be equivalent to one real-life minute so that it can last quite a long time. 

My Opinion On Rebreathers

Rebreather is a neat detail item that just enhances the gameplay experience even further. I think every player should get their hands on this item, not just Cayo Perico heist but for deep-sea exploration. 

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